Rape "Victims" Are Sluts

Turns out women who are raped get themselves into that situation because they are fucking everyone in town and engaging in risky behavior:

-new infections identified 1 to 20 weeks later were acquired during the assault, we conclude that the prevalence of preexisting sexually transmitted diseases is high in victims of rape and that they have a lower but substantial additional risk of acquiring such diseases as a result of the assault.
>the prevalence of preexisting sexually transmitted diseases is high in victims of rape


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What about rape victims that were raped when they were 10? Did they also go around dressing slutty and fucking everyone in town?

You're clearly not a rape victim. Do NOT generalise all rape victims as sluts because not all of them sleep around

actually in a lot of cases yes. many underage rapes were in fact young girls acting promiscuously with grown men and then crying rape when caught to avoid getting in trouble.

that falls under molestation and child rape
OP is talking about rape that occurs for women that are legal.

>You're clearly not a rape victim. Do NOT generalise all rape victims as sluts because not all of them sleep around
can you not read the article? statically the vast majority already have STDs

Two guys just got assraped by refugees in my town. I guess they were asking for it for not having beards or wearing taqiyahs.

I hope you get raped.
and originally

Because the average rape victim is full of STDs before being raped, you hope I am raped?

what is your logic?

vast majority of the sample size yeah - don't tar all victims with the same brush even if a large amount it's true for.

Did somebody hurt you or something?

You think somebody "hurt me" because statistically rape victims are riddled with STDs before they are raped?

explain your logic

confirms what we all knew deszu

>hey guys look at my cherry picked information that I will use to call half the population of the entire planet whores lol if you don't believe me you are a white knight beta Nigger fetishist cuck

based and rapepilled OP.

One day my dad came home from work and told me that I needed to help him with something. After he took my clothes off and started masturbating to my naked body in bed I told him I didn't want to help him. He told me if I didn't lay there quietly until he said I could go he would leave me like my mother did.

Was that my fault?

I didn't say somebody hurt you because rape victims have stds

I honestly don't have the energy to argue with brainlets who don't understand how statistics work

Yes you little bitch.

t. Sluts

yeah, you deserved it

when they don't realize that you spent an entire year with a therapist trying to learn how to not blame yourself for how your father used to use to as a sex doll and you're still really fragile about it

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>they dont realize

they just dont give a fuck, do you remember where you are?

How old were you? had he been a good father before? did things escalate after that?

It was a couple days after my ninth birthday. He was fairly normal I think before my mom left. Distant but never harmful. It definitely escalated.

Why the fuck are you on this website?

why the fuck do people come here expecting good feelings? Good feelings is the exceptions, not the norm.

>why would someone with a terrible upbringing, is ridden with mental illness, and has never felt love be in a place where people gather to whine about loneliness.


Then wny would this person who could compete in the sadness olympics expect good feelings from all the ruthless anons here?

Did you fuck? Original

I want to specify that I never "participated" in whatever we did unless he made me do it. I would say that he fucked me but that it was one sided. For some reason your wording makes it sound like you're asking if we mutually "made love" or something.

please stop bringing stupid 0.1% examples it's the lowest form of talking points.

how long did it go on for? what made it stop? would he behave normally during regular life?

Just kill yourself you whiney missed opportunity abortion

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I just asked if you fucked

You're not even a virgin

gtfo you fucking chad

did it ever feel good? did you ever orgasm?

Spoke with a young 16 year old I met off Omegle a week ago. She'd been raped, but instead of freaking out and killing herself, she lied to herself and claimed she enjoyed it. "Dude, I'm literally fucking a rapist. It's hot." After that I got her to send me nudes. Bitches be crazy, boys.

He would get some use out of me every few weeks for a handful of years. When I was 14 he got busted for drug use and I was tossed into foster care. He tried to act normal, as normal as he could I guess. There was always that very clear feeling of control though.

yeah I guess but wouldn't I be a stacy

I mean there were a few times as I got older that it went from carefully using me as a fleshlight to actually laying into me and giving it to me that I would lying if I didn't say that it FELT good. That doesn't mean that I wanted it to happen or that I enjoyed it past raw physical feelings. I would still have to grit my teeth and try not to cry afterwards.

what do you mean by "using you as a flashlight" also can a grown man even have sex with a 9yo?

