Well Jow Forums, I finally did it. I finally started HRT. I am pretty excited for what's to come

Well Jow Forums, I finally did it. I finally started HRT. I am pretty excited for what's to come.
Anyone else here start it recently?

Oh, I got a legitimate prescription for it, by the way. Just in case you were curious.

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Good luck I hope you're young enough to benefit & don't chop your dick off so you can back out if you realize you're stupid. if you're male

Make sure to take them all at the same time faggot
Suicide is inevitable so make things quicker

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Enjoy spending the rest of your life taking meds and stretching your wound

have fun constantly shitting yourself at 60, if you make it that far

Why is it almost only men who transition? Face the truth that being a guy fucking sucks and you just want to be girl because it's a lot nicer. Not because muh wrong body. If that would be the case more women would transition into men. Which they do not.

Gender disphoria is a direct result of the fucking retarded coddled world men live in nowadays. And deep inside you know it trannie. But wearing a wig isn't going to make it better, just even worse.

>Days without a destroyed white bloodline: -1
oy gevalt

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Thanks. I think I should be. I also don't plan on getting SRS, so no need to worry about that.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest of your life, as well. But like I said above, I don't plan on getting SRS.
It's not. There are a fuckload of FtMs. If anything, they are more likely to be the transtrenders (I still love them all the same, though).
haha, I am on Jow Forums. Do you really think I was going to pass on my genes anyway?

I started hrt recently too! albeit im doing diy by just buying the chems off inhousepharmacy until i can go to a planned parenthood.

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What'd you go with?

go back to your containment board you nigger

started about 9 months ago. Pretty close to a year now.

Good job!! I'm happy for you

So jealous maybe you are in the closet?

Can I maybe put my penis in your butthole ma'am

>So jealous maybe you are in the closet?

What don't you understand about the fact /lgbt/ exist for a reason you dense mongrel?

>implying white people post on this board
fuck off pigskin, this is are board

Estrofem and spirnolactone

You should take them all at the same time faggot. Kys

get blood tested every 2 months after a dose start or change

send results to your endo and have them look at it
fuck what your endo says
dont fucking wait 6 months to get a fucking result of some crazy fucking hormone level.

That's really cool! Glad to hear that. Has it been going well?
sure thing :^)
Ah okay, same as me. Nice.
I got my baseline levels tested today, and they're gonna test me again in 2 months.
Why fuck what my endo says?

you're on the same dose of estrogen as me, user! albeit i'm on 25mg cypro instead of spiro.

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Nice! I hope 6mg of e is good.
Are you self-medding or do you have a prescription?

im a filthy self-med because UK trans care is shit

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how come you faggots can get estrogen in massive doses but I cannot get testosterone without having ball cancer or paying $300+ a month for a level out dose?

You're really going to fuck your body and mind up that much just to get some attention from online nerds for a few years?

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Take more pills. Surely the more you take the quicker itll be. Take an entire bottle or two

Why are these people so evil and how could you succumb to this madness OP

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normally endos refuse to test entirely or every 6 months.

based OP making the roasties toasty. enjoy the societal privileges that were formerly denied to you.

>slaves designed to die for Israel -1

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>its not like there are key parts of the feminist movement dedicated to addressing and helping mens issues
itd be great if you guys actually made an effort to actually look into how experts are trying to fix mens issues because very rarely is it done by spamming infographics on italian american gabagool forums

Don't listen to the haters. They say you aren't a real woman. Yea well they told me my car wasn't a real lambo. SSDD. They are just jealous of us.

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Someone please post the screencap of that one guy who completely regretted his decision to become a tranny due to all the operation fuck ups.

It's not too late to turn back OP, seriously

awww, rip. Be careful! Make sure you're getting your levels tested
female privilege :^)
good plan thx
I've wanted to do this long before reiko's faggot ass started posting here
wtf that's actually retarded
lol. Yeah I'm not too interested in being a good goy. Glad to make roasties toasty, though, lel
I already said ITT that I'm not having SRS.

Fuck off kike.


another word for the filter

Which word? HRT?

*slowly shakes head in fatherly disappointment*

get wrekt, boomershit. your childs' life is not your personal plaything. he's his own woman, not your slave. deal with it.

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Spiro will make you pee a lot. Don't take potassium. Stay safe.

No one is going to miss you when you kys

its over, this isn't the answer you seek.

Imagine how badly this thing would fare in a car crash.

Yeah, so I've heard. Thanks! I'll do my best!
no u
says who? You? And how would you know?

>implying and other cars could ever hope to go fast enough to catch it

How old are you OP? Hopefully you'll end up cute instead of ending up in Jow Forums memes.

I'm 20. It's not too late for me yet, but I know I am cutting it close.

You will regret this shit so hard that you might kill yourself and fuck off to /lgbt/ you no longer belong on this board you mentally ill tranny scum.

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You'll make it OP. I hope you end up a cute girl (male) for a good guy.

how do you know I'll regret it? What makes you think that?
Thanks! I appreciate the well-wishes! I hope to be extremely cute one day

oh no
>not injections

and anything after puberty is late

Did you save a fucking thumbnail of an image used to make fun of trannies thinking that it supports you? Holy fucking christ, what are you 15? I'm not that poster but christ you goddamn newfags are funny as fuck
lurk 5 years before posting underaged retard

good thing puberty technically isn't over yet for op

at 20 it definitely is

nope she'll probably get hip growth. most who start at 20 turn out just fine

>how do you know I'll regret it? What makes you think that?
Statistics and studies, holy shit have you even done 1 minute of research before taking meds that will alter your body/mind?

