Daily reminder that even if everyone else abandons you, Jesus still loves you and will be there for you.

Have you taken the christpill yet? Christ is the only way into heaven, and if you don't get into heaven you go into everlasting hellfire for all ETERNITY. I'm telling you the TRUTH. Believe and repent today.

>For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost (Matthew 18:11)
>I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10)

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Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

Check and mate bucko. Per above God is unable to exist and illogical coping will not help your cause. Come to love and worship anime instead, the only refuge for us true incels.

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He is both able and willing. Yet for now He shines his light on both the good and evil. But his plan is ultimately the end of evil, which is coming very soon.

>'No' he said, 'if you pull the weeds now, you might uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. At the proper time I will tell the harvesters, "First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat into my barn"'


Jesus and god are good feelings and so they are a part of me. That's the only way I can imagine connecting with you grinning Jesus freaks. I doubt anything man sells but that doesn't mean there isn't validity to lessons taught in the Bible. I won't say even a single piece actually happened but it's plays quite an important people's life and I can greatly respect that.

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Enjoy hell gay-theist. God gave us free will to be able to judge us. Evil needs to exist in order for good to exist retard. Also god is able to prevent evil but wants humans to act good on their own volition and then be judged in the afterlife. He prevents evil by giving us a moral to live by and if we get corrupted by the devil then we will be punished. Read aquinas and you might get red-pilled and may be able to escape evil. Ill pray for you.

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to answer your first question. there is no evil when you pass. he brings us here to test us and if we turn out to be evil he kinda puts you through a learning curriculum. you would call this stage (hell) but if i had power it wouldnt be hell.
yeah hes both. but like i said, its a test.
i cant be 100% sure on this but this is the only god i am willing and able to worship. its the most fair system. if someone is a dick then put him in timeout. this "burning in hell for eternity because you like dick up your ass" is retarded and evil.

Do you think it is malevolent for a father to throw out his whore daughter? Of course not, you're on Jow Forums.
Evil came from humanity's own mistakes. God lets humans do what they want like a dad but is not above punishment.

Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? You know the answer and that it is not in your favor bucko. Just admit defeat before your new GOD, the Lord ANIME.

That's a lot of nonsense cope. Refer to what I posted, it completely defeats your delusions. Submit to ANIME.

More retarded cope. Just admit your "god" (who actually isn't one LMAO) can't do shit against the evil of this world and ANIME is a better God than your little schizophrenia will ever be. Repent, sinner.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Let me ask you this. If evil came from humanity, where did humans come from according to your semitic jew wank? Submit to ANIME your new Lord and you can still be saved from yourself spouting bullshit. Admit your halfbreed niggerkike on the cross lost.

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>tfw eternal paradise after living a life of fulfilling God's will

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Believe me, I've tried. God has abandoned me. God made me in such a way that I can never connect with him, I was pre-destined to hell since birth. I've read the Bible through and through, been attending and volunteering church for over a decade, spent many nights in tears praying...the presence of God is never there. all I get is static. I know now that it's because I was made this way. Conversion to any religion is not something that is done by choice, God already determined before you were born whether you would be christian, whether you would ever enter the kingdom of heaven. For me, he simply decided "no". So all my efforts to connect with Christ have been in vain. I will certainly go to hell no matter what I do, because I am forever cut off from the good graces of God. And make no mistake, your good deeds do not get you into heaven. Only your belief and connection with God can do that, and I was born without the capacity to connect with or truly believe in God.

Cringe and Yikespilled
If you're gonna bait, you're gonna have to be a little less obvious, lad

The only bait you fell for is that jewish desert cult. Admit you have no answer to nullify what I have written. ANIME would be a better God than your little basedboy idolatry.

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You don't need to feel anything, I don't either. Give it time and ask for the Holy Spirit and you'll get it, but it might take as long as a few years. If you've repented and believe you'll be saved.

>God already determined before you were born whether you would be christian
So why don't you consider yourself Christian? If you really do believe, and it sounds like you do, YOU WERE CHOSEN BY GOD FROM THE BEGINNING.

God made humanity. Humanity corrupted itself when they fell into temptation, this is where evil came from.
Anime teaches crossdressing, racemixing, pro-transgender bs like in your pic, spreads beta behavior with shitty MCs and troupes, and pedophilia.

Oooo a confilct between ideals and reasons. A magnificent event rarely seen even on Jow Forums. What it will be though? You argue, but what do you stand for then? We know what Bible all about but what is special about your snowflake?

