Why are men afraid to show their emotions? It's okay to cry, it's okay to show you're anxious...

Why are men afraid to show their emotions? It's okay to cry, it's okay to show you're anxious, it's okay to show that you're human just like all of us. You don't need to 'man up' and keep your emotions to yourself because of what society expects you to be. It's time to break that standard.

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youre not entitled to men's emotions

maybe show me some of yours and have a conversation.
drop a contact if you want to talk.
And I do just mean talk.

This is long term bait. If you ever happen to get a gf and have a weak moment and show any sensitivity, you better dump her on the spot cause you guaranteed she'll ride another cock asap.

Masculinity is a good thing. You can't change my mind. A man showing emotions all the time is a weak man.

you can blame women for that. whenever men show any type of emotion other than MUH CONFIDENCE you all have a fucking shitfit and start calling us creepy.

lol then as soon as a guy does it shell ghost him

tell that to your hormones when you see me weeping about how much i hate my dad

Toxic masculinity has harmed men in more ways than you can think of.

women reward men that fit the toxic masculinity description with sex. until you whores stop doing that it's going to keep going like this. this is your fault.

As long as you show you care or you show any emotion it's fucking over
i fucking know trust me
straight to hell boys

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Tell me one person that's not traumatized in the current age? Kids starving, parents neglecting or physically abusing their children, shitty school systems or communities. It's not just men who keep it inside is all I am really saying.


No one has ever been nice because I was upset. Telling someone it's ok doesn't make it ok.

because woman are what they are

Nah, I learned get rid of most of my emotions. It's what I had to do to protect my sister when I was growing up.

Because we often and genuinely don't experience emotions like females do.

My dad died on Saturday and I haven't cried.

You know, women say this shit but women as a WHOLE tend to punish men who do exactly this.

>Why are men afraid to show their emotions?
>because of what society expects you to be
You answered your own question.
>It's time to break that standard.
Well good luck with that.

Literally every time I show emotion it goes badly. Guys just get awkward and dont know what to say, girls just get mad at me for feeling that way. Why would I share anything if it's just gonna make any interaction I have worse?

Why are women so emotional?
If you're gonna judge me by female standards, I'll judge you by male standards, and say that women are retarded emotionally manipulable cuckold faggots (which isn't actually untrue).

>Tell me one person that's not traumatized in the current age?

Nice trips but exdee

>family complains that I'm distant and don't show emotions
>one day reveal that I'm sick of their shit and can't stand having to live with and sustain them anymore
>"wow how can you be like that? It's faaaaamilyyyyyyy!"
Then why the fuck did you want to know how I felt so much, cunts?

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>It's okay to cry, it's okay to show you're anxious
In reality it's absolutely not for a man

this, if i were to tell people what i really think and feel, they'd just be confused and think i'm a piece of shit

>get close to girl
>open up to her
>she knows all your secrets and breaks your heart
>take years to put the pieces back together
sounds a bit masochistic don't you think?

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>shows emotions to a fembot
>fembot ghosts me

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because males are met with borderline-disgust from everyone else when we show our emotions

I saw my brother's friend with tears running down his face when he came to my brother's funeral. It absolutely is real and should be a standard for all men, to freely be able to show your emotions in public.

>tfw ldr bf (met once) is always completely monotone and never shows emotion
>find it cute actually
>but one day on a voicecall ask him if anything's been bothering him lately
>he starts telling me about his family troubles and eventually starts crying
>comforted him but was also honored by how open he was with me
>mfw like him even more now
>mfw robots lied to me

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Did that once. She broke up with me the morning of after we had sex. Never showing them again.

sad but true. you weep and they lose any respect for you and will fuck that guy thats been hanging around, "her friend at work" the next day if not the evening of your cry.

to a woman. They will instantly view you as some kind of injured puppy and lose all attraction to you.
You gotta be stoic

Were you the user that made the thread that his dad died because of cancer?

