110 IQ

>110 IQ
>Too smart to be a wagecuck.
>Too dumb to be anything but.

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it's ok fren, there's lots of people like this, me included

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>135 IQ
>piece of shit

What do, fren?
Should I just give up and be a NEET? I don't wanna fall for that meme and ruin my life forever.

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that's what I'm doing, but I have supportive parents
its not too bad actually, fren

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>120 iq
>have job that most wagecucks would kill to have
Ayy lmao.

Too smart to work or too pathetic and beta to grow a dick and become a man? Nice excuse fucking faggot 12 year old grow up you lazy fucking idiot

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82 IQ here i feel ok

I'm a 115 IQ (actually tested by doctor). I think the best thing for robots in our range is to just be a NEET. We are too aware/not normalfag enough to have a menial wagecuck job but yet we will never be able to have a super high I.Q robot job like software development ect. There's no place in society for us. Just go NEET.

>110 IQ
>too smart
you arent too smart for anything cletus

What do you guys do about money? Is it actually possible to get neet bucks in the US? I've been wage slaving for the last 6 years and it's fucking terrible but I'm too used to the money to stop.

nigger spotted

Too smart to feel okay flipping burgers.
It would make me sick to my stomach to waste my life on such a fucking putrid job.

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I have a wealthy family so I just live with them. Just live with family and dont spend a lot of money.

>Wealthy family

Get out of this board tight now.

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Not sure what my iq is but probably a little above average but nothing special. Would not consider myself knowledgeable. Definitely feel too smart to be a wagecuck though

ITT: a bunch of retards thinking a number can determine the worth and ability of a person. IQ is a fucking scam to get easy money retards

>Believes in IQ
Don't overrate yourself, bad idea

Lucky, my parents are very supportive but aren't wealthy. I pay for everything except rent and utilities so not working isn't an option.

>be *most people* in this post
>be tard 15yr
>use 95% of your brain to connect to the web
>search IQ test
>click first item on list
>guess most of the answers
>brag on Jow Forums cus ur smurt now

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Hi! OP here. I was tested by a real psychiatrist or however the word is in english, bros... It is over for me.

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>tested 131iq
>i like learning
>together this makes me enough for regular people i meet to think that am cooleo geniuseo (including teachers, employers, my therapist, & instructors)
>not smart enough to be an actual genius
I'm going to be a fucking pseudo for my entire life and it haunts me.

lazy ass faggot die

110 is borderline retarded

I am white why do i keep getting mutted

>85 IQ
>too dumb to not be happy
>not a virgin

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>too aware
This is the major difference between normalfags and social dropouts. The normalfag engages in meaningless gossip, repeats motivational phrases to himself like "just be yourself", gets his brain blown out by superficial awesome science facts yet lacks deeper interest in any of those things. He wants to be a science man, a engineer, a doctor not because he has interest in these things but because he has a picture of such a guy in his mind with all things like money and admiraton that he thinks belong to such a life and he says to himself "I want to be that guy". Does he have doubt that he maybe won't achieve his goals? No, "things will surely work out somehow" because "he's on the right side". He's the protagonist. Not knowing that life is a little bit different he runs and runs in his wheel which he doesn't grasp to recognize because he only sees what he wants to see.

online iq tests are a fucking meme

>1st try get 113
>2nd get 127
>3rd pick everything at random and get 95

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>implying you can have a source of income

Go NEET and you might aswell strave to death in my area

>blaming your lack of aptitude on a number
only a number puts faith in that measure as anything meaningful. As the "best" measure into a certain mode of thinking, it's actually dogshit as a predictor. Most of everything intellectual, especially research, is synthesis of material. That takes a lot of time and energy. The cognitive involvement is a slow burn, and not some magic "genius." All else is self rationalization for you lack of motivation. self confidence, and self determination
t. theoretical physics PhD student

Am IQ score by definition is one given by a psychometrician. You literally can't have an IQ score from an online IQ test

M8. I think that 95 test was spot on.
I'm OP and I said I was tested by a real psychiatrist earlier in the thread, you dumb fuck.

>expecting me to read the entire fucking thread

And yeah the one I chose everything at random was the accurate one. Suck my fat cock you mouth-breathing retard.

110 is VERY average. It's not smart at all, but it's not stupid either. Face it: your situation is caused by your poor decisionmaking.

>115 IQ
>Too dissassociated to do anything but think about what a fucked up individual I am and making up new and compelling but unfixable reasons to hate myself

I cant watch movies

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>150 iq
>join the military
Free shidddd:DDDDDD

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Save up as much money and become a neet after a few years. Hell, you can lose your job and go on unemployment, saving up some bucks.

Get the fuck off this board immediately
You're too successful to be a robot

>too successful to be a robot
>being a sperg with no friends goes away if you find a decent job

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