Goddamned normalfags are destroying Jow Forums, it's time we drive those worthless dogs out of our territory...

Goddamned normalfags are destroying Jow Forums, it's time we drive those worthless dogs out of our territory. Normalfags have taken everything from us, they won't take Jow Forums too.

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cringe post desu try again next time

what makes one's social life "a normal social life"

I think if you belong if you had a friend but don't belong if you're attratctive
pretty people will never know strugles of us, uglies

i have a theory. a theory about a boy who created something special. this boy was so proud of his creation. but his creation strayed from the purpose of the creator, this boy. so the boy became angry, and decided to punish his creation

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That'a a good one, OP. Very kek worthy.

You are aware that your kind are the invaders of this board right? YOU don't belong. Fuck off.

hmmn. How about no? It's fun here.

We were the first settlers of this fine board, before us, there was no culture at all! This is the board of the robot! Get the fuck out normalfag!

are you smoking something? Before you there were people who simply didn't belong anywhere else and wanted to make a social connection so we came here to find others like us.

>Fembots exist. I will give you that if they're physically attractive at least reasonably, then there is the potential to un-robot way easier and faster than a male robot.
>Having had a girlfriend doesn't make one a normie automatically. This only counts if you're ever had a mature healthy relationship. A robot can have a relationship with a girl who is still figuring out herself, but once she 'normies' herself, she fucks off.
>Same as above. Awkward sex with an awkward person is possible for a robot to have in their past, they're still very different from a person who's had sex inside a normal relationship.
>Wrong. A robot can have a single or handful of friends who care about them. The thing is those friends just leave you as you are. You're only not a robot if you have a group of friends who you grow together with. A few robots grouping up to play games or something doesn't undo their robot status.
>A robot can have a loving family. The thing with a robot is that family's love does not affect or change their robot status.
>You can have a normal social life before your robot traits take over. It's just superficial, you would have been the person at the party or club or whatever who felt totally disconnected from the enjoyment everyone else was having. Then you realize those kinds of activities do nothing for you, and you withdraw.

Then you agree that the normalniggers must be expelled from this board? We are on the same team.

You and I are not on the same team. I don't fit in with society but after years of working hard I fit in with certain people. You yourself refuse to fit in with others instead of trying to. You arent a robot, you are a failure.

>fit in with certain people

see, the problem.

I've been here since 2013. Every summer solstice, like clockwork the edgy teenagers come to my board and try to gate keep something they no nothing about.

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You what? It's like this all year. It's actually calmed down a bit now. I'm guessing the real summerfag here is you.

>too normie for r9k
>too r9k for normies
Is there any place for me in this world

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Fuck off trannyshill!

Biological females are welcome here.
It's the non-bioogical females who should leave immediately.

Does this mean neets who weren't kicked out at 18 can't be on r9k

This is an awful post but it makes me feel worse because I meet all the criteria. It's over.

>muh space
lol this place was never for you. It was supposed to be about original content. I have very little respect for demographic rules because there are no forum rules that say that this board is for your niche, anyway.

>my board
This was never your board. Your kind just took to complaining and never taking advice, claiming this space for yourself. At the end of the day, you're just another powerless NEET trying to claim what isn't his

m00t gone bro he aint gonna do shit hirohito is with the jews

Jow Forums was never for basement dwelling neckbeards. Only those regularly exposed to society can truly feel. You aren't feeling anything simply existing from day to day and lashing out on those actually attempting to exist in the real world won't change that. This place was always for people to share their suffering at the hands of society, not for those who never tried.

hello bud

You're a cyborg user, forever drifting between both worlds of the normies and robots but never fitting in which either one

cringe post retard just die dum dum wetard poo eater lool

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This is just sad my dude. Have sex.

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Just go to 8chn

looks like you are still a virgin all these years later eh boss? that's sucks

can you go back to /b please i dont think you are having fun doing this anymore
he probably doesnt even know how to get to it

>When your shitty bait thread dies so you post it again

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