I agree with this. the indoorsy girl that hangs out with her family and works charity events isn't going to get raped. its all at parties and slutty chicks always ending up in beds with scummy dudes and "adventurous" teens

god have you seen reddit rape board. OMG LIKE I just like totally like went to this hotel room with this dude I met and we got drunk and high and HE RAPED ME!!!!!!!!!!

literally thats a story on there

when he was going to do it would he talk you into it or grab you and force you? What was that actual interaction like? Did he know you didn't like it?

>slutshaming to make up for the fact that women won't touch you

I said fleshlight. Like the male sex toys. It is possible but they have to be very careful and move very slowly.

So domestic sexual abuse doesn't really work like most people think. Apparently I was a very typical case, which scares the hell out of me because that means that there are tons of other people out there who had to deal with what I did. My dad used what's called "loss of affection" which basically means he would threaten to stop taking care of me or abandon me if I didn't do what he wanted. He would also buy me stuff and essentially say "Hey I got you this thing you want, suck my dick and you can have it." Usually it was a lot of bickering and arguing until he would pull out the trump card and I would give in. He definitely knew I didn't want to do it. He saw me cry enough times to get the point.

>sex doll
hot imagery

As weird as it sounds describing what he did to me like that was something my therapist told me to do a long time ago. I had a hard time believing that he wasn't a good father and that he didn't just make mistakes from time to time. Only using blunt and graphic terms to describe our relationship helped me realize that he wasn't good to me.

Not trying to sound like an ass here, I'm not going to say kys or anything similar whatever. I'm not going to blame you for what your Dad did if you are telling the truth (in b4 white knight cuck because I'm not being an edgy user). My thing is why would you come to this dumbass site expecting anything different? You got try hards here that try and score internet points even though they are anons and no one is going to remember them at all. Either you were looking to get treated bad or you just dumb. Maybe both?

what happens when you try to date now? what are the effects on your interaction with boys you like?

could you post some pics of your feet or of the outfits you were wearing at that time?

I don't really try to date. I've had a few guys ask me out, I don't do a good job of responding I guess. It makes me pretty uneasy. I've been on one date, it was a movie date. I don't think I was a great partner.

Honestly I don't even know if I'm into guys.

Yeah, that's going to be a no. Also I don't own anything from when I was a child.

Shutup sluts

>Dont state an opinion even if its right because it will offend me

Fuck off cunt. Get off Jow Forums

>Incel shaming to make up for the fact even incels dont want broken goods

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Um no thats ot what Jow Forums is abiut. Go cry on crystal cafe.
Cry me a fucking river. I bet you had tits when you were 10. Its every fathers duty to break in his daughter.

This is probably the weakest bait of all the posts so far.

Stay mad
Vast majority of sexual active females carry STDs and dont even know it. Fact.
This isnt a court room, we dont have the prove it beyong a reasonable doubt. You can do your own research but the fact is dumb sluts get themselves into trouble when they decide to get drunk, take drugs and fuck random guys.

>telling a busted up slut to go and cry on crystal cafe is bait

Get off my board slut.

I was 5 when it happened to me but it's ok. Most of them are sluts and I feel no sympathy for them, I think as part of self-hatred
It took me a long time to realize it's ok to let people love me

>"Hey I got you this thing you want, suck my dick and you can have it.

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are you thin? cute?

0/10 bait
boring, overused, poorly built, poltardish delusion based on not knowing how to interpret a study correctly

can someone even actually rape a 5yo?

That's real fucked and sucks user. Sorry you got raped.

I mean that's an incredible blunt way of putting it. He was usually more eloquent about it.

I'm thin. Anorexia takes me over from time to time so I'm either way too thin or in recovery. I'm probably not as cute as you're hoping.

He was in middle school or something. I don't even remember what he looks like but I definitely remember his full name and what his bitch of a mother looked like

Cope harder roastie.
Post a picture body. I promise I'll like it.

