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What's the optimal dosing schedule for GBL boys
No tolerance 1.5 ml initial dose and I keep coming down after 40 minutes... I tried 2 ml yesterday and G'ed out...

Yeah GBL doesn't last long at all, you really just gotta keep redosing. Just do some experimenting to figure out what works best for you. Maybe start with a 0.5ml redose after an hour?

"suspicious sales" of what??

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it's probably referring to pseudoephedrine, buying a ton of it is suspicious because it very likely means you're going to use it to make meth (pseudo is an essential ingredient to making meth)

Instructions unclear. Re-dosed another 1.5ml... feeling it in my thighs everything's all lovey-dovey I miss my ex-girlfriend who introduced me to this stuff

Reproduction is truly the meaning of life. I was never happy unless I had a girlfriend but now that I've been single for 4+ years I'm starting to realize why the depression came back and whby I stopped giving a fuck about my future prospects

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>suspicious sales
What in the name of fuck is wrong with bongs.. jesus fucking christ

haven't really tried any drugs yet, what should i begin with?

>now that I've been single for 4+ years I'm starting to realize why the depression came back and whby I stopped giving a fuck about my future prospects
hey at least you're not me, I've never even once gotten close to getting a girlfriend/having sex in my life
weed. I'm not the biggest fan of the stuff but there's really no better place to start

I like to mix weed with my antidepressant and antipsychotic

Today was a nice day

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>multiple threads

>Should i eat a tab a few hours before class? It's a bs general ed course (sociology) and I don't think we're doing much today

being around people in class while tripping would make me anxious as fuck. either don't take the tab or take the tab and then skip class

high on 75 mg thc capsule, thinking of throwing the rest out because im bipolar and im not sure if i should be getting high

It was the strain fucking hell my heart was beating so hard my bed was vibrating wtf

Mixing lunesta and weed.
Will report will effects if anyone is interested

How do I stop becoming a nervous and insecure wreck when I smoke weed? I used to have so much fun with it, but now whenever I do it I have a terrible time.

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I don't know how to roll a joint, used pre-rolled joints till now. Videos aren't helping either. Any tips? webms?

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Learn how to roll a cone first, then go to a joint. Its about getting the weed into a tube shape before purling and finishing

Eh I hate the bongs as much as the next burger, but the US does the same thing. They catalogue your driver's licence info for every pseudoephedrine sale. They also keep it behind the pharmacist's counter.

practice with oregano until you get the process down.

I'm seeing my doc next week gonna try to get back on Adderall or Ritalin wish me luck.

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I'm from a Nordic country and thus used to freedom.
We hate burgers and bongs like the next freeone

How in the fuck you people even managed to assfuck you in that way??

Rolling joints is awful get yourself a bubbler pipe nice and easy and better on your lungs

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Motherfucking r-r-refil day! My favorite day of the month

Something about finely pressed pharmaceutical pills gets my cock hard (especially bars, kpins, and addies). Addy gangers in the house tonight

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Man I don't even know. It fucking sucks.

is meth purity really that illusive?... there's an entire culture of trying to identify/obtain purer product
I think it's not hard to tell especially if you IV

looking for advice here
not having a bad trip but i don't know if its ok to get high while bipolar... doc says dont do it

what are those and what do they do

get a cigarette rolling machine, they cost like 5 bucks at a smoke shop. real easy to use too, I never bothered to learn how to hand roll joints/blunts because of how much easier it is with the machine

Had 20 500ug Klonopin pills and they are gone, had them gone in a week. God did I ever get relaxed and care free mixing K-Pins with alcohol, I do recommend benzodiazepine + alcohol for ultimate relaxation.

Don't know if I'm going to be able to get more.. talked my way right out of a lorazepam script last time I went in.. hopefully my psychiatrist will write me a refill..