>a few years
it's been 30. I'm also facing terminal illness right now.

I think if I was ever meant to go to heaven I would have had my revelation by now. The best I can do at this point is prepare for hell. Maybe if I'm lucky there will be some miracle during my last few moments on my deathbed, but I don't think that will happen.

Because I don't truly believe. Despite all my efforts I can feel the emptiness inside where the love of God should be. as if I was created with the spiritual part of my mind completely nonfunctional. Even though I want to believe in god, it's impossible for me.

Imagine being that nihilistic. You are very sad person.

>I was pre-destined to hell since birth.

Drop this calvinist shit.

>the presence of God is never there

It is called the dark night. Many if not most people never experience anything while praying, don't expect emotional fireworks, just trust God and follow divine laws.

I wish that advice like yours was actually helpful to me in any way

Nihilism is reevalution of one's ideals, nothing more. If he has an true ideal to strive towards, then The Great Will upon him, otherwise its just another fedorafag.

>humanity corrupted itself
Who made humans able to do that?
>when they fell into temptation
Who created this temptation?
ANIME is the true refuge for whilepilled incels who have true LIFE. Accept or die sad and downtrodden in the hands of a man-made delusion, sinner.

I stand for ANIME, the one and only real God the LORD. You can still save yourself if you denounce your desert schizophrenia.

Besides you never having read anything about what nihilism stands for, I believe and worship ANIME the Lord and Redemptor, as you should too, Sinner.

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i'm sorry, but i still can't being myself to get behind a religion so rhetorically weak that it attempts to recruit through fear

It's probably to test your faith. Have you had a single miracle happen yet? If not, don't worry. You sound like you've been a faithful servant.

>Because I don't truly believe
Do you believe Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins?

I want to believe that but in my heart I cannot. Lying to myself about it would be pointless because God can see into my heart and know my true feelings.

Imagine getting funneled into a church where a pedophile priest waits every day for the opportunity to get his reward. Jow Forums unironically fell for the oldest scam in the book

>I stand for ANIME, the one and only real God the LORD. You can still save yourself if you denounce your desert schizophrenia.
ANIME is not a set of ideals you fool. You dont explain what do you stand for. Is it the Death Note anime you talk about or maybe JoJo, all have different set of ideals which contradict each other. If you just baiting like this then perish from this thread, you make no contribution.

I think you pay too much attention to emotional aspect of faith. Stop asking for revelations, stop think how you feel in your heart. If you willingly want to accept faith you don't have to experience any spiritual fireworks to believe.

See John 20,29

>pedo priest
Meme by trannies to discredit the church
The bible stands against degeneracy, adultery, and sex before marriage. Corupted priests are not an argument against Christianity.
>complaining about Jow Forums when Jow Forums is actively making Jow Forums a better place
Tranny confirmed

>Besides you never having read anything about what nihilism stands for

You probably read one or two philosophy books or a Wikipedia article and you think you are smart.

fuck god
he destroyed my life and never cared for me so why should I care about him?
for all I care I feel more respect for Satan who at least promises some cool stuff
fuck jesus and mary the whore of nazaret

if belief doesn't matter then why does any of it matter? why don't we all just go to heaven by default then?

i WISH you could get free book PDFs on Wikipedia.

sorry but if Christian God is real I would legitimately prefer Satan. There is significantly less paedophilia among Satanists than amongst Christians.

>tranny meme
Have fun refuting this shit. I'll wait.

Faith is act of will not a feeling.

Pedo priests should be executed.

You do not understand. Repeat after me. I believe in ANIME. The Lord is ANIME. The Redemptor is ANIME. Do not ask to recieve, recieve to become.

Stop masking your inability to defend your sand cult by projecting your stupidity onto me, your saint and bringer of your future saviour, ANIME.

why would I believe in jesus and not allah or 10000 other gods humanity believed in throughout the ages?

You prefer eternal suffering to virtue signall about imperfect followers of perfect God? Cool.


Souce. Laveyans doesn't count, they are edgy atheists, real devil worshippers are mostly lunatic and often violent.

Why can't you believe it? You clearly believe in God and heaven, why not believe in what His Son did on the cross for you?

>defend your sand cult by projecting your stupidity onto me, your saint and bringer of your future saviour, ANIME.

What the fuck is this? A crossover between /a/ and Jow Forums?