Don't listen to this woman. If you're crying, your dad better be dead. Or it better be a REALLY rare occasion. Most of the time your emotions will be nothing but an inconvience for her. Things like sadness, anger, jealousy, hurt, etc. You show very, very rarely.

Go to your guy friends for support.

Because no matter what any women (no matter how well-intentioned) Says... You DO have to 'man up' and keep it to yourself. And it's a good standard. It gets shit done.

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Women hate that,I'm forced into acting like I have no emotions.

>user opens up to someone and talks about emotions
>person stops talking too and caring about user
Happens every time with girls guys or family

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>complain I'm too quiet
>talk over me when I try to speak
>complain when I try to take the lead in a conversation "wtf you can't just talk over people"
Why are normalfags so autistic?

>Why are men afraid to show their emotions?
Because showing emotion. = showing weakness and people will prey upon you.
You can only show your emotions (not anger or joy) only to your family, close male friends or your pillow.

Men can show emotion and cry and all that jazz once in a while. There's just a fine line between holding it all in and dumping your purse on the table every time you talk to somebody for more than 2 minutes that most men can't tread. You'll kill yourself if you hold everything in, but nobody likes a punk bitch who makes everyone else's problems their own problem.

I dont know fren I dislike them but want them to accept me

I did that to this girl and after she saw me crying he ghosted me
You women are fucking hypocrites and should kill yourselves

damn dude you're wise

Makes their problems everyone else's*
Fuck I'm retarded

This. Thread ended here

>babe, you don't show your emotions too. >relationship is like a freaking chess game. it's not complicated but the players make it complicated by doing too many tricks or strategies and shit. don't know how to win or if there is even a point of winning. like what are we even trying to get out of each other?

What are you fucking gay ?
Emotions are for when you're alone, you can't show them in public and expect to be taken seriously.

Men crying is one of those things that girls only find hot in theory. They say they want it, but when their bf cries in front of them they dry up like the desert.

Maybe more men are dead inside than you could imagine

They really do too.

A female friend of mine said this to me once but when I actually tried opening up to her she just awkwardly brushed me off. I wasn't even being melodramatic or "edgy" or whatever I just felt lonely a lot. I think most people that promote messages like these are just doing it to affect an air of compassion and kindness.

That said I wish it were more acceptable to be emotionally vulnerable on places other than japanese tea augury forums.

I'm bipolar. My emotions are so intense most people will never understand. And yet my woman has helped me through them all. I think you just have avoidant attachment style.

Women think that if men 'show their emotions' they'll behave like women do and cry it out. But what's lurking beneath the surface for men is not as much tears and sadness as rage and anger. So women don't really want men to 'express their emotions' because they are (rightfully) terrified of male anger and want nothing to do with it. What they truly want is for men to act like women when it pleases them and they can't have that.

But that makes them even more hot if they man up in front of everyone else but in secret with you they will show you their vulnerable side because you their girlfriend and they feel safe around you. I want a boyfriend like this. I'll hug him a lot and we'll have lots of sex.

That's not true. I mean for myself I want my boyfriend to have the free space to cry in front of me. I don't like emotionless people.

>get new female coworker
>she is qt
>we go out
>she tells us she is bi and in a relationship with another girl
>she is very touchy at every opportunity
>ofc fall in love
>one night alone with her in a bar
>get drunk af
>confess my love
>sorry user I dont cheat
>still hang out with her
>another night alone with her until we meet new folks
>drunk af again
>she disappears with another girl into the restroom for 20 mins
>comes back out and wants to go home
> next day picks me up to get my car
>have to stop after 5 min so she can vomit everywhere
>not hanging out much to this day
>she touches me less

And we never really mentioned my confession to this day again. Almost a year has passed

I have no emotions. I'm a broken human being that can only feel in black and white. My life has no color. The only language I understand is violence

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I know none of you fuckers take the advice of anyone on here, but seriously never show emotion that isn't a fake ass alpha male persona, always happy/confident, or aroused.

