Failed tinder/whatever other dating app thread

Failed tinder/whatever other dating app thread.
Post a conversation you had with a girl that didn't work and you don't know why.
Then us anons will give constructive criticism as to what you did wrong (if anything).
Or we'll just spam "retard" at you, either works.

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> /soc/

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I just don't know what to say after hello.

For context, this is the girl I matched with

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>implying soc is good for anything but larping trannies and cock rating.
Nah I'm good right here, ya'll are chill (comparatively speaking)

And here's the message, I thought girls liked being "negged" like wtf

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Ugly. The middle of her face just comes out of her frame, wtf.

i feel like it's just for the best not to point out stuff related to their facial features, even if it's positive.

Try a joke, lighthearted self deprication can work well but it's hit or miss

why are you using weirdo tactics to talk to another human being instead of just having normal conversation on an app where the sole intention is for both people to find someone they like and want to engage with physically? you should be likeable and funny, not mean

Negs only work once you've already made them want to please you. Otherwise it just comes off as you being some random asshole.

my fucking sides. How about you just say hi how are you

holy fuck, you're never gonna get laid starting a conversation like this. you just come out as a prick and unless you're a 9/10 chad it won't work.

some girls may find that funny, however not many. You'd probably be surprised how many would be upset all day because of that.

So either she wants to fuck you or her day is ruined, it's a win/win

Part one of 2 (probably just talked too much Nd scared her off)

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And the second part (she ghosted after this)

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bro thats pretty cringe

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Dude the ratio to which you guys respond to each other is ridiculously skewed. It's fine if it's a long term chat and there are on and off periods where one person talks more than the other, but right now it looks like she's barely interested and you're trying to dance for her. Fucking get a grip and don't seem like you're so desperate lol

It took me seconds to type those, it's more or less a habit of mine to say wayyyyy more than I need to without even realizing.

>ya'll are chill

Yeah. That's a part of what's called social awkwardness. It doesn't matter how long it took to type. The volume of what you're saying is way higher than what she's responding with. Nobody wants to be greeted to walls upon walls upon walls of text.

how based can one user be? ignore the haters, if you do this with a girl that has a sense of humour you'll hit it off. the other girls you'll probably have no success with but that's the sacrifice you gotta make

She doesn't see those messages as 2 seconds to type each, she sees it as multiple messages in a row. I mean, are you retarded? I'm a virgin and I learned back in high school not to "double text" cause it looks pathetic.

Anyways I'm fine either way, being screamed at by angry internet people is my kink

how are asian men so tough!

I'm not annoyed by you saying we're chill comparatively, you bumbling fucking idiot, it's that you said """""""""""""""y'all are chill""""""""""""""""" GET THE FUCK OUT NORMALNIGGER

Ascended autism, I can respect this.

take the chadpill

playful mocking is done by picking things which don't actually matter to them, and typically things which can be changed

negging is distinct, it's meant to be an active way to signal disinterest and higher sexual market value - it's done by blending an insult with a compliment, not by saying retarded shit like you did, which is basically saying "we're both ugly" - you think you're ugly but fuck you, what you think is irrelevant if you have no value

the quintessential examples of a neg are "it's cute how your nose wiggles when you talk" and "i love your hair - is it real?"

i would caution against them, especially outside of face to face meeting, since women are vaguely aware of the concept (there was even a scene in Kingsman which hamfistedly described the concept)

All of them because I never match with anybody. I send messages based on their profile every time but never ever hear back
Except one that was one word answers for 2 messages and then nothing

You wont fail on Grindr OP