Lads why do egirls exist? Why do they choose to be vapid whores. What makes them not look for alternatives...

Lads why do egirls exist? Why do they choose to be vapid whores. What makes them not look for alternatives. At my whits end.

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I'm an e-girl because I literally don't have any other choice

What do you do as an e-girl exactly

What are you ranting about? Go on Grindr and fuck a sissy or twink since you don't like women

easy money. eay life.

But why an egirl instead of say normal whores. Why do they insist on pretending to listen to obscure music instead of just liking popular artists and dressing like other women? It seems like unnecessary effort for the same result.

Why do you waste your life on r9k, OP?
It really boggles my mind. I'm at my limit over here.

I think my sister is becoming one, she genuinely enjoys esoteric and weird music though.
It's just what you end up with when you're a semi-attractive thot with mental issues.

I didn't want to became an egirl but you can't be a girl online without people only liking you because you're a girl
I'm glad that in german right wing Twitter there aren't many egirls because they're too afraid to get called a nazi, you get much hate and you can't do your slutty things to get attention

But still in my position as casual right wing person you still get many whiteknights and it's sometimes so annoying when they don't treat you the same way but i have to say it's not always that bad

Because I can't get attention or interact with men in real life.

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What would you say are the good things about it?

>political twitter
So cringeworthy circlejerking

Aww... that's okay, we'll always be here for you

Because it pays well, nothing else. Can you honestly blame them?

e girls are surrogate gf's for the masses

Because retards will pay them for existing.
If beta cucks stopped, they'd stop e-whoring overnight.

I'll give it to you irl, unless you're hideous

They're very kind and welcoming to me
But it was hard to get respected for my opinions

>Fucking women, so vapid and basic
>Fucking women, why do they pretend to have obscure interests
Women can't win with you lot

Women are already winners with me

Thanking you and your warm tone.
You can't. I live on a tiny/irrelevant Island and am deaf which rules out people here. Hence online interaction keeps me sane.

>right wing twitter
>respecting some hoe's opinon unless they're a famous gurl they can donate to on patreon

This desu. I was gushing to my sister about how a few weeks ago for the first time in my life some stranger asked to buy me a drink while I was outside, and she just told me I need to go outside more often if I was still that obsessed with the interaction.
Irl it's very scary to me, but here it can be done in a safe environment. I feel like I even understand them a bit better now (for better or worse).

Understandable it's sometimes really annoying and pointless but it's funny to interact with left wings and i was so happy about the fact that there's still hope for germany

Can I buy something for you?

I don't have patreon or anything like this and i don't have a wishlist
I'm just there for news and the company of this people

they dont choose they are, every woman is

Is the community you interact with mainly in English or German?

In german

Hand over your credit card and we'll discuss the possibility.

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Do you have a discord or something you can drop

Are you still the same user? Sorry, I'm not interested in the edating thing if that's what you meant.

Bumping for orbting

What about orbiting

I want to orbit a fembot and improve her days.

I've never contacted an e-girl and I want to try to see what's up and please her

Nova Scotia?
>Tfw no qt deaf GF

Unfortunately not, that's at-least close to popular areas. Malta.

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I take it you are a fan of Danganronpa?

I only know where that is because my mom had one of your dogs flown out here. Cute Lil guy. You're still fairly close to most of Europe user, hardly isolated. Being deaf tho is a different beast. Here's my discord if you want someone to talk to. wiregel#3229

I've reread all 3 over the last two months. What a great experience. What one did you enjoy the most when you played?

I'm a big fan of DR2. V3 was nice, I really liked the ending but I was heavily involved in the Jow Forums fanbase during those days and I spent a lot of time debating other people about it, so now whenever I look at V3 it brings back those memories and spoils my enjoyment of it.

>I really liked the ending
Good taste. I can't releate to the debating however, it's such a blunt direction I don't think you can talk over people who were soured about it. The only thing that bothered me in the final trial was it's the reason Tsumugi fanart is practically non-existant.
On the subject of endings I really enjoyed the twist in DR2's but the execution of how they countered it was one of the very few low moments for me. I rate 2 massively, V3 only slighty edges it.

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Yeah, I know now that there was no point arguing about it but I was really passionate about it back then. Do you like Tsumugi? She ended up being my favorite girl, even though I initially thought she would be my least favorite.