EVERY woman I've ever showed true emotion to (brought up my brother has cancer, mentioned i was molested as a kid, mention my financial is concerning me) I've been treated like sub-human when they worshipped me when i pretended to always be insured and happy

>This is your fault
Classic retard blaming everyone else.

I remember a vet talking about getting abused by his gf at college and a woman sitting behind him started loudly snickering

Yeah that is one of the bricks that make up our society.
Boys are told from the beginning that they can't show any emotions other than anger really. If you cry you get called a pussy or beaten up or become an outsider. So the only real solution for boys is to become dull/blunt and not show their emotions. Men have to be strong, they can't let things get to them emotionally. They have to deal with problems by leaving their feelings aside, they have to emit safety and protection for the ones around them. Crying like a little bitch aint gonna make anyone around you feel protected or safe.
As a consequence of that, most girls see men crying/showing too many emotions as weak and not manly which further reinforces the concept.
And then at some point girls come around and ask us "why do you show so little emotions?"
Because society has made us what we are, emotionally dulled creatures. It isn't our fault, it is society.
And if you "break the standard", deep down girls and your friends will see you as weak, even if they won't tell you to your face - their respect for you sinks.
The only situations where it is acceptable for a man to cry is when someone dies or they loose the love of their life or some shit.

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Fuck off. I'm not ashamed to show my emotions, to talk to people how I'm feeling. I don't like it, but I'll cry if I need to. You're absolutely right, it's healthy to be an emotive being. But it's also unhealthy to be too emotive. I'm not going to restrict how I feel though. I just want balance.

>be man
>show emotions
>people think you're damaged and avoid you
>or they just take advantage of your kindness

Well, you're gonna get a biased response on this board. Most people here have a complex about showing emotions and internalizing criticism without it seeming like a kafkaesque indictment of their existence. So you have these people who live in extreme binary where everything is either a lie or reaffirms their worldview. Similarly, many here bleieve that showing emotions is just another outlet for people to hurt them. It's hard to be vulnerable, but I suppose it's even harder when it's also buried under several insecurities

i killed someone and i didn't cry. my dick is hard

last time I showed my emotions to a girl that liked me she immediately friendzoned me, you guys like to pretend, just like her, that you can handle our anxiety, our depression, etc. but the moment we start to show it you guys want out

Fully agree
We're never going to be as good as women, but we certainly can be kinder and more compassionate towards each other

women are fucking horrible to each other though

>another fucking fem wojak baitpost

This can be true, but when it turns into men just whining about their issues and just bathing in self hatred, waiting for someone to help them, it becomes a problem.
The main goal should still be doing something about the actual problem and fixing it or at least working around it.

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100% chance you're an insufferable cunt. just make people feel listened to and fuck off, that's all you can do. giving advice when someone is in a shitty mental state is completely useless and belittling

Because you fucking roasties find it repulsive when men are vulnerable and not some stoic alpha male emotionless robot

>Oh but I wont fuck you if you do ayt of that. Im just telling you that to subvert you so while youre over there crying my gender can slowly take over

Yeah fuck off slut. Its not ok for men to cry, its not ok for men to be emotional. Thats what women are for, men are doers and thinkers. Crying is useless, action and decision is whats needed and thats what men exist for.

Go back to your ANTIFA sodomite posting.

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>Why are men afraid to show their emotions?
Because everything else you said after that is plain bullshit. The picosecond you show weakness as a guy 95% of women will think less of you. There's a reason you never heard fantastical legends about princesses marrying a weeping conscientious objector. Weakness isn't attractive. I don't think I even can cry anymore.