Welp thats was cringy af

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Because most gods are Satan and his fallen angels in disguise. There's only two teams

Has anyone here heard of the problem of evil? How its very existence is incompatible with the notion of a benevolent, omnipotent god? There's no reason to continue this mental gymnastics routine. You can find a reason to live without this dark age slave religion

I was going to tell you to let him enjoy his anime, but then I saw the post and I have to agree with you

my bad, I forgot most christians are fucking retards and literally believe world is white and black

Yes, the first poster mentioned it. The problem is, when evil first arrived I believe God didn't know what it was, it was unanticipated. There was a fall. We were in heaven, and we fell here by a trick of the devil.

>slave religion
You're a slave to sin.

>having fun refuting corrupted priests from one denomination of the church with the shitty leftist pope
as I said atheist tranny, the sinful nature of some humans is not a flaw against Christianity.

my only regret is if i references this irl christcucks would just try to play the ""persecuted victim"" card.


Evil is ontological lack of good, an imperfection. People do evil things because they are imperfect beings, not because they are evil beings (in a sense how Arhiman would be evil). It may sounds complicated, but think about situations when you did something bad, does it makes you evil person?

>""persecuted victim""

You will be persecuted victim when we will bring Inquisition back.

>slave religion
>You're a slave to sin.

Amen. Based and Godpilled.

>People do evil things because they are imperfect beings
so is God

You're missing the point. The setup of Christianity is that an omnipotent, benevolent being creates the world and populates it with a species made in its image. The very notion of a flawed human being begs an important question: Is the omnipotent being truly omnipotent if it could not create a perfect species, or did it intentionally create a flawed species out of a sadistic, experimental urge that would undermine its benevolence? No monotheistic religion has an adequate answer to that.

Reminder that a "god" ruling by fear makes him evil. Reminder kristjanity has grafted other religions onto itself changing entire aspects of itself in the past. Reminder that a true religion with a true "god" would not need to kill, force their beliefs, and proselytize in order to make people believe.
Kristjans stay angry.

Humans were made lower than the angels. Humans were given free will, including the freedom to defect from God and do whatever he wished, God didn't want a slave race that did whatever he wanted without question, he wanted an intelligent species he could communicate with on equal footing. Adam and Eve chose to defect from God and were punished for it. There was no evil in Eden.

I'd take buddhism or paganism instead
Hi pagananon, may odin bless you

>There was no evil in Eden
what about satan tho
also didn't angels also have free will? if not then how lucifer rebelled

Hello brother or sister, may freyja bless you.

Angels did possess free will. There wasn't any evil until Lucifer tempted Adam and Eve to sin.

>paganon implies that Paganism has never killed in the name of their religion

Why are you blaming faults of Church on God? God is not manually controlling Church.



If the species God created was truly on equal footing, they would have known better than to bring evil upon the world. God just sits back and watches as human beings suffer through no fault of their own. If he was all-powerful and also benevolent, he would have prevented this in order to prevent the suffering of innocents, but his loss of control either indicates a lack of power to carry out a benevolent plan, or a lack of benevolence by letting it happen. The point of the problem of evil is that the bible describes a god with both omnipotence and benevolence, but every logical test case indicates that you can't have your cake and eat it too.

he is tho
learn about Cathecism of Catholic Church

You should read it again, because you don't understand. Holy Spirit is present in Church, but it does not mean Church officials can't sin.

Here he is, once again

>God just sits back and watches

Well, this is false.

God could have vaporized Satan and any human that hated him, but he didn't do so because God does not want to rule as a tyrant. He wants his followers to love him and join him willingly, not out of fear alone. God allowed Lucifer to be independent and take control of earth, leading to suffering and degeneracy. But God helps his followers through prayer during tough times. Whenever Lucifer challenged God, God always won.

>God does not want to rule as a tyrant
someone didn't read the old testament

How is this false? If a child dies by the age of eight from leukemia in the presence of an omnipotent deity, the deity's omnipotence means that it had the option to prevent said cancer. The fact that the deity did not intervene in the suffering of this child despite having the option to do so means that it is not benevolent.

>christfags conquered and violently christianized the baltic nations during 1200s
yeah fuck off, cross worshippers.

The OT is the demiurge tho

The wage of sin is suffering in this life and death. All have sinned. God does feel compassion and comfort, and understands the pain of humanity.

Evil is where there is the absence of God. God allowed for this because he desired the free willed choice of humans to love Him for you cannot love if you do not have a choice in the matter.

>the old Testament is good when i wanna kill gays but when everything else is satan
Niggity noggity neck yourself nigger

Why does there have to be a heaven? I just want to stop existing