Name a better fiIm

Name a better fiIm

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It's not even the best Vietnam war film

for me Full Metal Jacket

>Name a better fiIm

I literally cant, who /bunny/ here

>directed by a Vietnam combat veteran
Yes it is

Clockwork orange for starters.

Apocalypse Now is the greatest film ever made

>feelin' good's good enough

This rationale is treading closely to being an appeal to authority and that is a logical fallacy.

Citizen Kane
2001: A Space Odyssey
Taxi Driver

That was easy.

I like Deer hunter

>not the deer hunter
fucking kys

>fucking kys

fucking fuck yourself

not my fault you hate good movies retard

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I hate you and you're neither good nor a movie

Maybe you two could watch some movies together and cuddle a bit.

Lmao, as if mentioning that a soldier filmmaker is in a good position to make a truly great war film is a logical fallacy. Is this a formal debate we're having or something? What do you think is both the best war film, and best Vietnam War film exactly?

I've watched this movie 37 times.

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What is it do you like so much about it?

I've never seen that one but Trainspotting is my favorite.

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LOTR is better

The color, the music, the characters, the action, the idea that one day I could say fuck it to this life of wageslavery and become a thief

Good taste, user
Quality film

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Yeah, Clockwork Orange had some pretty good rape scenes and milk

It actually is. Hamburger Hill is a close second.

You can't do that because you'll go to jail.

Fucking shittest film ever.
>Advertised as a nam war movie
>only about 30 mins actually take place during the war
>first 40 mins is boring as shit, mining town, wedding and hunting trip bullshit
>All the actors were in the late 30s
>Meant to believe they repsent young, naive 18-22yos wanting to go join the Army for adventure and to fight for a cause etc
>Nek minute, in nam, de-niro is a green beret(wtf) years have obviously gone by, 4 at least. Time it takes them to coimeplete basic, AIT, airborne school, complete first tour then he would have had to volunteer for SF, do all their training which took a year at least then redeploy.
>Kills a gook with a flame thrower, lmao US grunt platoons didnt use flame throwers in nam, no one did.
>Muh russian roulette

I dunno how it ends because I gave up watching it at that point.

this is my current list of stuff i need to watch

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This is a fairly accurate summarization, actually.


Have you seen:

Go Tell The Spartans

The Boys in Company C

Watch 'em, kid, and get back to me.

Yuruyuri ova

>>Kills a gook with a flame thrower, lmao US grunt platoons didnt use flame throwers in nam, no one did.

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I think he picked up the flamethrower from a dead VC