Guys wtf is going on.
Im in Toronto for the summer and installed Tinder out of pure curiosity.
Every girl show herself as a prostitute, in the most slutty, vapid and void way possible.
I thought everything was exaggerated, but it wasnt. There really is no hope.

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Found your trouble.

>There really is no hope.

Dating apps are lost cause OP.

Well no shit if you use an app for whores all you're going to find are whores

Is there something wrong with this city?
Im from Spain and the slutinness levels, although high, reach nowhere the peaks of this cesspool.
I'm literally redpilling myself on the whore culture of North Americans rn.
Actually disgusted by this whores.

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Nowhere near as bad as Tinder in this city. There may be the occassional thot, but not EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
Showing ass and tits, licking bottles of liquor, full of makeup...

>I'm literally redpilling myself on the whore culture of North Americans rn.
welcome to the new world Spanishbro

>I thought everything was exaggerated, but it wasnt.
post the best/worst ones plz for science

I dont like it. I thought it was memes.
A qt matched with me, one without all that slutty shit. One among thousands of 18 year olds looking for sugar daddies.
This isnt right.

Here, best case scenario.
Couldnt ask for more.

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Now just imagine being one of the poor fucks who lives here. Even if you ignore the promiscuity, I simply cannot relate to any of the people my age here.

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Wtf is this shit. Why does she think this is material for a profile?

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They're all whores, they just don't want to admit it to themselves or seem like one, but they're all whores in there

Porn material.
This is not normal or right.
Something is deeply rotten.

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Even if ironic, some admit it straight up.

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I'm can only assume the lg means ddlg. Eww.

Agreed - I used to live in Toronto. Moved to Mississauga with my wife after I had enough - it looks like a third world shithole there.

Now even though I live right next to Square One, I'm seeing the number of turbans increase daily.

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Unpopular opinion on here I think: I like these sluts. I like sex, they're easy to fuck, and frequently pretty good at it. I'm also a big fan of the anti-slut shaming movement. All that's doing is taking the guesswork out of trying to decide how wholesome a girl is.

Don't lose hope dog, just stop trying to find girls to actually have a relationship with on Tinder. I believe I saw a survey recently that said 80% of people don't even use Tinder in the US. You're looking at a sample of girls who want to get fucked by random dudes and concluding that's what the entire population is like. That's a sampling bias, you wouldn't walk into a whorehouse and assume what you saw in there represented every woman in the world.

she looks like a downy... wtf is up with her forehead to eye ratio?

oh fuck she he has a cock hungry stare and is that a version of the playboy bunny on her wrist? jesus

dear god help us
on one hand it is pretty kinky and hot that she just considers herself a fleshlight, like she realizes that she is a worthless sex object
but holy shit, that is supposed to be role play, not something people actually believe

>That's a sampling bias
kinda like the BBCfetishists on reddit

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