Psychology of Affairs?

What makes so many people cheat on their significant others, married or otherwise? Why do some people even feel aroused by their partner being with someone else in front of them?

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Unability to communicate and holding onto life-held fantasies ? Theres so many reasons that people do that desu, entire books could be written on it. I think 'lack of investment/dedication' is the major cause tho

The Coolidge effect and the deterioration of morality and the importance of family.

One of my friends just got engaged last week but he hasn't stopped hooking up with his married fuck buddy. It's going to be a mess when he gets caught with her which will happen eventually as most everyone in his circle of friends knows about it. At least her husband is a pansy who won't do crap. Not sure his fiancee will be able to resist stabbing him.


If you're an attractive man you have literally nothing to lose by cheating. You will always get more pussy. And you're probably used to getting a variety of pussy anyway so it would feel normal to you compared to monogamy.

>nothing to lose
You lose freedom over your actions and are a slave to the next piece of meat that comes along. It's pointless and only serves temporary pleasure (always fleeting) and that's not a good reason to act on anything. Easy to waste your mind and life on sexual pursuits.

>implying sex is better than love
mazel tov

>Why do some people even feel aroused by their partner being with someone else in front of them?
Why don't you try it and find out?

Nothing to lose except everything.

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consider talking with him or anonymously telling his fiance

Quick sex with randos isn't cheating, to be honest. It's more like masturbation. I didn't stop loving my girlfriend.

t. bugman.

There is lots to gain and little to lose when it comes to cheating.

There's nothing to gain aside from a hit of pleasure and everything to lose.

Pretty sure sexting, sending nudes, making out, feeling each other up, mutual masturbation, and oral doesn't technically count as cheating. Full on sex can be considered cheating.

Keeping your nose out of other people's relationship drama is a good step towards a happy life.

not science or math

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>the deterioration of morality and the importance of family.
>he hasn’t read the Decameron
Cheating isnt new
>all these /sci posters pretending their are gigs chads
It is actually not that common over s lifetime, cheaters just say it is to justify themselves, like shoplifters thinking everyone steals

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>deterioration of morality

I do it because every now and then I crave something different. I don't even see these women as being on the same standing as my own wife, they are more like cattle that I rent to bust a nut and then go on with my daily business. If you think it's bad then I'll remind you that multi-millionaires routinely get caught fucking kids in the ass so how about you go preach to them before you come to me, a simple buyer of the professional services of the fine women that roam the streeets.

Is it really common?

I’m not sure, nor do I care

I think the best way to deal with it is execution. Adultery needs to be punishable by death again; only then will people stay in line.

If you criminalize adultery, only criminals will commit it!

Conservatards in a nutshell

It's not really complicated.

1. Men evolved to spread their genes as far as wide as possible.
2. Women evolved to cuck men and get the best genes for the best provider.

It's at the level of evolutionary psychology where you say people evolved to get hungry when they need food.

That’s why there needs to be heavy penalties for breaking monogamy; only fear of death can kill instinct.

my nigger you have to realize there's no rational reason to believe that

>What makes so many people cheat on their significant others, married or otherwise?

Humans are not naturally monogamous. It is a scam.

>Sustain an unsustainable and stupid behavior with totalitarianism

Lol good luck with that incel

I feel bad for your gf

If she has any sense she doesn’t mind that he fucks other women and also sees other people herself.

Life is for pleasure.


You call it disgusting. I call it beautiful, natural, and the future.

>There's nothing to gain aside from a hit of pleasure and everything to lose.
You get to spread your genes across a greater base.

based r-tard

>Dur people who actually enjoy life r retarded

beats me. maybe the platonic sides of their relationships just aren't very strong. otherwise it would probably feel like betraying a close friend.


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t. cuck

>the most unsustainable viable option
>not the closest we can get to sustainable without totalitarianism or turning your country into a shithole
One second nigga while I get the heavy smokes

Based and Cuckqueenpilled

You think like a bluepilled woman and deserve living a life controlled by others while you invest your energies in chasing butterflies.

bruh even chads fall in love sometimes

*overdosers on heroin*

I'm a guy with a girlfriend. I'm literally on a 1 month trip to Japan right now completely on my own since my girlfriend had to work and I speak Japanese.

