Fuck I hate my mother because I'm so jealous of her. She gets to be good-looking...

Fuck I hate my mother because I'm so jealous of her. She gets to be good-looking, intelligent and married into wealth while young and cool AND a girl, while I get her family's fucking mental illness times 10. She's liked and respected by everyone, while I can barely talk to the cashier. Why was I born with this filthy boysmell???

I hate my mother because she's the female ideal I never got and never will get to be.


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She has you as a son so try not to be too jealous

Just hold in there, it'll be fine in the end.

You arent mentally ill though, just sour grapes.

Is your mom hot? i want to be your dad.

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no wonder you have a mental illness with your shit taste in music

What this girl said desu

I doubt an Asian ghetto-wannabe burger flipper would have a chance.

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Yea you never know. I mean I did land me a 7/10 b-cup azn gf. I think once your mom see my dick she might get horny.

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Yeah. She'd probably pretend to like you only to cut of your dick, since it's what would be just.

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She'd probably tell you she doesn't like me but behind closed doors im smashing her pink puss that gave birth to a tr4nny faggot like you. id cum and cum until my balls are drained, take a break sucking her tits then when i can go again, ill take her anal virginity.

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What anime is your avatar from

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Just forget it, you burger flipper. You hate homeless people, but you're a bum yourself compared to me. I'd rather go back to the loony bin than switch lives with you.

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For a guy who hates his mom you sure get prissy when i talk about smashing that pussy. You mad i want to fuck a milf?

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Because you don't belong in this thread. It's not what it's about. It's not about sex. You're just ruining me. What do you even know, maybe she's hideous?

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You declared war, remember?

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No, you did it yourself.

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U skitzo, you impersonated me last night and you derailed my thread with that tripfag. We had a truce but its back to war. Spam all you want, imma be patient and kill you slowly.

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Only because you started it. Just like you're doing now. You manipulative fuck.

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I've been on Risperidone for a long long time. Do you think you can just lie to me and I won't know what's true? You think I'm some sort of idiot????? IS that your idea of everything?

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Since you can't lie, how hot is your mom? How big are her jugs? Does ahe have a nice ass?

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