What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

And why?

>Line up 2-3 virgin girls with their butts put together
>Take them from behind
>It's probably the combination of power, excess and innocence that turns me on so much
>It won't happen in a million years

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Being impregnated in a public ceremony by my husband right after marriage.

being an oral sex slave to a community of fembots

>tfw done this but they weren't virgins

It's the little things that make all the difference

being the live-in sex slave of a benevolent but still dominant milf with a big dick

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I'd love it if I had a younger sister that would love me as much as I love her so after we move out of mommies house we move into an apartment together and have lots of raw baby making sex in the missionary position while holding hands and kissing lots!

be a good ruler in the ancient times and have a harem of concubines...but at the same time I want the modernity of today because I like being hygienic and having access to the internet so I wouldnt want to actually live in the times of old

That's hot

Sorry to burst your bubble, but most fembots are either ugly or obese or both. I've only hooked up with 2, but I think that's a good enough sample size.

How did you manage to do this, though? What girls were they?

>Sorry to burst your bubble, but most fembots are either ugly or obese or both
No bubbles bursted, that's part of the fantasy

getting bullied and beaten up by a group of cute mma-trained girls before i fuck them all so hard it pisses them off and they beat me more

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All the power to you then, brotha

>and why
because i was abused by women as a child and as a result i both fear and feel extreme arousal from the fear of women

why is there a chelloe player in the background?

Stuff involving exhibitionism and people spying on me

Because it's part of an orgy. Gotta have music.

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hand holding while walking on the boardwalk

Some girls in my college class for the summer rented a beach house and had invited Chad but he turned them down last minute so they invited me because I was still around. I learned after the fact that I was just their designated dick, and one of the things they let me do was yeah, line them up and get to choose taking them from behind. Got the amazing experience of dicking the center one while fingering the two on either side, among other things.

To be clear though, none of them were hot. I don't want to say they were the ugly girls but it's not like I was pulling Staceys. Probably the only way I could have gotten away with what happened, because they were lower score and willing to put up with more. Also kind of weird since I was the only white one.

I'd like to fuck a girl dressed like Alice and using Converse. I don't know why

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>Because it's part of an orgy. Gotta have music


Too bad they weren't white. Oh well. Still an amazing experience.

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Eh, the fact that none of them were white also made it kind of hot in a different way like I really got that white colonist feel if you know what I mean. Not like I was acting that way towards them but it's hard not to feel it when you've got several nonwhite girls all over you and they're the ones commenting about it.

Cuz I've heard a story of how a local celebrity did something like this. He lined up two of his young fans and took them from behind over the table in his summer house. They were virgins, and the effect were kinda like:
>Blood down their tighs when he was finished.

Still extremely hot though.

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9yo Emma Watson

I also have this fetish except for the Alice dress up. For some reason grils wearing converse or vans turns me on

have dragon girl lift me off the ground by my throat, then fly into the air while still choking me
she climbs slowly while taunting me, watching me suffocate and nearly freeze at high altitude
then she drops me, lets me fall for a while before swooping down to catch me in a headlock, and flies off with me to her lair where we then have weeks of hot, rough dragon sex that lands me in the hospital with deep fang/claw marks all over my upper body and shrunken balls from over-ejaculation
my neck also has a ring of dark bruises with scale imprints and random small burns scattered throughout my body

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I want my dog to get his paw up while knotting a girl while she's blowing me, that way we can high-five over her.

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Guy making me orgasm by stepping on my pussy after beating me.

Its humiliating and humiliation its hot.

I want Powergirl to beat me to a pulp and make me fuck her with my nigger dick.

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Another fantasy is to put a fish, preferably a live one right up a girl's pussy.

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