Former incel

>former incel
>think that having sex with multiple women would better my mood
>get tinder
>can get a hookup pretty easily
>fuck 10-15 chicks in the span of a month
>still depressed and lazy

What's honestly next lads? I thought that sex was the be all and end all to bettering my mood but now I can't even be bothered...

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self actualization man, sex love and romance were pushed onto society because more and more women started working.

since women cant do math, they ended up in media and pushed it onto the masses.

go on YouTube and look at turd flinging monkeys vids about self actualization and women.

he has a lot of good content, especially the old stuff.

I would start with

Oh fuck off bugger

>MGTOW bullshit
>reddit spacing

fuck outta here

>mgtow bullshit
you dont know anything about it nigger

>reddit spacing
cry about it bitch

Can you give advice to hooking up with girls on dating app. I can't get any matches. Soc said I got good pic and bio. Can never convert

All those girls apart from the top blonde look ugly and overweight.

>incel gets lots of sex on a whim
Did words ever have meanings in the past? Surely they must have, at some point.

OP is a faggot but sex doesn't really change anything. I've been with several escorts and while it was nice it just makes you wish you had a real gf. I guess it kinda motivates you more to try and get pussy without paying for it but that's about it. If your that hung up about it you can definitely find someone in your area who is decent looking. Just save up like $300 and you're good to go.

Whatever, I typed this up for another thread but I'll paste it here:

Don't beat around the bush with women, be direct. Don't talk to women for longer than 10 messages before suggesting meeting up. And when you offer a day, make sure it's AT LEAST within a day or two.
And after you two schedule the date, don't text her until you meet up. If you schedule the date two days in advance, make sure to send her a good morning text maximum to let her know you still are interested.

If she flakes without offering to reschedule, unfollow/delete her from social media and unmatch. Don't waste your time chasing girls that aren't interested because there will eventually be one that will be.

I usually open with this if they look boring, have no bio, or little pics to go off of:
>Your pics are wild (even if they're boring ass pics rofl)
>How many times do people usually say "hey" or "hi," I'm curious
>Hey (Name), how are people treating you on here?

Then you'll get a fluff response. This time, you respond by asking what they want:
>Yeah, same, had some good, some bad. So what are you looking for on here?

At this point, the answer you're looking for is "something casual," "sex," "fwb," "see what happens," etc. Regardless of what they say, you will respond with exactly what you're looking for (in this case, hookups), and try to make plans this week, or today if possible: "Not looking for anything serious tbqh. Wanna hang out?"
So if you get a "yes," then ask them what their plans are for today/tomorrow and it should be ez from there. I can go more into detail if you want.

I'm so tired of this routine tbqh, I'm legit just looking for something serious now. I hope you robots get to this point.

>Immigrate from r*ddit to Jow Forums
>Bring your shitty r*ddit culture with you
Lurk more

>recommending MGTOW to someone who has sex on demand
>recommending fucking hookers for someone who has sex on demand

Am I missing something here?

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Thanks I will use this format once someone mistakenly matches with me.

Whatever dude, I'm ugly as fuck.

thanks basedformerincelbro
this is good helpful advice

Damn, this is one nice post.
When I'm usually matched I try to get a bit into her hobbies, but that wasn't very efficient. I guess I will your way and maybe merge it with my approach. Thanks

thats cuz casual sex is worthless unless you are having casual sex with a literal 10/10, imo at least

power rankings:

1. passionate sex with a hot girl that you love
2. passionate sex with a not so hot girl that you love
3. casual sex with a hot girl
4. masturbation
5. casual sex with a not so hot girl

And what do you talk about with them once you meet?

oh ya that's important, do tell user

Your area matters too.

If you post your profile I can help with that too. I'm ugly as fuck irl and fat.

Some other notes:
>if you have an ethnic name, change it to an americanized name ASAP. You'll get more matches this way, sad but true.
>list your height if you're 6'0+ (sorry manlets :C)
>anything else in the bio is just fluff.
>get an instagram/snapchat/twitter ASAP for social proof and get off tinder within the first few messages
>if you're fat, lose weight now. Fatcel is volcel.
>it's a meme at this point, but a good haircut makes a difference. If you're in a city, go to a barber school. Cheap prices. Ask the dude cutting your hair what you think would look best. Make sure it's a trendy place, not some ghetto shit.
It's 95% about the pics, you should've seen my first profile, absolute trash.

Just chit chat really. That's beyond me since it's mainly experience at that point. Just go on a few dates, it'll be awkward the first few times but it becomes easier with experience. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions when conversing with a girl, being a doormat is a fucking yawn.

I would recommend going to a place that's walkable or a short drive to your place though, I made that mistake too many times.
More notes:
>don't do concert/movie dates, ever.
>don't splurge a shitload on a first date, coffee/ice cream is fine.
>have a selection of drinks at your place, trust me on this.

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holy fuck it's you're not born to hookup guy! Good to see you made it.

