The truth is... game was rigged from the start

the truth is... game was rigged from the start

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Lol, I think you forgot a few things in the american one:

-crippling student loan debt
-ridiculous healthcare

in poland we have all of that but
>instead of student loan debt you have car/furniture loan debt
>ridiculously shitty healthcare because it's free, I had to wait 2 years and one month for my cardiolog visit
>we also have obesity + ugliest people in the world

lol as if every burger lived in a masion

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You fucking wish Americans lived that good. Most these niggas still live in their parents homes. The car part is right, but thats all they can afford.

lol the american one is so off, that's at best a ridiculously ideal situation for a southerner. where i live, the bottom two pictures are fine, but the top two pictures would be of some generic clean cut wasp and a bmw.

>25 y/o American
No wife or house, but I do have a nice truck.

you realize that poland is europe right? Like one of the core members since whenever

a tam pierdolisz.
sam chcialbym nieironicznie najbardziej zyc w tych realiach na samym dole bo fajne bylo to ze tak nie wiele trzeba bylo do szczescia. ale niestety kurwa, czasy sie zmienily i teraz mlode oskarki i julki wygladaja jak jakies jebane modele.
przyjedz do wiekszego miasta to zobaczysz. a lochy maja coraz wieksze wymagania przez kurwa internet i niezliczona atencje ktora dostaja codziennie

lmao anglocucks get out-earned by plenty of 1st generation immigrant ethnicities.

Most ameriburgers are just a bunch of broke bitch uncultured peasants.

mi wlasnie mozg rapuje o chuj tu chodzi
przeciez jeszcze te 15 lat temu to co druga osoba w wieku 15-25 to byl jebany brzydal a teraz wszyscy wygladaja jak z filmow 8/10
nie wiem czemu moze faktycznie costam dodaja do kurczakow ze same przystojniaki rosna

tfw you will never have a degen polack boyfriend

>Implying the guy in the pic didnt do trade school so he could afford a house, a wife and a truck at 25

>Browser detects polish before I even open the thread
Damn it stinks in here

isn't that guy that retarded soldier who bragged about how many kids and civilians he murdered in Iraq then got BTFO by another PTSD-ridden war criminal?

The Polack has a car and knocked up a qt.

Sign me up, brah.

The Yuropoor loser is apparently a gay man who's really into huge dorks for some reason.

polish women are ugly as fuck

The girl in the pic is cute and that's what she looks like AFTER she's knocked up. While the knocking was occurring she was probably HAWT.

>tfw no Polish preggers qt to bone in your Warsaw-Pact-era concrete cinderblock high rise apartment

If the American has all that he doesn't have student loans, he is more than likely some form of unionized blue collar job so that means paying sub $100/month for a $2000 deductable plan and won't get fat until 35.

I could be your bf.
>VW Passat B4
>living in the Plattenbau
>no perspectives for the future

>>we also have obesity + ugliest people in the world
idk mane, from what ive seen of white women, the polish ones are amongst the best looking

t. non white

To be fair there's a significant economic divide between former communist nations and western nations