NO meth this month. Plug took too long so we cancelled. nothing like waiting 3+ days for the plug to show up. Oh and pops is fighting with the weed plug so I don't have any smoke wtf.. growing in the back yard we got plants in vegetative state.. but no buds to clip yet.

looks like 20mg Adderall

20mg instant release Adderall, sixty of them. They give you tons of energy and let you fap for hours straight. I love them

its speed, americans call it by the brand name because they are devolved capitalist fiends

Anyone with experience combining DXM and LSD? If i combine a low 3rd plat dose with 50ug of LSD how much more intense will the trip be?

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no, a barely noticeable microdose isn't gonna make the dxm trip any more intense.....

It's not speed it's Amphetamine speed is a gimmicky name as well

that's true but speed is just a slang name, not a corporate brand name

You tell me this board ain't got no heart
>Well, well, well, you can never tell

Diazepam + alcohol is godtier cozy because of how much stronger the muscle relaxation is compared to other benzos

We call it Adderall because we're specifying the exact pharmaceutical preparation over shitty street speed that's impure as fuck and likely more caffeine than amphetamine

50ug isn't a lot, but it will ramp up the visuals of a 3rd plat dose. It'll definitely intensify the trip, but not massively

>We call it Adderall because we're specifying the exact pharmaceutical preparation over shitty street speed that's impure as fuck and likely more caffeine than amphetamine

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why are you so bothered by this? first of all, adderall is not exactly the same as amphetamine sulfate, because it contains a different amphetamines salts ratio than speed powder or other prescription amphetamines. so calling every form of amphetamine "speed" which usually refers to amphetamine sulfate, is technically not correct.
second of all, there are fuckloads of brand names for drugs, and it's not just an american thing either. Do you also get pissed off at people when they say they took a benadryl for their allergies?

Daily reminder that the brand name "Adderall" is a play on the word 'Adder' meaning viper and implies "swiftness, endurance, sharpness"

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Eurotards are mad because their doctors don't hand out amphetamine pills like ours do

amphetamine paste on the streets in europe costs less than adderall for us...

I want psychs but my connection keeps letting me down, should I just take the DPH pill and join the crusade? Or is Australian darknet worth it?

>is Australian darknet worth it?
I mean it's worth at least checking out, worst case scenario (which is possible considering you're in austrailia) is that you find nothing. But any chance of psychs is better than resorting to DPH

Is there like a guide I can use for it or something because for someone new it is very confusing and daunting

Speed paste is usually shit quality and I get 1200mg of Adderall a month with just a $10 copay. Generic instant release Adderall is cheap as fuck even without insurance

>I get 1200mg of Adderall a month with just a $10 copay
a gram? you get a bit over a gram for $10 in america??

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better than amphetamine powder, it doesn't really exist on the streets and domestic on the darknet it costs like $40-50 for a gram

>tfw no gf

Anons my heroin finally came!
I guess my address isnt compromised after all
After getting scammed twice in a row I had lost faith but I can tell just by the greasy smell of this stuff that it will be gud.
I may have been sober for 2.5 months but longposts are back


im gonna pull some foil out for ya to celebrate
im glad you can be comfy again
you doing okay?

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Would 140mg of CWE'ed codine do much for someone with no tolerance? I want to try opioids but my dealer doesn't have due to personal reasons

boys I'm feeling weird right now
should I kick it into overdrive and take a fat dab?

been trying the heroin sample I got over the last couple days, tried snorting, smoking and plugging with different doses but I can never seem to get feeling good. I just either get nauseous or pissed off or both. Kinda frustrating since I just wanted something to distract me from my depression/numb it and thought heroin was supposed to be the absolute best for that, I'm at a loss now for how to deal with this
Not to mention that I have IBS and my gut alternates between constipation and diarrhea so even just a bit of opioids will fuck my shit (literally) up for days

This percocet prescription is burning a hole in my pocket can't wait to fill it but I need to wait till closer to my surgery

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you mightve been using too much
have you used opioids before?
when people use too much they tend to get really ill and irritable
try laying down for a little
opis can cause inner ear imbalance which makes the nausea sometimes
cant remember which paper i read about it

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>had to quit weed for new job
>get there and find out they don't allow cigarettes on the premises
I still have my Klonopin but things have been rough lately, guys. I feel like I'm at my wit's end...