There have been so many women that throw themselves at me. But contrary to what I thought I feel absolutely bad for even entertaining the thought. I now realize just how bad cheating is as I feel my moral compass screaming at me that I should not pursue. Which is exactly why I'm not doing it and turning down every opportunity or invite that comes at me.

You'll understand this later in life. I used to think the same as you as a teenager but now that I'm actually in a committed relationship with genuine trust and a fully developed adult brain I just can't cheat. It's impossible as my emotions just block my body from doing it.

We deny our own natural instincts. Oppressed instincts will over time smash through your filters. Sorry this happened to you.

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People like to feel lusted after, which is why they still enjoy flirting with random people while in a relationship. It’s just a great ego boost.
Then acting on it is low impulse control. And again, the ego boost

If i caught my gf cheating i would rio her guts and make her eat them while still alive. and before that i would destroy her life that she begs me to do the beforementioned thing..


all of civilization was built on the back of monogamy. Go read some real pop-evo-psych books like The Red Queen (and god forbid you read an actual journal in the field) and realize that your redpill shit has an obvious slant towards justifying PUA free-riding. Monogamy and civilization go hand in hand. Across history, over and over again, the pattern repeats itself: when monogamy falls, civilization follows.

>If you're an attractive man you have literally nothing to lose by opiate use. You will always get more drugs. And you're probably used to getting a variety of opioids anyway so it would feel normal to you compared to druglessness.

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Legit cuckolds are free of feeling one of the worst feelings in the world. The thought of someone fucking my SO is somewhat debilitating. Imagine getting turned on by that...

have you ever wondered what the biological imperative for that would be? the argument could be made that we're meant to mate for life and raise children in pairs, but if that was the case I feel like cheating would be less commonplace as even morally deficient people would still feel that same impulse you do.
personally I'm a spiritual person and favor the idea that that feeling comes from the soul rather than the brain

On a related note, a fairly significant group of men have been willingly cutting their penises off lately.

...this is why we will never make it into space
Degenerates that focus on pleasure rather than betterment of all

Too busy being cumbrains.

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People behave differently due to a different time preference. High time preference means you place a low value on possible future rewards. A child raised in a chaotic environment will have certain genes triggered which gives them such a high time preference. This is an evolutionary adaptation, because in a chaotic environment rewards are fleeting, so it’s better to just fuck a hot guy/girl whenever you meet one. Obviously, if you want a committed relationship, you should seek out someone with a low time preference.

Deception fetish-they get off on fooling their boyfriend or girlfriend

Polygamy fetish-They like the idea of multiple cocks/pussy/both and cant let it go

Insecurity-They feel too secure with their lover but also want the gushy gush so cheat rather than break up and become lovers with the person they cheated with.

Sociopathy-They simply dont care about the feelings of their lover they see no reason to break up with their lover as their lover is one tool out of many tools and only has a use if they remain their lover.

>What makes so many people cheat on their significant others, married or otherwise?
women want good genes

because its a secret and makes that person feel like some type of secret agent trying to sneak around and hide the truth and play games.

Because today's culture promotes and glorifies it.
"Yesss grrrrlllll you go! Git yo'self a bettah man"

Because interactions and relationships can get stale and boring.
Some are secure enough of themselves to not bother at all with some polygamy if it means this spice up the relationship and makes both parties happier. That's why you're on a relationship after all, to be happy and to make someone else happy.

Sometimes you genuinely love your wife but since she doesn't have a dick you gotta get it elsewhere.

minding your own fucking business is a good rule of life. and it stops you from getting your ass beat for breaking people up cuz you're a moralist queer that thinks your views are the only acceptable views to hold. btw she wont suck your tiny peen cuz you "hero'd" for m'lady

I'm interested to see how a thread changes when moved from /sci/ to Jow Forums

cucks are an abomination to manhood and should be purged from existed. imaging being so unmanly so far on the queer spectrum you get pleasure and joy from watching the female you supposedly love being fucked by other guys. sorry not sorry but my brain cant subscribe to that abomination to manhood.

mind your own business. your friend is definitely fucked for doing what he's doing, but it isn't your situation to insert yourself into. if he's going to get caught anyway, why do you need to be the one who facilitates that?

>Be on constant self-improvement kick
>Remember how common cheating is and how women will do it at the drop of a hat
>Remember how just having a relationship can potentially ruin your life if the woman feels like it
>Wonder why I'm even bothering

Pretty sure if I caught my gf getting head Id be mad