Post some pictures where you took one look and YOU JUST KNEW

Post some pictures where you took one look and YOU JUST KNEW

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cute basement bar

knew what compadre?

it's weird how people get fulfillment from doing shit like building bars in their house

still needs a mounted flat screen and a mini fridge for mixers.

CNN Edition

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That they're swingers

they get fulfillment by creating a welcoming environment so they can spend time with friends and family that they love

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i would get fulfillment for owning a house to being with

You never get a warm feeling inside when you accomplish something and is well done?

This picture makes my brain heavier on the right side when I look at it. I really wish that they connected the bar counter to the left wall instead of the right. I really really wish they did this.

The novelty of it will wear off. Just seems like a stupid trendy thing to put in your house.

>husband and I built
>translation:I dragged my husband around to shitty warehouse stores to buy pre-fab crap for some mexicans to put together

Nah, that's a nice house. I'm sure her husband has some carpentry skill but she probably just watched him build it the whole time and is taking half the credit. Just like half his resources.

Holyshit, you fuckers are not happy with anything.

I hope i never end up like that.

What is wrong with that? sounds comfy

Most of his grandkids left him and the one who showed may be retarded.

Cause i dont want grandkids/kids who dont want anything to do with me. How does that sound comfy to you?

stingy fuck, I need a margin of at least 6 burgers for my cook outs.

Cool diy project, but barstools behind a serving bar in a house is silly.
You use those in public bars because you need a serving area and a way to get to customers back and forth randomly, not really the greatest design for a home, some comfy seats would be better

Definitely this. I hate to admit it, but the more effort you spend on something the more of a waste it is, since your enjoyment will always decay to 0. I could own a Ferrari and get bored of it eventually, and then what? Nowhere to go but down when you sell it.

Its a basement bar, they are white, blue collar middle class, suburban in the upper mid west. For them they have now arrived. Likely a trampoline and above ground pool they can only use 3 months of the year and there's a cheap ass hot tub on the deck.

FYI faggots and newfags
"You just know" paired with an image containing a dog and a woman, or an image of a dog posted by a woman, is intended to imply she's fucking the dog.

I hope you enjoyed being spoonfed today, I was sick of you talking about DIY

>implying anyone here is gonna have kids

>Lol better post his humiliation on social media for my internet back pats

He wasn't actually sad, he just has that look on his face all the time. I don't think it bothered him either, I don't remember.

>t. someone who has literally never accomplished anything in his entire life

>t. faggot manchildren who are ashamed that they couldnt build any single part of that

Why is finding fulfillment from creating something that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing strange to you? Humans were born to create things. It's natural that some might find fulfillment doing it.

Women have zero, ZERO self awareness.

le happy shiba look at my perfect controlled good environment life on earth family with things to enjoy

Because he is a failure who copes with his failure by impulsively shitting on others and their proud accomplishments

Lol, you jelly incel? You wish mommy had a basement this nice for your vidya and shitty beer drinking?

It looks like he made fries too