French princess of r9k

We got ourselves a new resident e-girl.Say something nice about kenny.

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looks pretty normie. my interest is not captured. more pics, darling.

Too attractive to be /our girl/
Just looks like another sad stacy that wants attention

There you go,user.She's a qt normie though.
>Too attractive to be /our girl/
Brooke was attractive but she still was /our girl/ last summer.

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If she's French she's literally addicted to the BBC and so definitely our girl

not impressed


I cant argue with that and thats sad

Don't be pedophiles and respect her

Kenny's french buns.And her social media:

sorry hun, yer gorgeous, but I don't think you have "it"

Brooke was a forced meme

>named kenny
>on this board
>op probably "kenny"
>op shilling cause "female clout"

plz fuck off

I feel like thats a requirement for nu-/ourgirls/.

Forgot le photo.

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Op is kenny, dont fall for it

I wonder if both her pussies are bald.

This girl was confirmed some orbiter's fucking larp and not an egirl in the other thread. Where the fuck have you guys been?

stop worshipping random egirls you cringey discord zoomers

kenny might be the name of the guy shes seeing, OP. fucking retard

Brooke is only queen/princess/duchess of Jow Forums

Fuck off, there are no queen's or kings on Jow Forums, only robots gtfo with your thot picture


brooke is a retarded cunt that constantly looks like half her brain is completely turned off

don't talk to me and my future wife ever again

shes only doing it for the attention like all of them before her

>reddit meme
kys faggot

leave the e-girls alone who care let them do them and you go do something else all way see them fuck up there live cause i was some to see them when there in there teen and feel lonely

Fuck off, chink. Learn more English.

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