I want kashii to make love to my mom while i watch

I want kashii to make love to my mom while i watch.

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Hes an asian manlet, your mom needs to try my bbc

is your mom beautiful for her age?

Take creepshots of your mom's ass and send it to me on discord

I didn't make this thread. Kashii did because he's a sexual predator. Just look at the filename.

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You sound perfectly sane and healthy

You skitzo. You made this thread and blamed me while wanting me to sleep with your mom? Dude you are sick in the head.

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what is happening aiste has a rival now?

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You said all white people are inbred and crazy before. It's true. My mom's family is from some inbred Prussians. So what do you want??? She's crazy.

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>tfw you will never be cucked by the norwegian avatarfag

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I never said that... i dont care if your mom looks inbred. id still fuck.

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i want avatar fag to to love me

can you fuck my mom too please

>how big are tits and ass?

Tell me and I might.

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She's fine without your nonsense. She's way out of your league anyway.

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> quite large
can you fuck my gf too or is that reaching

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>cuck fag has a gf

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still owning the incels

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I'll love her better than your dad. Why are you defensive? i wont hurt her lel

I dont do gfs but my boy Rugga can help you with that. And i love bbw brits. Your mom sound like my type. Nigga this the Navy.

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I wanna fuck kashis tight asian hole with my BBC

Can I fuck your GF? oriiginally

I'm just saying how it is. She's almost 40, but she's way beyond what you can get, so just forget it, you American manlet.

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sounds quite based kashii
yes of course

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Dayummmmm she had you when she was young? now my dick is hard. I need to know how she look like asap. Duuuuuude i bet her tits are still perky and bouncy.

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Oh, thank you. Too bad I'm on the otherside of the world so I can't oblige the offer but thanks anyway.

Yes. She was a young mother. I thought it was cool then, because she wasn't like other mothers I suppose. We were already well-off and she'd even take me to rock concerts. But she probably didn't know how to raise a child because of that. So I don't know if that's good.

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the troubles of living in britbong land

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Do you realize mothers who had children when they were young didnt fully experience her youth? She took you to concerts because of you she missed out on it. Man id make ur mom feel young again with my 6 inch big asian cock.

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Atleast you can meet people in britbong land, here in your best colony of Australia I've only met one other cunt that browsed here.

Just fuck off with that nonsense. She takes care of herself, so she doesn't need you to make her feel anything. How old are you anyway?

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>6 inches

You're shit outta luck kid, 6" is small now; you've gotta be atleast 8" average.

Wow i made the great Aiste use cuss words! Man, i really want to smash your mom now. Just so i can be your daddy.

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I've cussed before, it's nothing special. My family is way too exclusive. An Asian American will never belong here.

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Can a white man join your family, I'll be your loving husband forever!

also my pp kinda big so dont worry babe I can provide sexually aswell

Same really. I want him to kick my ass in front of my gf and watch him make out with her in front of me

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>hi miss aiste? hi im dr. kashii
>oh im srry. anyways your son is suicidal
>oh god! oh no! i thought his meds are working
>its ok, i can cure him
>ive fixed so many children before
>ok how?
>i can fix him just by taking him to this bootcamp. its a special camp for kids like him and ive had good success in their recovery
>ill do anything. anything to help my son.
>*grabs tits* anything?
>oh... what i meant was
>*kiss aiste mom* look this is for your son. *kiss while undressing her*
>ok *blush*
>*get a mouthful of her tits* alright *pulls down her panties* lets get this started

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More like:
>hello, Mrs. Aiste, I'm Dr. Kashi
>your son is suicidal
>umm... yes? he's on medication. I don't think I recognize you. you're not his doctor
>y-yes I am
>says in our financial database you work as a burger flipper in a fast food restaurant
>*end call*

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More like:
>Hello Mrs. Aiste, I'm [redacted]
>Your son is suicidal, I'm here to resolve this
>>umm... yes? he's on medication. I don't think I recognize you. you're not his doctor
>Don't worry, I'm not his doctor, I'm his new lover
>Oh that's wonderful, come in
>Thank you so much Mrs. Aiste, which room is she in?
>This one, thank you so much Mr. [redacted]; oh dear, I nearly forgot! I've got a date with Dr. Kashii, you two have fun!
>Thank you again Mrs. Aiste!
*goes into aistes room and procedes to have hot steamy love with aiste*

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Go to town bro, you get this user's undying approval