My dream in life is to make the first rehabilitation center for Incels/Robots/Neets

My dream in life is to make the first rehabilitation center for Incels/Robots/Neets

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Shut the fuck up you Jewish cunt. I will not fall for your trickery

>hotel NEET where I can get bare necessities to exist in exchange for moderate amount of work
better idea

cool. good luck user. and a good idea too honestly.

Why are you upset bro?
Here, have a wholesome image

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Awesome thread user, you have good intentions.
Also the image you just posted is awesome, I saved it.

Have a good day.

Will there be sex dolls or what kind of entertainment will we get

Good question
I was thinking maybe something like board games, ping-pong and some bikes.
Also some relaxing videogames, something like Journey.

The problem is our society is too sexualised that we who are not attractive don't fit in. We need to go cold turkey in order to heal what little self worth we have left

They would all kill themselves.

volunteer work does this

What would you do?
It will obviously be a bad idea to give them violent or online videogames they would sperg out.

Hire an escort to take their virginity if they were behaved all summer.

But that is something they can do by themselves.
Besides, i dont want them to "behave" i want they to learn

They'll just unlearn all your shit. Watch. One week in my Hedo Dome will have them walking out chads with at least one azn gf

baste and wredpeeled

Where do you robots would rather have the rehabilitation center?
In an area located in some natural landscape like pic related? or in a more urban and modern place?

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I was also thinking about something like this

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desu robot rehabs have existed since the beginning of time as religious monasteries. usually all male peaceful places of work and worship

Can you really fix robots though? I think yes and the solution is shrooms, they literally alter your brain. Rehabilitation can only fix so much. So there OP, create a monastery where robots are carefully guided by expert psychonauts.

Funny that you mention shrooms. It was something i had in mind.

>not putting it in the city of sin

I hate your ideas so much. You will never be successful. Suck a dick!

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Calm down.
This is just an internet board, and those were just my ideas.
Feel better?

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they already have it in japan

see 9:50 "new start dormitory"

How's that american psycho quote go?
>My pain is sharp and constant and I don't hope for a better world for anyone

Thanks for the vid! it seems comfy and also it might be useful to try to see other approaches for this project

bloomer thread?
bloomer thread.

Feels Helpful Man!

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The thing about robots is that they aren't really broken. Society casts them aside, not the other way around. So when are we going to send regular folks to the camps?

>The thing about robots is that they aren't really broken.

But they are.
Im not trying to blame anyone here, because i tried to kill myself 2 times some years ago.
But the thing is that if you are constantly thinking about suicide, racism, and how you are not a Chad, there is something broken.

"Clown world" truly is the best description of the place we live. All of civilization is just a show of fools, and people choose to believe it is not because they are social creatures and the other people around them tell them there is no element of absurdity to it, that it is all absolutely deadly serious and not a joke at all. For a time they accept it is serious. They don't want to believe they've been interacting with clowns as if they were bearers of some kind of special priesthood. That would mean that a big joke has been placed upon them. But as time goes on, they figure it out.

Some people, figuring out the falsity of the posits of society that were foisted upon them in their youth, simply wither away in despair. But some choose to laugh. Some choose to become the clown and laugh at the utter spectacle of it all. It is thusly that they are initiated into the ways of magic, and they may soon find that the stick that the fool used to suspend his bindle can quickly become the staff of the mage.

The only way out of this machine is to take control of its levers. The philosophy of the enlightened clown can be summed thusly:

1. Take what you can. Secure the bindle, drain as much resources from civilization as you possibly can as an individual.
2. Break what you can't. Do as much as you can to destroy the infrastructure of the civilization without being legally identifiable as the person responsible. Provoke arms of the beast into attacking other arms. Turn the machinery of the global state against itself wherever possible.
3. Give nothing back. Contribute as little as possible to the commons of civilization. Unleash chaos, escalate disarray and hasten collapse.

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Btw my concept of rehabilitation is not " we are going to turn you into a normie so you can finlly go to work and consume".
But instead to try to teach people how to be at peace.