Sometimes I clean out the discharge from my vagina and lick it off my fingers randomly during the day...

sometimes I clean out the discharge from my vagina and lick it off my fingers randomly during the day. Does this make me dirty?

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only if you don't share.

It makes you perfect. Can I have a taste?

What did it taste like?
Also would eat your own pussy if you could?

I do the same thing with my shmegma. Cutfags will never know this feel.

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Shit, as a boy, I wish I could eat my own pussy.

Please make my miserable day better and post pics. You have nothing to lose, thanks in advance

Does it taste good or is it just a gross habit that you don't care about stopping

t. used to pick nose and eat it

You just made me nauseous

what is discharge anyway?

most days its sweet with a little sourness at the end. it leaves no after taste

>Does this make me dirty?
yea but in a good way

I wouldn't wanna eat myself out as i mentally like the idea of a dude stuck between my thighs

super glue my fucking head to your thighs right now

Get some infected wounds and you'll find out.

I would attach to you like a male angler fish

copied and pasted
"Vaginal discharge is made up of fluids from your uterus, cervix, and vagina. When your body releases an egg from your ovary, you may notice that your vaginal discharge is thicker. This change in discharge may can indicate peak fertility times."

Marry me

why aren't we bottling peak fertility pussy juice and selling it in grocery stores?

why dont boys eat me out more? They just wanna stick their dick in. Guys sometimes expect head and thats it. Very rarely do you see women just recieving head and its over. I know I taste good so whats the issue?

Nah, tranny frankenvag pus is not the same as pure honeyfied pussy juice.

because you're a typical female that goes after guys that dont give a shit about you

I tried to lick a girl out once, she stopped me from doing it and I just proceeded to fuck her instead. Maybe her pussy stank and tried to save me from suffering down there

Beats me. I would eat a girl out just for heck of, no need to have sex after. I'd be a slut in the bathroom stall who eats any girl who walks in

I love to, it's actually one of my main fetishes. I've only done it once but she said I was great since I got her off 3 times in like 20 minutes of it. It was fun

maybe.. im going after this guy that is quiet and nerdy and he is very kind but he doesn't eat me out as much as i'd like cuz he thinks he is really bad at it. he isnt. i think any effort is good really cuz for me its the thought of it that turns me on more than the actual action. how do i make him want to do it more often. should i compliment him more? or just force myself on him

wow you are a rare one

i swear, the fuckin robots on this site switch like that

>women are whores
>"lol i am gril and i eat my pussy juice"
>robots: "discord? asl? omg so kawaii"

the cognitive dissonance is strong.

I'm not the anons who call women whores

even if you were telling the truth and you dont think women are whores
how does that change the fact that youre trying to orbit a larping trap cause "female" was in the description?
get some self-respect cuck.

being bossy and forcing it might work, im shy and id definitely like it if a girl gently forced herself on me and told me to do that. or you can play some type of game with him where you get him to eat you out and you do some fetish thing for him, like doing some cosplay or something, whatever

you said it yourself, its not one person you fucking retard

shy guy here too, I need women to be clear with me with what they want

You need to let him know how much you like it, try moaning more or something

It doesn't change that fact

I thought your complaint was about the "cognitive dissonance"

Rare? You think so?


what kind of mental gymnastics are you trying to go through?

both are worth acknowledging as degenerate
if you don't agree well i dont particularly care

dont you get it by now? all women who dont have sex with me are whores, if they have sex with me they're still a whore, but they're my whore. goddamn get some fucking common sense jeeze

this is good advice thank you user. I would love to know what exactly he is into so I can please him. Problem is because he is so shy and he is sexually inexperienced he won't tell me exactly what he is into. How do I get that out of him?

being ironic for the sake of....?

I haven't heard about guys that only want to eat out women with nothing in return, so from my experience you are rare

How can I initiate sex more creatively? more than just the basic start kissing him

get him a little drunk and then play with his dick and just start bringing stuff up and see how he responds, bring up butt stuff first a lot of guys are into that.