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>you mightve been using too much
I've tried different doses though, I get either nothing at all or negative effects at any of them
>have you used opioids before?
yeah I've done oxycodone and hydrocodone before, those sucked too but I thought I might as well give heroin a shot since it's supposed to be the best.
I've also done kratom several times, ironically I enjoyed that more than the other three

anyone else regularly hallucinate the discord notification sound on acid?

well everyone responds differently
opi's might not just be for you user
are you the user that posted about it all the time?

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yea im doing ok now at least.
wageslaving was starting to grind away at me. I hate rich people as much as david duke hates blacks, it drives me up a wall working for these petty hedonistic cunts.
now I can just sit in my cage and slave away all day for the wage. knowing that I have this is so much more reassuring than beer and cigarettes were.
I'd already had quite a bit to drink tonight before i realized my H was here so I cant take a ton cause i dont know the strength or my tolerance either. feelin pretty gud off of 22mg rn though.
I'll probably re dose in a half hour to get extra extra comfy
vendor also stiffed me on 20% of the product but its honestly very hard to be upset considering that I lost $700 this month between the two non-arrivals and my other account getting hacked. It also showed up real fast which also makes up for it

I've got three 7.5mg/200 hydrocodone/ibuprofen tablets and I'm not sure how much I should take. For reference I'm 6'1", 128lb. I've done these same tablets once before when I took 2 of them and didn't really feel anything.

yea id be pretty upset if i got shorted
but i guess id be happy anything arrived at all
i have a new boss since i switched to overnight and i wanna punch her dumb face
perfectly capable of doing my job but nooo
i hate waging for these people
and people wonder why workers wanna die
at least we have our dope lol
makes me a little happier

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Take all three should be good

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I feel for you user I hate these 2nd hand smoke nancys

Waiting for nig bro to pull up with my dope and coke, first it was five pm, now its "eight pm". Its never happeningnis it bros

>are you the user that posted about it all the time?
I've whined about it when I tried opioids before and they didn't work but not really besides that
>opi's might not just be for you user
yeah I kinda expected this to happen, I just hoped that heroin would be different, since there's not really any other drugs I can try
life just seems more and more hopeless everyday

first thing tomorrow dog

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Yeah man I can't stand it. It's not allowed anywhere within the fence around the property. I can't even go out to my car for a smoke. Smoking weed after work was basically the only thing I had to look forward to and now that's gone. I spend every day just wanting to go back to bed but even then I have fucked up dreams so I'm basically fucked.

That's actually one of the reasons I prefer 1,4-Butanediol. It metabolizes into GHB, but in my experience it lasts much longer, however a higher initial starting dose is usually required.
Pseudoephedrine. It's the traditional precursor used in the clandestine synthesis of methamphetamine.
The US has a very similar thing. You must ID yourself before you can buy pseudoephedrine containing products.
Weed, honestly. Make sure you inhale.
Consuming any kind of hallucinogen, even THC is a bad idea if you suffer from a serious psychiatric disorder.
Get a bong instead.
Adderall isn't exactly "speed". It's a mix of different enantiomers and salts of amphetamine.
Ibuprofen isn't toxic like acetaminophen is. Take all three.

Currently tripping and waiting for class to start

So I've got these sheets of ibuprofen 200mg and codine phosphate 14mg do I need to CWE the ibuprofen

Roll the joint without anything inside it then leave the top open and put your pot in and stuff it with a pencil, it helps if you roll it so it flares out at the top

you can't CWE ibuprofen

Took 250mg of DXM about an hour and a half ago. It's my first time, even though I've done tons of LSD and tried DMT a few times. So far it's been enjoyable I guess? I'm still on the comeup so it's just like a weird vague feeling of intoxication, not much going on so far.

