Adults are overmedicated

>adults are overmedicated
>anyone who questions children taking 58765489 medications is anti-science

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Are you strawmanning someone that lives in your brain?

I say trust the science but acknowledge that doctors might have a financial incentive to overmedicate that you should be wary of

Nationalize healthcare and this problem dissolves.

well you see actually doctors over medicate because of regulations if we deregulated medicine entirely the invisible hand of the free market would save all these children.

Buy Brain-X pills for $75 and increase your vigor with the power of hydrogen sulfide.

why don't we nationalize coffee table making or cell phones or mouthwash then?

Vaccines are safe and effective.
Circumcision is beneficial.
Early umbilical clamping is probably okay or they wouldn't do it.
Non-ionizing radiation is safe.

Living your life dissociating and "waiting until it's over" is safe, and, effective. Meanwhile they do whatever the fuck they want to you and your children.

Hydrogen sulfide is a brain poison. Try having a fucked up gut that makes shitloads of it. It and ammonia. Right to the brain, glutamate, brain fog, practically pulls you out of your body.

>why don't we nationalize coffee table making

Coffee tables aren’t a necessity.

>or cell phones

I’m down with the idea of a “state phone” that allows you to call and text, since phones are a necessity now. It’d encourage the private companies that manufacture their own phones to emphasize additional features like their camera or whatever the fuck.

>or mouthwash then?

I don’t know enough about dental healthcare to say whether or not mouthwash is “necessary”, but I’d weigh more towards it not being so. Toothpaste, sure, make state toothpaste.

Nah that’s fake science paid for by our slimy competitors.

Please refer to the research papers listed on our website published by the peer-reviewed journal “Pharmacological Energy Solutions” from Pakistan to learn more about how hydrogen sulfide is harmless.

Don't bother, god made this for NPC population control.

Hi NPCs ! Quick reminder that western medicine IS scientific. Other /x/ schizo tier medecines are NOT scientific therefore bad.
Cinese medicine for instance comes from a third world country !

This. Don't complain, people are starving in China? Er, I mean, Africa! Shit which one was it, whatever don't complain!

Welcome to burgerland.

Eating food is a necessity.
>state phone
>state toothpaste

Adults being over medicated is a blame game joke of a proposition. No one is forcing you to take pain killers, if you get addicted to them and overdose it's your own damn fault.

I don't know about every medication that's given to a child, but I do know that in many instances the medications that are given to children result in beneficial outcomes over a long period of time.

Occasionally a child will be given a medication that results in nasty side effects, but that's generally the nature of medications in general. We don't live in a perfect world. Trying to outright disavow medicating children based on anecdotal instances of poor outcomes is like trying to ban surgery because sometimes the anesthesia goes too far.

nailed it

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>Wanting 5G
Either retarded or fake. Delegitimized at the very least.

Honestly, antibiotics can really affect gut bacteria and we shouldn't be handing them to children for simple things like a sore throat
>1365 antibiotics are prescribed antibiotics per 1000 babies
>some antibiotics can take out good bacteria
>gut bacteria can impact health, behavior, and can even influence autism

Microwave radiation will also selectively kill off your good gut bacteria, leaving what remains tuned towards virulence.

You're right that it's another layer of control.

You're wrong to write natural medicine off completely. Most pharmaceutical drugs are a single chemical extracted from a complex cocktail of chemicals which are extracted from plants.

The single chemical is seperated to increase the dosage by removing more toxic chemicals. Here's the thing though; that original chemical cocktail contains more than one useful chemical (along with a few poisons).

However you're already paying pharma corp pty ltd for a partially effective dose of a single chemical which is much cheaper to produce that a clean cocktain of theraputic plant based chemicals. Why are they going to spend money researching all the other chemicals and their interactions with each other accross different genetic cross sections of the population.

We're all members of the mob here. You're as manipulated and fooled as the rest of us. You are not enlightened.

You're welcome.

>yeah sure bro, just fucking nationalize toothpaste

Didn’t say “nationalize toothpaste”

>be pharmacy tech
>see kids as young as 9-10 being prescribed generic ritalin and fucking amphetamines salts every single day, multiple times a day
Our kids are boned. Don't get me started on the children being given Zoloft.

And healthy people will pay for sick people, and frauds will make it so that some treatments are paid for twice thereby wasting even more public money, and faggots will use your money to get billiard balls removed from their asses.

