What is the most important event on this board history?

What is the most important event on this board history?

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It being deleted

When will that happen?
When the FBI found that the next school shooter was a R9k poster?

retard. it wasn't this board that was deleted

The day trans people began to show their true selves

retard, it was delted.

Does anyone remember Gugjfjghcch or has that batch been thrown out already?

Probably "Some of you guys are alright..."
Pretty big shitstorm came from that.

no retard, this isn't the same board. the Jow Forums that was deleted is different than the one we have here, something much better

Yeah that was probably it. Made the news far and wide

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>nu-Jow Forums

the deleted Jow Forums was better you absolute retard

>reading comprehension of a 5 year old
>trying to condescend

At this point you should just kill yourself, faggot.

that old shooting pretty much reshaped how r9k was. i miss old r9k desu because now its just incel city

I love this so much. I love it, unconditioriginally.

The board was saved when sissies came here now some of us robots can fuck bussy and group fap

wow i havent seen this in so long

Where is it from by the way? Originally inquiring about this.

>circlejerk with the shemales of the 60% club
God exists and She heard robots' prayers, apparently.

idk, i dont really remember why they made it but it was in some like 2 minute news piece. it goes on longer than that too from what i remember, it was like a minute long of that type of retarded shit

Lmfao I can just hear the news: SHOCKING, DISGUSTING, DISTURBING footage of white male supremacists treatment of wahmen and LGBTBBQPOP+ (shocking and problematic. EXPOSED!).

It was before we were associated with white supremacy and shiet. It was more just wierdo internet losers.

IMO elliot rodger was the franz ferdinand of Jow Forums's descent, he wasnt the highest profile event but he kickstarted everything that came after. elliot rallied a disorganized ideology around one icon, one manifesto, one meme. then the oregon shooting officially linked Jow Forums to loss of innocent life and virgin rage, and then finally r/incels getting banned from reddit made Jow Forums the only mainstream place left for angry virgin males to congregate. these 3 things are the most board defining moments in its history

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I was here before elliot shooting and it was the same as now.
More feels threads and poop threads but whatever.

When the trannie and gay posts were purged for a couple months. Good times

i do, was a pretty damn based GET

oregon shooter

right around the same time that dog posting and banana posting died.