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Your parents and most of society is ashamed of you.

>Statistics and studies
Source for that, you dumb nigger?
Meh, it could definitely be worse.

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if by most you mean a minority, yes
and puberty has nothing to do with hip bones fusing

hrt statistically helps people with gender dysphoria

t. coping hon

if you think starting at 20 isn't late you're the one coping, I started at 14
look up what puberty is

not that user (I'm OP), but isn't it like ~22 that growth plates start fusing and it's *really* too late?

>Source for that
Not gonna waste my time educating degenerate scum, alsos that pic only shows how much of a leech tranyes are to their parents.
>hrt statistically helps people with gender dysphoria commit suicide
Fixed that for you faggot.

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Spotted the covert aiste post. STOP BEING TRANS

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most fuse between 16-18, hips 22-24

you are hating the gays so you must be of the gay, no? Neck yourself faggot.

>Not gonna waste my time educating degenerate scum
So you don't have a source, then :^) As expected
Don't attract the schizo to my thread please
well, damn. At least my hips might look nice. Although, I was actually on opioids for a couple years from 16-19, and they tend to lower your T levels. So who knows, maybe I'll be lucky and my shit won't have all fused yet.

What's the deal with trannies on thid board? Are you faile men or genuinely dysphoric?

Spiro will fuck your liver up fag. Luckily for me i dont have to take that since my T was never high to begin with :^)

Your parents must be torn inside to have to put up with and fund your delusions. Yikes!

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>feminists trying to help men
ahahahaha oh god what the fck

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Why don't you take Pimozide instead and live a normal healthy life?
Serious question.

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I thought cypro was worse for your liver?
Yours just be so proud of you for shit talking trannies on the internet. Cringe.
Pimozide won't make me cute.

At least i'm mentally stable and moved out instead of leeching of off them or causing them grief with my delusions. Cringe.

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>helping mens issues
Like imposing gender hiring quotas cause men are just to competent for their own good? lmao
Or boycotting mens rights organisations that are fighting for equal chances for men in child custody cases?
Modern day feminism is a joke. And calling yourself a feminist is cringe.

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I'll have you know I'm attending university. I'm not a NEET.

who put you up to this, was it those tranny fags from that one discord everyone was talking about here a while back?

nah I've been wanting to do this for years now

>I'm attending university
Your saying that like its a job. lmao
Care to say what your studying?

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I'd never. I dont trust doctors enough to not fuck me up somehow.
I despise doctors, and especially therapists. I'd personally rather hate myself than trust once considering medical malpractice is such a leading cause of goddamn preventable fucking death.

>But good luck!

But I talk shit about trannies IRL too. Rack yourself.

yeah I'm doing biochemical engineering
i don't hate them, but I understand your position
that's pretty rude desu

Switch to gender studies degree, you'll fit right in with all the mentally ill and delusional faggots.

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nah that seems like a shit career choice

But you have the "talent" for it.

no shit everyone does

hey op wanna be be cute girl gf?

The dad has thousand yard stare. "Where did I make a mistake?"

Very sorry for you. My advice stop where you are and accept yourself the way you are. You are just going to lose what you have now. And you might think what you have is not worth having, but thats only temporary.
As dumb as it sounds you are walking into a trap by becoming a trap. I'm not here because I hate you, but out of concern for you even though I dont know you and probably never will, but I still feel you.


ok original boomer

Why not just speed up the process and immediately kys?

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I generally hope you the best user. Coming out can be hard and there's a lot of retarded in this world and in this thread who will hate you for just being you but know I'm proud of you and hope you can live your best life

>they are more likely to be the transtrenders
That's true, but the kind of FtM's that are trans trenders are really obvious. They're basically just tomboys.

My girlfriend is a high school teacher at a rather small early college, so the size I am sure is why she only had three transgender students. Oddly enough both females that started becoming male freshman year have already begun backpeddling and basically identifying as girls again and the male is like..kind of a psychopath with a criminal record and shit. And his parents buy his fucking titty skittles (cause hes a literal kid) so its not like they arent supportive. I just have to wonder if the pills fuck with his little mind..
Its such a weird mess and I am glad I am well and out of high school so I dont have to have this shit warping my developing mind

heck yeah sounds good
>You are just going to lose what you have now.
What am I going to lose, and how am I going to lose it? How do you know this? Provide evidence to support your claims.
no u
Thanks, I really appreciate that. Coming out is a bitch, but what can you do? It's a process.
I was kinda shitposting when I said that. I honestly don't think there are that many trenders. Maybe some, but I definitely don't think it's some common thing.
yes i'm sure that's a representative sample of all tranners

rip OP, see you in a couple of years when you regret this retarded decision and inevitably make a livestream suicide thread
nice job getting duped into this shit by the tranny freak tards on this board btw

I for one am looking forward to the increased frequency of tranny regret threads in the near future. So by all means, have a fuckin' ball playing with your hormones, see you in a few years.

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this, topkek.
keep lobbing off your cocks and pumping your body full of hormones it does not want, i'm sure it'll work out great for you retards.
OP, you can still stop now, just a warning

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You know, I've asked this several times now, but I still haven't gotten an answer. Why do you think I will regret this? What evidence do you have to support your claim? "Muh feelings" is not an acceptable response, either.
wow, have sex