Just ordered heroin

Just ordered heroin.
My plan is as soon as it comes to buy pizza, turn on my favorite music and inject as much as I can.
The next life is going to be much better guys, and if not I will repeat the cycle of life and death.
Die and rise again and again until lambs become lions.

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Don't kill yourself bro. Do a little LSD or ketamine, and you will have a new outlook.

have fun choking on vomit, nice way to go (i've quite literally been there)

I did LSD many times and it only further opened my mind and proved my point.
I'm not on top of the wave and I'm not even strong enough to cause a disortion

shooting up a place and getting revenge would be better

What revenge and on who? It's not society fault I'm where I am but rather my parents, and I can't even blame them, they were too stupid to realize they can't afford me good life and their genes are shitty.
I just lost in genetic lottery, if you believe in God then it's his fault, if not it's nobody fault.

cool blog, you won't even do it so why do you even post?

user, you just broke my heart
i want to say so badly something like 'don't do it there's so much to stay alive for' but i would be lying caus i don't know your situation

i hope your last day will be your best day

I'm really tired of you absolute NIGGERS telling people not to kill themselves.
If someone wants to die, let him. Let's hypothesize you're from the US: aren't you burgers supposed to be "free"?

it still hurts seeing people wanting to die so badly
and idk i still can't convince someone to stay alive caus i can understand it and it just hurts idk how to say i'm very overwhelmed by this thread rn but i feel bad for sharing my feeling about it too because user should just care for himself now and make himself happy

legit do not use heroin to kill yourself.

its not gonna be sweet dreams like you think it is. you'll be writhing in agony before you go.

but good luck otherwise, i hope you reconsider.
but of course i have to ask, why do you want to kill yourself?

Wait a minute...
Are you the user who made a thread, a couple of days ago, lamenting that some Jow Forums's users tried to convince you of being gay?
Because, you writing style is very similar...

If you want to kill yourself just take as much heroin as you need to feel komfortable, then jump from a 200m + roof. Heroin overdosin
g is a really bad way to Go.

>ordered heroin
show me the transaction then, faggot

you won't even be hungry on opiates, what a waste of pizza

let him enjoy his last meal faggot

Based h fiend
try a shitload of psyches first but don't waste your time with pussy dosages

well I don't know what to say desu didn't want to leave without saying anything so "Strive for a better life" I guess

sleep well lil user and enjoy
i hope the next world will suite you more

Heroin overdose is a horrible way to go and you're probably going to fuck up the dosage and just wake 15 hours later with brain damage and with two nonfuctioning kidneys.

nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude

whens it arriving? are you taking it straight away. so fucking jealous. theres no afterlife or next life btw

go have a breakdown somewhere else you stuttering retard

yeah dude its gods fault. do what im doing im letting my hate manifest and turn it into pure fucking energy I am going to fucking SMITE god when I leave this shit body and fucking rip god out of the sky and fucking rip him apart with my bare hands

I am so fucking full of hate I am the second anti Christ and I am joining the forces of satan to fucking destroy god. I will be powerful enough to kill god. I am rewriting the bible

blame god dude. not ops fault. you want to get mad get mad at god. I have devoted my entire existence and afterlife towards destroying god

an overdose of heroin wont ruin his kidneys. But still you're right about it being a bad way to die.

but i don't believe in something like a god dude
so its hard to blame someone

every single way you are can be directly attributed to the way you were raised, and inadvertently how you behaved when you had more independence. it all factors in.

Shut up loser. I should beat your little ass for saying some dumb shit like that on my board

kratos pill
weak minded cant stand death, you have never hit a low. go watch some gore fag

Thank you for not going out like a complete spergy faggot and ruining harmless peoples lives.

I hear you can't inject enough heroin to kill yourself on your first time heroining. you'll go retarded high before you can get it all in there. That's just what I've heard, you fall asleep before you can squeeze enough in there to kill yourself.

>Its Gods fault
>I am going to fucking SMITE God

You wouldnt happen to be on probation in a small town, would you?

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Why wouldnt he just be able to jam it in hard and fast. especially with a wife gauge needle?

His vein will pop and it won't get enough in there to be a killer dosage, you Gotta be an experienced mether to kill yourself with meth or have a nigga manage your lift off. Some guy thinking about injecting enough meth into someone to kill them informed me, so That's just what I've heard.

Sounds like he should just push the entire package up his anus?

Yeah anally absorbing the meth would work really well for suicide. Much better than injection, but it'd be such a gay way to go I'd personally rather shoot myself like shuaby than stuff meth up my ass.