Anyone else have pent up rage that slips out sometimes? I hate this shit bros. I gotta go to counseling

Anyone else have pent up rage that slips out sometimes? I hate this shit bros. I gotta go to counseling

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I've always had it but I didn't start cussing out loud until I quit drinking. Normally I'd be cautious not to upset my family but it's like I have no filter in certain situations these days.

Mine are for actual reasons and trauma tho that i still haven't come to terms with since childhood. I'm completely harmless though, i just try to contain it by escaping the situation or telling myself its not worth it.

There's two things you can do about it:
1) Cardio.
You can't be angry or sad when you're physically exhausted. I should know, i've been running half marathons regularly for this reason.
2) Psychological evaluation and treatment
Find the reason why you're angry. Often it's not hard to put your finger on it, but it might be something about you feeling that you don't get what you deserve. Maybe a psychological trauma or just the angry hormone induced rage phase some teens go through when they're ~14-24.
It is complicated, and if you can't identify yourself seriously consider to talk to a therapist to find out what it is that makes you angry. From then on you can possibly work on fixing it yourself.

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Mines from childhood trauma as well I think.
Solid advice. Im setting up an appointment for therapy this week and have been working out.
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I regularly insult my mother and have no bad conscience about it.

I channel my rage by funneling it into openly shittalking people who make me angry and mocking them for their stupidity.

It works pretty well, I'd say. Just need an audience to shittalk to.

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Nope actually have quite the opposite.
>tfw want to feel rage and lose control but not able to

Yea I'm in the gym now and I feel it coming out of me

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No I just hold it in until I'm close to breaking down and crying. then I cry. alot.

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Only when driving and playing competitive vidya, otherwise I can contain myself. When I'm about to lash out I just stop and calm myself.


Your butthurt is showing.

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Yes and it sucks. Recently I quit my last job and just yesterday I went into the store (as a non-employee) beat the fuck out of this one cunt that was always shitty to me when I worked.
Felt good. Probably going to jail soon since they still have my address.

Shit man yeah thats gonna be an assault charge. I legit thought I was going to jail last night.