>giving a young boy female hormones because he wants to be a girl is good
>giving a young boy male hormones cause he wants to be shredded is bad

it's weird how some people will only see one as bad when both are clearly bad

The biggest problem here is medince doesn’t work with normal market forces.
If you have an acute problem you can’t drive to the hospital that is offering the cheaper rate with better outcomes, but you have to go to the closest one before you die, so it is not really comparable to coffee tables.
Note that is the problem with your example, not with healthcare in the u.s.
Which is fucked by regulatory capture and other problems

If natural medicine worked, it would be called medicine.

>it's your fault that an easy to abuse product is regulated for profit instead of safety

I want more cute traps

If medicine worked, it would be called natural medicine.

very few trannies actually look cute or pass, the ones who do are naturally feminine and could pass even without hrt

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That's OBVIOUSLY why you gotta let them transition early so they don't look like that. That's what we were talking about.

If nature worked, it would be medicine.

young transitioners only pass in their teens and early 20s. they age into men. many such cases

you should respect yourself enough to accept your homosexuality instead of trying to deny it

>state phone
>state toothpaste
sounds pretty fucking based tbqh

>or mouthwash
Isn't that what fluoride is supposed to be, essentially? Government mandated dental care products?

no don‘t introduce 5g we would have to expand our infrastructure. It‘s much cheaper to hire some shills to act like it‘s dangerous

We're definitely horrifically overmedicated it's absolute ridiculous and going to bite us in the ass

this is a commonly known side effect in the civilized world. And the worst thing that realistically happens is diarrhea and maybe some weight loss. The risks are definetly worth preventing bacterial infections on top of viral ones for example.

>roommate has flu
>symptoms all imply viral infection
>goes to doctor
>diagnosed with flu
>given antibiotics for weeks
It's incredibly frustrating to watch, especially when most people apparently don't even know what they do. I had to argue with him about if they'll "cure the flu" or not.

>And healthy people will pay for sick people
>Implying this is a problem

> frauds
>implying you can stop people from being shit under any system

pic related

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Canada still has an opiod epidemic.

what a fucking retarded post.

>And healthy people will pay for sick people


>and frauds will make it so that some treatments are paid for twice thereby wasting even more public money

Citation needed.

>and faggots will use your money to get billiard balls removed from their asses.

Yes that is a medical problem that happens.

Are you trying to make a point or just look like a boomer with weak empathy?

What a fucking retarded post.

Universal healthcare has measurably superior effects on public welfare than the draconian and incredibly expensive healthcare system, if you can call it that, in the United States.

.....Okay, and? Legalize all drugs, I say.

While I understand what you're saying, I'm still going to highly recommend the exact opposite extreme incase something bad could happen.

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reminder that Israel will not be deploying 5G despite being a small country and playing a crucial role in its development.
I wonder why?

>reminder that Israel will not be deploying 5G despite being a small country

Kill yourself

We have a few procedures we'd like to do then.

If making 5G seem dangerous is a conspiracy, it's been 100 years in the making out of every inhabited continent of this planet. Yes. they were working 100 years ago so that when your little toys came around, your mobile telephone, "they" would come and make it seem bad and take it away. Because you're becoming too powerful!

Give me a break. Just get an ARM board. Cheaper, more powerful, etc. And demand telecom infrastructure that doesn't happen to fucking kill you and wipe out all terrestrial life in its vicinity, you lazy fuck.

Lazy complaining little bitch. Fuck you, kiddo! Smarten up, join the right side while you can.

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>What do you mean "diphteria"? nooooooooooo if you give my kid them gubmint pills the jews win
>of course hes not vaccinated you fucking npc shill

I work in big pharma as a data scientist. My job is basically to trick people to take drugs they don't need. We have the medical and prescription history of the majority of people in the United States HIPAA is really just a technicality, we can get around it. It's anonymized in the sense that it doesn't have your name directly attached to it, but we can identify and track individuals easily. Build profiles and fit them into models.

We have a database of every practitioner in the country. The ones who push our drugs are referred to as doctors that "we own". The best sales people are usually women. It's an open secret that some of them are essentially prostitutes. The others have plenty of other dirty, borderline illegal tactics.

On anti depressants and on your next visit your doctor randomly switches you to the "new improved next generation SSRI"? Yea that was us.

A disproportionate amount of money and effort goes into boner pills.

Do not take any drugs unless your life depends on it, and don't take your doctor's word for it either. Do your own research and actually read the clinical trials.

I wish I was larping