He seems like a self-important cunt rather than a typical robot. He's not even an incel...

He seems like a self-important cunt rather than a typical robot. He's not even an incel. Just another normie Chad that's larping for likes.

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so who fucking cares then. go away. how about i upload a pic of a loser drinking steele reserve at the bus stop. he sucks too

he's a creepy monotone serial killer, and he looks fucking scary as hell too. I love how nerds think that he's a handsome chad and not a weird shark lookin congenital birth defect fuckin weirdo.

And here you are posting yourself to get even more likes and views faggot

Well done. He's a government agent... Don't trust this fucker for a second. Probably married. You idiots believe anything you are told... A handsome well spoken, smooth guy from 1980s is an incel?
The problem only got bad in the last 10 years cunt.

Oh shit kek mabye this is what women think too

Robots are generally self-important cunts...

>I love how nerds think that he's a handsome chad
Because he is compared to most of us.

Monday, Our favorite black man

And also

>4,000 subscribers
>government agent

>He's not even an incel.

You act like Jow Forums attacking each other for not being white enough.

>Just another normie Chad that's larping for likes.

It makes no sense. There are thousands of methods to get likes better than opening about being a failiure looser on internet.

He comes from abusive family, he might be socially incompetent.

Tfw Steve Hoca and Bill Greathouse got a video.

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The reason you think he's creepy is because in his videos he is being dishonest and lying through his teeth with his bs agenda.

Monday attracts the fools. No wonder this board watches him

What with the weirdo schizos all reeeeing about this guy?
Story, I thought he just made videos talking about >tfw no gf

This 1000x. Jesus Christ, the reason we're all so miserable is that we eat our own. Seriously, any thread about somebody clearly on our side, be it this guy or Jordan Peterson, or fucking any right-wing, robot, disaffected male sympathizer will have 90% of the posters talking shit about them. Anyway, I don't know why anyone thinks Monday lies or is dumb. He's apparently had two girlfriends for a total of three years, but he's also 15-20 years older than most of us. He's a robot/incel/forever alone through and through.

he also got his first gf a few months before becoming a wizard, so all the guys in their early 20s purity spiralling over virginity don't even have a leg to stand on

Agreed, his content reeks of FBI COINTELPRO on some kind of "deradicalization" agenda

Don't know what that is but his message is false. Our problems don't stem from a bad childhood or bad looks or else women with bad personalities and looks wouldn't be getting laid either. Mondays saying well if your parents abused you you'll be Incel. Bs, or else abused women would be Incel too. Government laws have made hypergamy easy for women to attain. Also social engineering.

i used to watch him but his content is repetative as fuck and i don't mean only video to video but in the same video he keeps repeating himself like he says the same thing 4 times over in that souless monotone voice what the fuck
like jesus dude we all know women bad we all experienced women being bad talk about something else

Are you a TFLer?

i think he is pretty cool

women even if damaged dont get a dry spell
the incel version of a woman is a string of very abusive releathionships

Yes. Tfl

They choose that though. Pretty certain alot of nice robots on this site would beg for that woman.

Alot of women in the 1800s lived Incel. It was so common they were called spinsters. Then feminist laws came and the script was flipped.

they dont really choose that
its more like do i want to be miserable and alone or do i want companion whoever that would be
I have seen that sort of situation a number of times believe me thats how it happens
a girl who isnt doing well gets date raped and then continues the releathionship

Do you have a YouTube channel by any chance?

I have seen it. But I feel them women have some options judging by the high number of men to women on r9k. They prefer abuse by chad to love from ugly robot.

most people here now are just failed normalfags

Problem is tfl just keeps getting worse so now normies are experiencing tfl thus coming to r9k.

maybe, but I think it's probably mostly just his cold dead white walker eyes

It is. You know how women pretend that ugly ass masculine 4/10 bitches like michelle obama are soooo beautiful? Well this is the incel version of that. This guy really isn't attractive at all. He's terrifying.