>A-user quest que c'est un "incel"?
What say you r9k?

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stop forcing yoru own meme kenny

I don't speak Finnish, lol.

Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, far better

je ne sais pas. je suis chad

You made kenny sad,user.
It's french,she could teach you.

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Guys, she's a minor. Please leave her alone she doesn't give a fuck about any of y'all.

>It's french
I'm not gay, lol.

Fuck off whore no one cares. Go suck some dick

No, no, no. She's very clearly speak Esperanto. I can tell by the letters and seeing a few Esperants in my time.

this but origigigigiggii

That's a funny way of spelling Serbian.

Oh,quand meme?
Unffff look at those french baguettes attached to her chest.How old is she?15 is legal in there so fuck right off.

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you're fapping to a 16 year old girl..........


Dumbasses, she's clearly speaking Chinese. It's just phoneticised because of the board's non-ASCII rule.

She looks 19...

thats not a valid excuse
nique ta mere grosse merde j'espere tu vas crever

I'm damn sure it's Mongolian, actually. Mongolian tends to have a more fluid style than other Cyrillic languages.



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As a French person myself I can assure you she is speaking Albanian.

You're one of us now.Enjoy your stay.Also somebody is probably gonna find your home address tonight,sleep tight kenny!

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if she is 16...
where'd you find this from?

She looks like she's in college, dude. I'm not entirely sure what about her pics suggest underage, because she looks pretty much the same age as college girls over here.

I hate French. That is why I took German classes

well she is not in college.

>still no hero found her address

> Son chat vaut plus cher que sa chatte

Those are the best dsl I have ever seen god damn

Good for her. Not everyone goes to university right after. Some start working away or spend time vacaying (especially in Europe). But judging by looks alone, she's at least 19. I don't know what kind of people you spend your time with to make her look underage. And quite frankly, I'm scared to find out.
Enjoy while it's still public.

isnt 16 legal in new arabia(france)?

bitch back off this is my board

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didnt know whiteknights were still a thing on this board. why dont you go fap to your blacked porn?

>yet another underage e-thot forced on Jow Forums
>she even already has a few pathetic beta orbiters
I wonder why I keep coming back to this board

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Go back to France, froggy.

retourne sur jvc on va se faire cramer sinon

"Like an outcel but inside"

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