Big fat NEET touching his small fishy penis to pictures of teenage girls from Japanese cartoons edition

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>shit resolution
no excuse lad

I'm a man of constant sorrow
With a garage in constant use

>STILL no Me! I disconnect from you

>Boris Johnson is going to become PM

*honk honk*


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so that means I have to be unhealthy to get big veins then?

What do you currently use as your ring or text tone?

I wonder if r9k had flags how many posters would actually be british

>shit resolution
it's smaller so that i can actually post it you mong

Would get another turntable but got no space in my room, if I got rid of my PS4 and telly I could but I like games

default, only teenagers and boomers bother with custom ringtones

No you have to be healthy and have a low bodyfat. You get the high blood pressure after lifting.

I honestly dont know because no one calls me

better get boris out of the way now and have some better leadership later imo

classic apple sound lad, scares the shit out of me when it rings.

I reckon quite a few in britfeel, we seem to be able to suss out yanks with no problem

>we seem to be able to suss out yanks with no problem
but on the other hand I've been called a yank a bunch when I'm not

fuck knows then mate, maybe half the posters here are actually yanks and other races larping as brits

Not a big fan of yanky wanky's tbqhwul's
glad they're on the other side of the pondy wondy.

just went downstairsy-wairsy to get my fanta wanta

my housemate decided to bully wully me and i had to be like a ninja winja to get past him so i could go upstairsy-wairsy

was due my monthly pizza today but I'm saving it for friday
can't decide what to get, I don't want to waste it

SP you doing ok? Your hair cut?

I'd imagine it's mostly yanks accusing me of being a yank

Just cracked open a can of bepis wepis maxus waxus
Going to add some yummy rummy wummy to it too :>

right all the fucking 30 year old virgins are talking like kids again I'm off lads have fun on the night watch

Repulsive, vile organisation staffed by sub-human cretins

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knackered wackered desu lads, feel dehydrated wewydwated

gosh this fanta wanta is really fizzy wizzy. makes my eyes water water. gonna go put it back in the fridgey widgey


p-p-p-p-please don't leave us fren :'(

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*clears throat*
Just wanted to say a few words,

Looks like I'm out again with Oggy and the lads tonight! That'll be a quiet night in at the library...


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its another headache weadache for me

who cares its shit anyways

Stop abusing your animals. Diagusting human.

like i said this morning before i went to bed,
these threads are so shit in the evenings.

*carefully positions a coffee table in the middle of the thread*

what do you lads think? rescued it out the back of a bin lorry this morning, smells a bit but it should clear up

me being a silly willy billy forgot the image.

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for me, it's fanta blue

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In a bit of a casino mood, unusual for the middle of the week, probably won't go though

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Now what lads?

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The Swindon lot don't seem to respect you

I was looking at coffee tables today, will buy one tomorrow

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I like grapey rapey fanta wanta
big fanny wanny of it.

have a one sided conversation with that absolute bottom of the barrel tinder scum

I feel it getting increasingly hostile here

>not fanta cassis

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ghost her like the chad you are

You simply say

And then arrange for her to come over. Have some drinks on ice.

better get some practice
get user to teach you how to cut a labia and vaginal entrance into a chicken breast, he seemed pretty skilled at it
then just go to town on it

gib milky wilkies

I got a good pre-owned one from the charity shop to be honest.

Got all my mates to graffiti over it as as a student then had it done up when I left uni. Looks well smart now.

*nudges you*

look at that though, beautiful table isnt it?

Just the eight pints for me last night. That's all.

I live with my parents - was I doomed from the start?

Rains coming down hard. Sky is yellow.
Beautiful scenes here.

How do I learn cantonese then? Rosetta Stone a shit
Do I even need to bother wikipedia says like 50% of people there speak English

just went for a big shitty witty in the toilet woilet

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You know a moisturiser is working if it burns the fuck out of your dry skin. I've been using Clean & Clear for years and it keeps my shitty skin in good nick. Tried to use some other ones because I couldn't find it anymore but they were all shit. Luckily, I found my usual at Home Bargains.

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>50% of people
thats roughly half of all the people there

never tried this, can get a box of 12 for 14 quid. worth it? fanta blue is the true patrician fanta however, non-carbonated version and ultra rare


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just the one joint for me at night, respecting my liver and all that

It's not impossible just a lot harder.
Try to get the living room to yourself for the evening.

It's v nice had it when I was in nl

Maybe it's the moisturising that is giving you dry skin. Leave it alone for a week or two.

Condoms come in all different flavours now don't they? Like strawberry and curry and that... Do you like curry?

How did your housemate bully you?

Thank you lads for your valuable input, your comments have been noted.

does a flavourless condom mean its cock flavoured?

dunno how this is relevant to my /spliffposting/ tbqhwy lad

he t poses between rooms so i cant get past, so i go to hug him which he hates and he HITS ME

Explain your reasoning please, or shut the fuck up.

glad I could be of help lad

what were you doing in nl?

So you're not in a casino mood

I wonder what the odds are of me going completely off my rocker by the time I'm 30


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creasing at this response

this is why I come here

he must of confused weed smoking with cock smoking, dumb stoner

time to spark up my blueberry rip

Short holiday. Want to go back desu

I am, it's just a long drive and it's already late

I just got put on an anti-depressant.

Can I still smoke weed?

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Is this Shippy or SCEA?

just the "good" made me laugh for some reason, you should ghost her though that convo is dry as fuck

wish I could spark my half grammer fatty but It's just not bedtime lad

can I ask, why the flavoured rips? In my experience plain ones are much better in terms of flavour and burn

yeah just no MDMA or drugs that generate serotonin lad

maybe you should have asked your doctor but yes you can but you'll need higher quantity

Just thinking about all my sexual and romantic failures haha

Shippy, they really are such an abhorrent organisation

Yeah I heard that stuff fucks you up bad.

So ill just have a "high tolerance"? the stuff I have is pretty potent.

England beating Japan in the footie world cup. If we win we finish top of the group for a change.
I'm hoping Scotland win so Japan also go through.

At this rate it looks like we'll be facing the USA in the next game, a tough one!

Your posts are blurring with his lad, might want to get your noggin checked.

How long do you lads reckon Timmy's got before he gets thrown in a loony bin?

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don't listen to the "higher tolerance" user, literally nothing will change and you don't wanna risk smoking TOO much lad

Hitler: Do you gamble?

Spastic mong boy: Waaa waa waa

Hitler: Play blackjack?

Spastic mong boy: waa waa waa wa

Hitler: play roulette?

Spastic mong boy: waaaaa waaaaaa

Hitler: Into the gas chamber

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>the stuff I have is pretty potent.
every stoner thinks they have top shelf stuff, you probably have average weed, expect to smoke about 30% more

No Crate and Barrel frenship :^(

>London is a great ci-


Think we'd play New Zealand and not face USA til the semis

I doubt tim will end up in a proper loony bin but could (and should) be under the care of acute/community mental health teams

no one fucking cares about women user

Don't be bloody stupid, lad. My skin isn't dry when I use it but if I leave it for a day or two my skin gets dry and I start breaking out. Simple as.

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