Straight up talk to him about it? Maybe watch porn that you like with him?

prance around in cute lingerie, eventually his dick wont be able to deal with it and he'll need to bang you

Interesting. Well, I wish there was some demand for that around here.

he lives with roommates so i cant do that as easily :(

I'm pretty much the same way. Total oral fixation. I'm aggressively into eating pussy and ass, enjoy fucking but it's not necessary, and can barely give a shit about blowjobs. Kissing is cool tho. Probably my favorite experience ever was eating this girl out until she started screaming/crying, blacked out, and pissed in my mouth while I nutted.

this sounds sooo nice! i wanna pee in a dudes mouth so bad. or squeeze my urine soaked undies in his mouth

>i wanna pee in a dudes mouth so bad. or squeeze my urine soaked undies in his mouth
what do you like about it?

pee in my mouth please, I'll be your personal living urinal

nice larp, girls arent into this

i see it as a type of worship, just like eating discharge is

you like being worshiped?

i genuinely am into this. sorry cant prove it but I am. i used to watch a lot of piss porn its weird and idk why i like it but i do

ill only let you pee on my balls

please be my piss gf
you can use me as a second bladder

why arent you into girls peeing in your mouth?

my mouth is only for stacey piss sweetie

what makes a stacey for you? how are you sure im not one?

Sit on his face and tell him you aren't getting off until he makes you cum,

That's awful. Why would you want to do something so cruel?

jennifer love hewitt was the best stacy

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Right on. I see it as a sort of game with a delicious reward.
What if he's a true pervert and wants her on his face forever? She'd never cum

should i start with undies on or off?

you start with undies on and slide them to the side

I think it's fun to start with them on first

no i dont look like her, i am a redhead. i dont think we can be the typical 'stacy'

this sounds good. i'm gonna try

You are a Stacy in my heart, user

Start with them on. Tell him what you want and when he eventually muffles a yes you slide them to the side and let him lick away.

Seriously, where the FUCK do I get a gross gf

I want to eat fembot pussy so bad
I need it
I don't care if she throws me away as soon as she's finished with me
Just let me be used by her

guys watch blowjob videos but not eating out videos, assuming lots don't even think about it and/or are lazy & just want to smash

i think they watch blowjob videos because they know what pleasure like that feels like or can imagine it, while watching oral on girls videos they dont know so they cannot relate?

I've seen a bunch of those videos, it's usually in a femdom context and/or facesitting.

yes but still a lot of the things you want to do with a girl are developed through porn for most people growing up with the internet. I for instance only really cared about her pleasure yet it's barely expressed that eating out feels really good for a girl in porn.

that's all good & sexy but I think primarily it's fetish based if facesitting/femdom rather than doing it to make her feel good, both aspects can be combined though.

>i am a redhead
ok yea so youre gonna have to be my ygritte gf and bully me

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pussy eating porn is pretty boring so i dont care for it. i'd much rather be doing it than watching it. if that makes sense, i know you can apply that to a lot of things in porn but something about pussy eating porn is just too intimate or something for me to get off watching someone else do it.

yea i get that. i think what you watch in porn doesnt really reflect what u want to do with another person

It doesn't help that western porn shows it as a sort of lazy thing where people just use the tip of their tongue, instead of showing how the giver can be aggressive and even dominant. There's this one amateur one with a couple of lesbians where one of them is really aggressive about eating puss and making her gf lose it. It's a good training video.

honestly you are fucking disgusting and gross. about to go puke thanks OP

its not very stimulating for guys. they do that tongue flick thing because they want to get the pussy and tongue on camera together because it's more visual.

Girls don't do that. I'm a girl so I know. You're fucking disgusting if you actually do that and you must be super weird.

its about as gross as swallowing semen so if you do that you are as gross as me

Why would you taste your own semen? Is it narcissism or what?

i stick my finger in my ass then take a good whiff of the anal mucous or whatever that comes out. Never tasted it though

disgusting if you're a guy
hot if you're a girl

I sometimes rub my dick and then smell it, it's nice

I watched season 1 of ghost whisperer and my first thought was to jack it to her feet

i haven't watched that or anything she has done since cant hardly wait. when i first watched i know what you did last summer as a kid i thought she was the prettiest girl id ever seen

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Semen tastes bad and pussy tastes good. Also semen is around only after a guy cums and pussy... moisture? is around while you're still horny. I seriously can't believe any woman hasn't tasted or sniffed her own junk while masturbating unless she's super repressed or has zero curiosity.