I want to fucking beat the shit out of a man if I see him cry

Case in point, exactly what was describing. Like pottery. I honestly don't think you guys are people. It's so easy to predict what you're gonna do

Can the people who say this seriously just fucking shut up. Myself and presumably plenty of other guys grew up being told we had to suppress our emotions and we had to be the responsible ones in any given situation. if the building is burning we have to get people out instead of screaming and crying, if someone dies we have to be the ones to console people. We're told consistently that as men we lay down our well being for the good of everyone else. We raise men to sacrifice themselves in one way or another. There's a reason this shit happens and it hasn't disappeared overnight. You show emotion and you're dysfunctional. Good enough to say we can show emotions but we're still fucking punished for it.

think you mean its okay to show emotions when we are already close to you because almost anyone will find you creepy or weird if you are making yourself vulnerable to them without even knowing them, unless they are openminded

My biggest regrets come from showing emotions around women, other then confidence, happiness and anger, showing myself in any other way, gets me ridiculed, I won't fall for your lies.
You probably aren't even a biological female.

Men are afraid to show their emotions because women take advantage of them to get exactly what they want

Because what if a fucking bear attacks or some shit? While the women are running around in a panic the man is thinking, "can I lure it away, can I trick it, can I find an offering for it to placate it". You can't be "feeling emotions" when shit gets real. The only way to get good at something is to PRACTICE. So if we need part of our society to be able to repress emotions, we need them to have that skill, then they need to practice that skill.

It's actually something closer to "men perpetuate the idea that being a man means being invulnerable"

>dating girl
>first real gf
>act stoic and distant at first
>she really likes me
>open up and let myself be vulnerable
>get dumped
At least were still friends

>This is long term bait. If you ever happen to get a gf and have a weak moment and show any sensitivity, you better dump her on the spot cause you guaranteed she'll ride another cock asap.

I get it now. This line is designed to make it so you'll never actually open up to anyone so you'll keep pushing them away. Its sentiments like this that make incel rhetoric self reinforcing. Its a way to keep you from becoming human so you will remain an incel.

Get the fuck out of here user before its too late.

Has any man here openly displayed emotions and had something good come out of it? Genuinely curious.

Because the last time I did my girlfriend dumped me. You can say all of this shit but it doesn't make it true.

Because even when girls have told me to be more emotionally vulnerable they toss me aside the second I am

I cry all the time and people keep comforting me, it's ridiculous. I don't give a shit if it makes you feel sad.

My grandma died when I was 9 and I didn't cry for her once. I still feel guilty to this day.

I don't like crying in front of people, its kinda like showing that I'm weak or showing my weaknesses. My ego tend to get ahead of myself, I can't help it.

im not afraid to show my emotions. i just rather not give away my inside thoughts to people i dont trust. people are very manipulative when they can read your emotions.

emotions are for lesser, weaker beings

Any woman will instantly and permanently lose all respect for you if you cry in front of her. Men aren't really allowed to show weakness in relationships. And the worst part is that this is biologically ingrained into us, no amount of feminism and complaining about toxic masculinity will ever change this. Men are men, women are women. Gender roles are an evolutionary and biological construct, not a social one.

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because men have to be the rock in the relationship.

Yep. user is, sad to say, not lying. But, no buts. They even did a psych test 9 years ago. Crying guys got less interest from women.

Really the fact of the matter is that nobody wants to hear your feelings.
Not other men, certainly not women.
You have to have someone really close to you if you're going to open up to them and the fact is that most men don't have that kind of relationship with many others.
Me, I am fucking sick and tired of roasties I've just met telling me sad stories of their childhood trauma and shit. Fuck that's annoying.

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>That said I wish it were more acceptable to be emotionally vulnerable on places other than japanese tea augury forums.
You just have to find the right person. I have an autistic female friend who is a few years older than me that likes playing therapist, while I have never cried or shown extream emotion in front of her it is nice to be able to vent about my insecurities to someone who doesn't judge me.

remember kids

don't ever take advice on women from women

they will always tell you the literal opposite of what they actually like/respect

I opened up to my ex about the abuse I had to endure as a child
All she said was that I should man up and not cry about stuff like that


A man who weathers life's storms without flinching is a strong man. And the only thing that people respect in life is strength.

It's not because society tells me to, I just hate talking about myself.