Post Autistic foods/snacks you like, that any sane person should hate...

Post Autistic foods/snacks you like, that any sane person should hate. Also a small part of the reason I will never have a gf.

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Is that stuff really worth trying?
I like normal liquorice but I've never tried salted/ salmiak liquorice before, it's not something you can find easily here, seems like just a Scandinavian thing

there's nothing wrong with liking Liquorice. assuming you are burger?

t. snownigga

Black licorice is already an required taste, this is even more so.

Its Very salty stuff, I guarantee you will hate it at first, but I had four boxes when I got them and I didnt want to throw them away, so i kept eating them and now I love them.

suomi mainittu spurdo sparde

too late, I just bought 4 packs as well

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Enjoy it, you will probably hate the first 2 packs. I'm too broke to afford it anymore so rip

iktf family member, just got a job so I'm finally not broke
thanks for giving me something to look forward to

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did you just buy the 4 packs off amazon for like 9 bucks?
Yea I need to get to working so I can eat my damn salmiakki

yee, it's pounds here (I'm in the UK) but similar price

What? I don't know how it is where you live, but liking liquorice is about as weird as liking milk chocolate.

just an amerifag, everyone gets sickened when I say I like it, and the few people I know that do like black licorice, get sickened by the idea of salted black licorice.

Huh, that's pretty strange to me. What DO those people like? I always assumed it was one of the standard candy types

I thought black licorice was standard too, until I told people it was my favorite and they were grossed out... i can understand salty black licorice being hate tho, but I love it

As a borger that does sound pretty nasty. Black licorice is decent sometimes but I cant imagine it with salt
I like red licorice, specifically red vines

red vines arent actually licorice tho heh, but I like them too

Yeah I know, I wasnt really specifying a kind of licorice I like, it's just my favorite candy. Some of that, a bowl of popcorn, and a horror movie is maximum comfy

Its not actually sodium salt, but ammonium chloride, which has a very pungent taste

Just to be clear: you're referring to standard salt liquorice, right? We don't call it "black", there's just sweet and salt over here. Don't know wtf the "red licorice" that mentions is, but it looks like just another wine gum variant to me.

Red licorice is just what we call it, probably not the right term. I've never heard of wine gum so I'm assuming it's a regional thing

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I'm an Americuck so I have to go to the global foods market to buy marmite

Man this is impossible to talk about. I never knew candy was such a national thing.

I unironically enjoy military rations and baked beans straight from the can. Also like baking chocolate more than regular chocolate.
Red liquorice is something of the default type here in the land of burgers. Though I prefer the more bitter black version. That being said I dont really have things like candy that often, more of a jerky/bag of nuts kind of guy.

Even the difference from the states to Canada is huge. It's actually kind of amazing dont you think?

canned octopus

Best popcorn I've ever had and has some nutritional benefits unlike microwave popcorn.

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I like that but I like the tar-flavored one more.

Saw a chocolate covered version of this in Canada.

Best candy ever

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Is it possible to kms with those by eating a whole pack?

There's some neat articles in Danish that explains how much is required, actually... But you can't read them, you poor fool. Maybe you should use the time pondering suicide, to learn how to speak Danish, then you can become a translator in the business world

I eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches and everyone I've ever met thinks that's disgusting

presenting the ultimate autistic snackypoo

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I also love that shit, probably because I despise myself
as for other food autism, I dislike reheating food, and thus will usually eat leftovers of typically hot food cold most of the time

Eating my own dead skin from my acne scars.

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