Anyone here know the stages and cycles of being fat? holy fuck this is hell

anyone here know the stages and cycles of being fat? holy fuck this is hell

>im fat I shouldn't
>wellllll im kinda low energy ill eat
>go crazy starving
>fucking pig out on everything you can stuff in your fat face as fast as possible
>starve again
>it all beings again

>man tits
>hide them all winter with hoodies and coats
>summers coming
>oh god i cant hide my tits in my shirt anymore
>its ok ill just starve and lose weight before summer comes so i wont have tits
>this is summer number 5 of me "starving my tits away"
>oh fuck it whats it even matter ill just eat 5 ice creams and burger king and fuck it some pizza too

jesus fucking christ. being fat is literally fucking hell. dont fucking tell me just eat less. dont fucking tell me this is my fault. dont fucking say anything skinnyfags. you have no fucking idea what its like to have 4x the normal human appetite and your brain fucking fucks with you and plays mind tricks on you to eat food.

it is human nature to be fat. it is unnatural to be fat. your brain seeks out the most fattening high calorie foods it can find. you have a fridge full of food 20 feet away from you at all times and you drive by a burger king every time you leave your house. dont fucking tell me its my fualt. my brain wants calories.

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Jesus christ man at least own up to your own lack of willpower. I'm fat, not cause "muh body wants high calories" but because I'm lazy and like junk food. I'm able to keep up a diet for periods of time but I get depressed and stop caring
Also our appetite is so high because of conditioning from our own habits and because our stomachs are huge from eating too much

I dont. I see food as a stupid addiction. I think drugs are the superior addiction. I feel fucking tired weak and dizzy if I dont eat fat ass food and I always try hard as fuck to starve myself

how fat are you? 5'11 and 185 here

I'm at the stage where I'm losing weight, I was at 280, now I'm 230.
40 more pounds anons! We can do it!

High blood pressure, and fear of death is great motivation.

I fear I have diabetes because I am constantly pissing and drinking water and im constantly weak as fuck if I dont eat but I just say fuck it its just an ice cream I see skinny people eating ice cream why cant I eat ice cream

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You might have diabetes or something. If not then it's an addiction to all those chemicals they put in that shit. You gotta hold out til you can get it out of your system, eat normal food so you dont starve yourself

I'm 6' and 280, though I suspect that a fair amount is muscle since I dont resemble other fat people at this weight and am pretty strong

Go to a doctor, you probably have highblood pressure, that's more scary than diabetes, if it's left untreated.

and for diet

Don't fucking starve yourself, get MyFitnessPal. Budget your calories.

Say, 1700 a day without exercise, then 2000 with exercise.

Do something that you can sustain, aim to lose 2 pounds each week at MOST.

Why dont you all fat fucks just pick up lifting and a routine for strenght? Youd be powerlifters in no time

Too anxious to gym alone, personally. I've got a couple weights at home I lift but without a bench I can only do so much. I'm staying away from squats for now cause I'm worried about fucking my knees up with my weight

You need a special place to work out, if you make the conscience choice of going toba gym, you are more likely to work out.

Previously fat guy here, don't buy into all the diets and shit, literally just
>Eat until you're not hungry, not until you're full
>Take a 30 minute walk (and no, it doesn't have to be brisk, but a brisk one is obviously better) everyday
>Exchange most of the junk for something else (quitting something is hard, exchanging it for something else is not as hard)
>Don't completely stop eating junk stuff, treat yourself every now and then, just not all the time
Of course everyone is different, but this worked perfectly for me. Good luck to you all, I believe in you!

Yeah I get that, you're probably right, but I cant get over that anxiety. Not yet anyways.
For now I do dumbells, archery, and a punching bag occasionally, and trying to get my diet together.

don't starve yourself, it fucks with your mood/hormones n'shiet

Make a diet plan, and have a cheat day. Don't pig out on the cheat day, have a controlled amount of treats

If you can keep up with the plan for multiple weeks/months you may make it more strict (buy now your body should have adjusted itsefl)

Eventually add an exercise routine if you can keep up with the diet stuff

How do you do the first one? It takes my body time to realize if I've eaten, if that makes sense. Like I'll have dinner, and feel satisfied at the end, and 10 minutes later I feel full. Am I supposed to eat super slow or something?

Find a park, or a nice place to ride your bike, just need to work out 30 min a day doing basic activities. Once you start building your confidence, you will want to show off at the gym.

One thing that has helped me was a fucking Samsung Galaxy smart watch.

200$ keeps track of sleep, calories, steps and minutes of activities.

Cinnamon sugar almonds are great treat. Low sodium and fat.

Eat alot of low calorie foods, salads, and chicken. You can eat alot but it's low calorie.

And don't put fucking ranch on it. Put balsamic vinegar or straight vinegar on it.

>Am I supposed to eat super slow or something?
Or just make less food, or eat less knowing that in few minutes your brain will catch up to the fact you have eaten enough.

I have been considering getting a bike again lately, so maybe I'll do that. I've always loved being able to go fast in the hills around here.
I've been tempted by those watches a lot but I've got a Note 8 which does most that already, just not on my wrist, so it would be a waste for me I think. I'm glad it helped you though

It pairs with your phobe, and measures sleep and heart rate. Super cool.

look at used bikes you can get those for cheap.

All you have to do is go keto. Eat less than 20 grams of carbs per day. Read up info and FAQ on website

Your green text has literally been me my entire life. 215 - 220 lbs throughout college, even when consistently going to the gym and attempting to diet. Weight would not move AT ALL.

Finally learned about low carb/keto. It's the natural way humans used to always eat back 100+ years ago before the invention of packaged food full of sugar and refined carbs. Back then fat people were a rarity. Type 2 Diabetes basically didn't exist. Guess what? Currently today in the USA, literally 50% of adults have diabetes/prediabetes.

It took me six months to go from 215 lbs to 165 lbs. I was occasionally working out during that time, but no harder than I had used to. Ate amazing food - steak, eggs, cheese, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, triple meat triple cheese burgers from fast food (no bun no fries). Eating this way is super satisfying and within days your appetite changes and the crazy starving hunger pains go away.

What these
guys said. I used to eat SUPER FAST, which doesn't really give your body time to realize that you've eaten enough. I should've also added that you should eat less, but more often (I eat 5 times a day, with about 2-3 hours inbetween), this will help you eat less, since you eat more often. Have a sandwich/apple between each meal. I recommend you eat, then think to yourself "okay, in 2 hours, I can eat again." If you manage to keep this up for a few days, you will feel yourself getting less hungry. Eating until you're no longer hungry is pretty simple, after you've eaten, try to feel if you're still hungry, or if you just WANT more food. It can take a while to get used to, but once you're in the rythm, all you gotta do is keep it up, and eventually, you will no longer feel the "lust" for more food/snacks. Ignore all the normies trying to push the latest diets, rarely do they work. Taking walks is not a meme, though. It is good for both your body and your head (and it's less time spent thinking about food).