Why is that sweet boy ghosting me? He seems to be a NEET does he really have that many better options?

Why is that sweet boy ghosting me? He seems to be a NEET does he really have that many better options?

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LARP but Ill humor. Self conscious is the main inhibitor of the Jow Forums robot he probably decided he wasnt a quality mate.

>he probably decided he wasnt a quality mate.
What happens then? They just sit miserable and lonely for a few weeks/months before they pick up a new target?

Maybe you mistreated him

Its cause you're a girl(boy)

Maybe hes busy

Or maybe hes grounded

Cutting his losses before succumbing to your deception costs him anything more.

I doubt that. If anything I'm too nice to the point it's boring for them. Men clearly like the chase despite what you tell yourself.
I'm actually a girl which makes things more pathetic.
Pokemon is a beloved and mainstream franchise, cry more.

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probably hero'ed already so ghosting you is the factually correct term

>cry more
Yikes, somebodys a little defensive

This is a possibility.
I know if any girl would give me attention, I'd be constantly thinking about how I'm not good enough for her.

Hes right noone except zoomers and children still like pokemon.

Just date this cute eboy brad fembot, me buff, me smart, not dum dum. Have real life hobbies, make good money, etc

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>pretend being a woman online
>likes pokemon


Go out with me instead, fembot. I promise I won't ghost as long as you stay by my side and remain by beloved cherished wife. My Discord is cheesyfingers#9668. We can play Sword and Shield and hunt shinies together if Gamefreak stops being retarded and reimplements the National Dex

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More likely suicide by age 40 :/

>tfw keep seeing this one robot because he always uses the same few reaction pics
>know he's from the same country
>same autistic hobbies
>reply to him in those thinly veiled dating threads
>mfw he never replies

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Then maybe you talk more about yourself and don't leave any openings for him.
If he was a sweet and nice boy as you say, then he wouldn't ghost you for no reason. Either take off the rose-tinted glasses or do some introspection, because something doesn't add up.

I don't even care if OP's larping. I just wish somebody thought of me like OP does about that guy

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Got bored of looking for a sissy master huh/fembot mistress/goddess etc huh?

Oof highly unlikely