I bet all he did was touch your chest or something. Or maybe pull your pants down and look at your vagina.

Pencils but nice guess I suppose

You know just because most rape victims are sluts that doesn't mean all rape victims are sluts right user? Some rape victims aren't at all responsible for that terrible thing happening to them, but most are

>You know just because most rape victims are sluts that doesn't mean all rape victims are sluts right user?

The typical party slut, latress girl types are all sluts. Obv little girls getting fingered by their dads arent. Unless ofcourse they are hot and blossom real early andf grow huge tits and tease their father with the way they dress.

Pencils? wat

Yup, people don't seem to understand that there's gray area and try to use examples that are outside of the trend. It's like someone responding that they know someone that smokes that is super old when you say that smoking lowers your life expectancy and somehow thinks that they owned you for pulling out an example that's outside of the trend

But girls who do get raped as children do turn into sluts. One of the key causes of sluttery is being raped and molested as a kid. I dunno hw that works but its something about them wanting to feel like they can cointrol it so they fuck as many guys as they can to try and convince themselves it happened because they wanted it too and they 'conquered' the man who respents their father ot attacker.

>But girls who do get raped as children do turn into sluts. One of the key causes of sluttery is being raped and molested as a kid.
Nah, that might have been the case back in the day, but now it defiantly isn't

I am sorry that such a horrible thing would happen to you, but that doesn't disprove that most girls who are raped are sluts. In your example it would be like being robbed inside your own house, whereas in most cases it's like someone going into a sketchy neighborhood flashing their cash. In one case you can feel sympathy for the victims, but in the other it's hard to be sympathetic

>"women" in r9k
Nobody actually believes this.

For ever rape that occurs when a guy burst out of the bushes and attacked a woman there are easily a 100 where its a girl who has regrets the next day and instead of taking responsibility she cries rape and its no longer her fault.


Basically this. Do actual real serial rapists even exist anymore?

Of course but they are extremely rare and usually filled with melanin.

I had to give a statement to the police in high school to exonerate a few guys who fucked a drunk girl at a party. (this was before taht whole drunk = insta rape )

A girl showed up to a house party already fucked up. She got 3 guys and took them into a room and fucked them. She gathered them up. We all saw it. There were a lot of guys who said No. Including myself. Of course the day she sobered up realized what she did and called the cops. If it wasnt for mine and other statements (including her friends) she would have sent those 3 guys to prison. Life over at like 16. Cuz she was a slut with regret

true i didn't mean to go all fascism sorry

I've saying this same thing about "victims" of murder, they always are fucking sucidal retards who are literally asking by existing to be executed.

damn hot girl ruined by completely ugly feet and nails, holy shit.

>young girls acting promiscuously with grown men
Doesn't that just imply that men have no self control?

>They're all potential rape victims

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For me its fat arms, crows feet, cankles, and a bad tit-to-belly ratio. To each his own I guess

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>All the triggered sluts and roast beef ITT
Stay mad, fags. Numbers don't lie.

Good Job


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That really sucks, I'm sorry user. I hope you've found some peace with time's passing.

she's not going to fuck you


i would rape this slut's dirty bare feet

I don't care if she does or not.

Also worth mentioning that over 60% of women actively fantasize about being raped.

Don't tempt dad next time little skank.

lmao fembots are getting obliterated ITT

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OP you are a fucking faggot holy shit
Like have sex lmao

hello miss please hug me and cry

There is no such thing as a "rape victims", only whores.

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my mother molested me and it wasnt my fault.

top 10 things that didn't happen.

this gets the gold star for most depressing thread of the night

thank you all for your contribution

Nice reddit spacing brah

ironically? yes
unironically? yes

what is the point of this thread?
people who get raped have a lot of sex on average --> rape isn't bad? what is this value system where extralegal torture is the correct solution to social impropriety?
also saged

that women who get "raped" are out fucking tons of STD ridden guys and put themselves in dangerous positions. The average guy who gets shot in a drug deal gone bad is partly responsible for the crime committed against him.