Wish I were a girl so I could wear cute clothes.....Im not trans or a fag so I can only dream :c...

Wish I were a girl so I could wear cute clothes.....Im not trans or a fag so I can only dream :c. Im fine with being a dude tho, anyone else feel similar?

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I'm not trans, but it would be nice to be a big-tittied girl so that I could be sexy and be lusted over and procure lovestruck orbiters everywhere I go

I dont think I would go down the sexy route, I'd try to be cute and comfy c:

same, not gay or trans, but im an extremely feminine male, I like cute stuff. Fine with being a guy, but having to feign masculinity around other people is fucking torture.

couldn't have put it better my self, glad to see other people feel the same

Honestly the biggest reason why I want a gf is so that I can live out my fantasies vicariously though her.

Why do girls get such unbelievably cute and sexy underwear? It's not fair.

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Yes, I like playing dress up games.

>tfw Koikatsu has a disappointingly small selection of cute/slutty outfits compared to Honey Select

I also want to be girl but not gay.
I just want to be cute and wear cute clothes.
Or oversized hoodies and still look cute.
Im not gonna become a tranny because not a faggot.
But i might crossdress when I move out of my parents house.
I dont want them to find out i crossdress.

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I don't really care about wearing girl clothes, but it'd be nice to not be literally at risk of dying earlier because of not being touched at all

Have you considered secretly wearing panties under your normal clothes? It's pretty hot.

sad roll up post sad roll up post

>Or oversized hoodies and still look cute.
you have no idea how much I would love this, I already own some oversized hoodies but they dont look cute on me so I just wear them when I lounge around.....which is always

I'm not gay but I would totally wear a skirt with panties. Hell I'd suck a dick too

How should I buy panties with out anyone onowing I crossdress?
Could I buy panties in the store and act like im shopping for a gf?

If you buy at a store, no one will give a fuck, they'll just treat you like a normal customer.

Okay i might go and buy some panties tomorrow then.
How many should I get?
How many is a normal number for a gift.
3 maybe what do you think?

I actually used to own a shitton of panties that I wore like that, threw them away because I got sick of hiding them. Buy as many as you'd like and think you could get away with hiding. Try different colors, materials and brands, explore different stores too. I especially like buying from small independent lingerie shops in commercial parts of town. And think about it, even if the cashier suspects something, what's the worst that could happen? You'll go home and fap to her teasing you about your panties at most.

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I will probably blush and go full autism when im in the store. What should I do?

i wish i was at your house, so i could fuck your boipussy

Kinda, I'd like to be pretty and soft and be able to wear nice dresses, but at the same time I really like to be able to be big and strong and be able to protect my loved ones. I'd still be attracted to girls either way

Get off from the embarrassment and fap to it, of course. I personally love the panties that are extremely feminine and slutty - so lace everywhere, white with flower stamps, light pink, red, etc.

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Just get a pack of them and maybe some socks while you're out
Oh and if you could bring home some milk thatd be great, we're running low

yes I think it's normal curiosity to want to experience being a girl if possible without being trans, how their orgasms feel & how it is to dress up cute and get attention. people are just fragile & it threatens their masculinity too much to admit it..

I'd like to be an adorable teenage girl of my ideal appearance, traits, and attributes. Same boat as you where I'm cool being a guy and wouldn't go trans but if some magic or tech suddenly allowed for it, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

>want to be a cute girl
>end up 6'8" and built like a refrigerator
I'm not a delusional tranny faggot or anything, I just really lament that I'm not smaller and cuter every day.

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I love tight clothes, like, I REALLY love the feeling of wearing tight clothes, I remember buying that tight ass lycra shirt and that whatever'sthenameofthatmaterial sweatpant that would fucking CLING to me when I'd exerciser and it was so good

I also do love cute stuff, especially anything animated

iktf, ever since i was young id totally take the chance to be a smol tender girl, but wouldnt go through any trans shit. itd be easier, but i also like the idea of being cute and having people wanting to be around me

I actively have to suppress some of the more effeminate aspects of my personality to avoid inevitable ridicule so yeah being a girl would make things easier. Girls are nice,soft and smell nice how could you not like them

Nope. Can't relate but good for you

I wish I was a girl because they get boyfriends and sex stupidly easy no matter how fat, ugly and stupid they are. Meanwhile I am a 22 year old kissless virgin.

>.Im not trans or a fag
Pretty sure this is fag behavior

I would love nothing more than to be an adorable 5 foot 5 inch petite woman with B cup breasts and a round bubble butt. To smell nice and feel pretty and to get to wear feminine clothing and accessories.

>Im not trans or a fag

Yes you are.

Thanks for the analysis, Fuck Face McGee the Faggot Expert.

Yeah I get it. It's like if I could have chosen to be born a girl then I would have but I guess I'm alright with being a guy.

I told myself that for 20 years, and now that I'm 28 I finally admitted to myself I'm a tranny.
I could have started hormones when I was a teenager, but I told myself it was "just a phase" or "I just want to be cute I'm not a tranny".
Perhaps you really aren't a tranny, but you should seriously consider whether or not you're repressing. You can always dress as a male in public, and transition in private. No one is forcing you to chop your dick off or even take hormones.
It's all about accepting yourself for who you are, regardless of societal spooks.
Myself was born in a male body, but I'm whiny bitch who likes to do cute things and wear cute clothes. It's not cross dressing, it's not a fetish, it's who I am. The only reason I don't do it in public is because it would be more trouble than I would gain from it.
Good luck user.

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