One of the main reasons I fucked up in asia was because of my fucking mexican name. And shitty pictures too, but once I changed my name my match rate went up.

Be honest, are you really 6'1? You look 5'8 max.
Also, your emptiness could stem from fucking ugly whores. Maybe try and get a cute latina gf rather than the 2% of white girls who are willing to date a mexican.

Yea, I'm 6'1. And I'm not fucking ugly chicks.

I went on a date with Kate from the OP image yesterday, she was cool. I was supposed to go on a date with another girl today, but I'm so fucking over hookups right now. Probably just gonna play some CSGO and jerk off, rip.

But, Kate is ugly...
I'm not tryna diss you or whatever normalfags say, but every girl in your image is ugly, except for the new match, but she's heavily filtered.

Kate looks like a fat tranny lmao.
Dude all the girls in your pic are absolute slampigs.

She's a part time model and musician lad. I'm not gonna post chicks I've hooked up with because that's lame.

>part time model
What fucking girl isn't a part time model holy shithahaha.
I thought you were maybe more redpilled than this cause you did everything but fully admit that all girls are just holes, but you still fall for
>I'm a musician
>I'm a model
>I'm not just a dumb whore who dyes her hair bright red and fucks random guys on tinder

It's at times like this I wish I was tall enough to slap the shit out of you. You're not ugly or really that fat and your height takes you from a 5/6 to a 7/8. I hope you get murdered in your sleep for your pseudo-low-self-esteem bullshit user.

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>tfw still live at home and can't bring women over due to sand parents

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are you really that Mexican guy who went to Taiwan to get cold shower or you are larping?

Wait, you're fucking Ricky? I always hated tripfags, but back in the day you were one of the few I was okay with

The crabs in a bucket and sour grapes and coping ITT is just sad

We kinda look similar and I was In the same boat as you, but once I lost weight the amount of attention I started to get was truly something new to me.

Also you have some Good Advice basically the things chads tell you Irl

>tfw a few years ago I lost 60 pounds and I recently absolutely zero attention
>Girls didn't look at me or treat me any differently

"Fatcel is volcel", they say

I like how you mention "few years ago" because you probably gained that weight back like the fatass you are and are coping with your weight right now.

losing 60 lbs doesn't say much, were you 200 or 300 lbs?

tbqh Im also 6'2 maybe that helped, also memes aside

> take better pictured
> get a haircut
> buy fitting clothes

It's really not that hard, you have to make it a habit to change

I went from 240 to 180 at 6'2"

I did indeed, kept the weight off for about a year before gaining it back with interest

>I did indeed, kept the weight off for about a year before gaining it back with interest

Knew it. The cope radiated from your post.

What's your point, all I'm saying is I was a healthy weight for a year and I still didn't get any attention from girls

You're done dude. Might as well kill yourself with this amount of cope in your system.

I can tell you didn't do anything beyond losing weight and took "fatcel is volcel" at face value without doing shit other than that.

Can i use this if all I want to do is eat a girl out?

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I expected SOMETHING, but it didn't even make me less afraid to talk to girls

Plus I was still a 5 at best

>all the retarded incels here replying to this thread

Yea dude, because weight loss will make you lose your fear of talking to chicks without the work. rofl

Literally the proof that height is everything, OP i sn't ugly but he's painfully average yet he got matches.
Yes I'm mad because I'm a 5'7 manlet subhuman

manletism should be accepted as a disability
I want to die every day

>since women cant do math
women in math academia make up a pretty nontrivial amount of researchers. It's engineering and physics students who are way in over their head about their abilities that are usually dogshit at math :)
t. math grad who has graded multiple classes' tests and homework before

>he bought tinder plus
>used a boost
>only got 19 matches


It's my first day of tinder, my bad on not being a white chiseled 6'5 gigachad.

been trying to convince virgins for years that getting laid doesn't magically change your life, but they don't want to hear it

Kys reddit thanks nigger

this is true.
the most academic people I have known in college and highschool were girls.
but that doesnt make them sentient. look at indians and asians.

Village indians and mainland asians are different than the diasporia. I know a good amount of indian american bros in math and physics grad at my school. They're chill and genuinely fun to hang with.

as a sandman I dont even get women to bring over in the first place. otherwise my house has space.

Most first generation immigrants of those countries tend to be chill if they have an independent plan otherwise there are tons of tech company parent ethnic offsprings where I live and they are some of the most vacant people in the world but they ace everything.

>See women
>Don't care about them
>Want to quit living, want to die a virgin out of pure hatred toward life existing on earth

I am glad I've never been around my race and never will be.

Reproducing is not the way to go.
It is evil. I am planning my suicide for 3 decades from today.

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>>if you have an ethnic name, change it to an americanized name ASAP. You'll get more matches this way, sad but true.
I wish I had an international name, I'm not American but no one can pronounce it. Should I just change it to have a better life?

People treat you way better if you change it.

What should I change it to though? It has to be something that I can use both in my country and abroad, so something international with no letters that are pronounced differently in different countries (so no c, j, that sort of thing).