This user has been posting in literally every thread and is responsible for all the bait threads

Does anyone else here think it's kind of weird that one user has been posting for 24 hours and is the one that created all the bait threads and perpetuates the race baiting threads?

The scary part is, this isn't even all of them. He's been the first poster in most of the threads. This really does show that amount of posters here is pretty limited as it's just the same user posting over and over again.

"Asian guy that's larping" it's literally just one guy making all these threads.

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What's wrong with my posting in threads op?

>Does anyone else here think it's kind of weird that one user has been posting for 24 hours


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m8 you made me giggle at work

It's not hard to post in every thread if you use the catalog correctly

The fact that you made them all and you're racebaiting. This isn't /b/ so you need to go back.

>he actually thinks that namefag is one person

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Sorry if you get so sensitive when people hurt your frail ego cumskin.

people dont use the catalogue?

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I thought you said you didn't like to insult people based on race. Classic liar.

Literal who?


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get that user, user! racist slurs are bad and should be shamed.

It's like 5-6 people.
They all type the same.

I'm pointing out the contradiction and the multiple race bait threads that have been posted today. Why are we treating Jow Forums like it's /b/?

hes a shit skin, what else can he do aside from race b8 on Jow Forums

good. good job calling this guy out. keep r9k clean.

the asian masculinity sub has been posting race bait bullshit for years on here. its all them, there is a very obvious specific format and general theme to all of their posts. i'm a neet who spends most of his time on here, you pick on these things after a while. it's like 5 people involved in it. 95% of the race bait stuff is posted by these faggots.

are they just jealous from getting cucked by Chad?

they're just deranged asians that spend all their time posting race bait because asian women want white guys, so they post all this white girl and black dick shit. its pathetic. they're just as deranged as the discord trannies.

thats pretty deranged yea

hes probably some kid who looks like pic related. and feels like he can only redeem himself as a failed zipperhead if he tries to beg for angry (You)s

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>tfw no asian larper bf

hes t-taken

oh, no i filtered him right away. didn't notice a thing

* just hide the bait threads from the catalog and move on instead of engaging and bumping.
* It's really pretty straightforward to be involved in that many threads at once, use the goddamn catalog
* a 24h binge doesn't seem that unreasonable