Should I use my dab pen on it? Is it like LSD where it makes it a lot stronger, or should I just go nuts?

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God fucking damn it

Original orogionallio

Anons should I have a spiritual experience in my bedroom tonight with 750mg DXM and 400 DPH? I was gonna do the combo today but my trip sitter booked it

250 you won't feel much depending on your size illd say of you have more or anything else you can safely combo it with then go ahead

I'm 178 dxm.tripsit.me/ said that 25ml of robocough would be about 5ml above the minimum for a second plateau, so I figured I'd start relatively small first. Should I take more?

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minimum is a very subjective thing, use this dexcalc.com/ and take their suggested amount

>trip sitter

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>Consuming any kind of hallucinogen, even THC is a bad idea if you suffer from a serious psychiatric disorder.

even if i feel fine before and after?

yeah, I actually kinda enjoy lower doses of DXM because you can still get some euphoria without having to deal with too much side effects

Dexcalc says pretty much the same thing. I'm shooting for low end 2nd plateau just to see what it's like, so I guess I'll try smoking weed in a bit.

Thats good to know. I don't plan to keep doing DXM unless it's really enjoyable since I have a bunch of LSD on the way

pic very related. im comfortably numb right now
Its funnny how normies call this a "crisis" now. opiates only kill robots and losers, which is not only good for them but for all of society. I welcome it. its like suicide only normies actually care when you die from it. whats not to like?
take all 3, it will still probably feel mild at best.
If tonight goes well and I dont start coughing up mucus or blood like I have from my usual vendors then I think im gonna smoke some tomorrow. I really enjoyed smoking it the one time i tried it (until i almost choked on my blood lol)

goddamn this feels so fuckin nice now. I doubled my dose and I'm just a little below noding level but still at the point where my eyelids weigh a pound and its pretty hard to type
cant wait to try mixing this with /comfy/ phenobarbital too. i cant rn though, i think itd kill me :(

how are you feeling user? you able to nod still or do you just use to stave off withdrawal?
hows the georgia summer? i hope you got some new pluigs cause some of your stories about buying it were p scary and a couple were just creepy and gross

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Poppy tea guy reporting in. Just demonstrated my project to my professor and he was impressed. Think I'm going to get an A. What should I fap to to celebrate?

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Trap cuck porn

i can nod a bit if i smoke a bunch yea
my tolerance is really getting up there lol
i usually just stave off wd
oh god the summer is awful
its so humid and my hairs gotten really long and it just goes POOF
but since i work at night i get to avoid a lot of it
i tried to get some new plugs that they all said i had to let them fuck me
like id still have to pay but
i need to let them fuck to have the PRIVILEGE of buying from them
its getting frustrating
the hunts still on
hopefully can find someone with decent gear and some maturity
i beg for money sometimes now tho
bf absolutely hates it
but i just need a few dollars for gas and food now and then
im hoping i can get better paychecks soon

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you could safely take ten for 140mg codeine and 2000mg ibuprofen. that amount of codeine will get you high as long as you aren't opiate tolerant or especially fat

Won't that end my liver?

Not him but 2000mg is nothing. If it were me I'd do more than 10

you shouldn't be coughing blood from smoking heroin. something is seriously wrong there, user...

maybe if you were taking that much every day for months. 2000mg is well below the recommended daily max, which is itself conservative. you will be fine. drink some extra water a few hours after your dose.

that's true. even 15 tablets would be fine. that's 3000mg ibuprofen which isn't an unsafe dose.

you're thinking of acetaminophen
ibuprofen can be taken up to like 3200mg a day, and the issue there is that too much is bad for your stomach lining
that's why taking it with alcohol can cause stomach bleeding

Why can't yanks just say paracetamol?

what exactly bugs you about the word acetaminophen