Why do we hate them again?

Why do we hate them again?

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Reee normie
Reee women
Reee non virgin
Reee me so special

Go back dickhead


Because the only decent subreddits were deleted for "hate speech" and "harassment"
So it's all normie trash now

the majority of reddit comments and posts are just self aggrandizing nonsense. it's much less about communicating ideas, and much more about saying something that makes you feel smart or important, and that then gets validated with upvotes.

some smaller subs are worth checking out. but 99% of larger subs are shitstorms of manbaby whining.

Never used Reddit desu.

Lmao, seething incel refugee or post 2015 Jow Forumstard

Bunch of SJW (or cringy incel or whatever other cancer) hugbox shit.
They can't have individual opinions, they are drones.

It's just too big most of the time and is Facebook/instagram 2.0.

Some smaller subs aren't complete shitholes

Also literally the worst mods on the Internet

>reddit every having any decent subreddits

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boats going up
boats going down

Reddit has amazing humor. Look at this post, stupid 4channers couldn't appreciate it but at least it got the credit it deserved after being reposted on r/greentext. There are many cases.

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Thanks for the gold kind stranger, OwO
Hope you're having a wonderful day. You helped me over my depression for today

This is a high quality repost that deserves 1k upvotes. Dare I say it... perhaps 100k!

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All frogposters really are from reddit

I don't know guys... r/incestsexstories is pretty decent

karma system means every post is either tryhard as fuck or inoffensive
full of normie's soulless blog shit
there's an entire subreddit dedicated to Jow Forums but you will literally never see reddit posts here. Jow Forums is culturally superior even though there's a hentai girl getting her pussy pounded a few inches below this text

Because it's an echo chamber of pseudo intellectuals that suck dicks for internet points within a sub that is always ran by narcissistic megalomaniacs who think they are gods because they have mod power.

Everyone is a comedian. Anyone that goes against the norm is demonized through their like/dislike comment system, resulting in a community that perpetuates a constant circlejerk.
I only go to that website for tech-related troubleshooting and piracy related stuff. I don't bother with their sub communities or their culture.

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>user makes a stupid larp for shits and giggles, probably wouldn't get more than 20 replies normally
>Reddit screencaps it and goes on moral crusade because everything they read MUST be true, thread blows up to 600 posts


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Because they're just like Jow Forums users, especially after 2012.

>moot now looks like a suburban dad
This saddens me and makes me happy for him. I am already hitting that big 30 soon. Fuck war has changed.

Those r/ask_reddit youtube channels or any reddit tube channel needs to be nuked. Smaller-niche sub-reddits aren't too bad.

Why would you hate them? Its like hating a monkey for throwing shit at your face, he doesn't know any better

Besides i still visit for certain game subs, /vg/ is still fucking garbage and always will be

>the youtube channels
>millions of people having reddit posts read aloud to them by microsoft sam

Because their site left this one in the dust

Can only dream with having a thread here like


And having more replies than a fucking avatarfag thread. But alas

>10 seconds of actual comment, 60 seconds of OMG thanks for the gold/upvote this my first time ever
Come to think of it, those videos and meme compilations would be easy money, it's just stealing content

Go to /his/ faggot. Of course you wouldn't know where to go cause you only know Jow Forums and Jow Forums.

They're moralfags, even the militant atheist ones can't handle different ideas of how to be.

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Good advice, I will try



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Take away the internet points and you get Jow Forums
Social media is inherently shit

Promote censorship
No free thought
Left wing
Karma system meaning if you post things people dont like they down vote you make your ability to post even harder
shadow banning
They steal our memes and get credit for it
Take themselves too seriously

If this is free thought banning it is a great idea.

>Everybody who disagrees with me is a Nazi
>Nazis deserve no rights to speech
>Punch a Nazi

How is that different than:

>Everyone who disagrees with me is a degenerate
>Degenerates must be purged for the good of the volk
>KIll a degenerate

Claiming that censoring nazis is bad I can kinda understand, but you have to know that they'd be censoring you too if they had the power to do so.

anti reddit discord: juSQzW

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I don't think degens need a purge, only pol does. Reddit and the other big boys are fine with us being quarantined on Jow Forums, it's only when we speak our minds outside of here that's the problem.

Because it's a leftwing hellhole

It's still important to remember, though, that when fascists call for free speech, they mean the free speech to call for getting rid of the free speech of everyone else.

Pretty sure most of the fascists just want to preserve their women, culture, and not be slaves. be that to the (((jews))) or whatever

So would they or would they not allow me to call for not preserving their women, culture, etc?

I have never lived in a fascist country so I can't say. I just know that outside of Jow Forums those are no-no topics. Go on pol and say that Blacks must breed whiyte women. They will huff and puff but nothing will come of it. Go on Reddit and say that Blacks tend to be criminals more than whites and your ass is grass

>Repeat same ePiC mEmEs
>Autism Echo chamber where any who disagree get shut down
>Shill admins are sensitive little babies

Never tried reddit. cant judge.
I found it helpul sometimes but only because when I typed a problem on google concerning games I would get steam community and reddit on the top of the results list.

So the most unpopular opinions are the ones taht are right?

Because their actions (posting screencaps of Jow Forums on reddit) have led to reduction in the quality of the board. While the karma system is flawed, reddit definitely has its use and place as a platform- the sheer amount of different boards and the ability to filter bait and offtopic with upvote/downvote both are useful. We could probably peacefully coexist if they weren't actively working to make this place even shittier than it is.

isn't Jow Forums an echo chamber where we circle jerk the same shitty memes where the mods and janitors are shit lords i don't see the differences and aren't most of are user base clinically retarded

Reddit is the polar opposite to Jow Forums

heavy moderation anarchy
updoods and echo-chambers free for all unweighted posts
quip-y accessible humor pitch black politically incorrect humor and post-irony
failed normalfags trucels

If you can't see a reason "why" we hate them, I suggest you browse /co/ and /tv/ generals for a few hours
If you still don't get it, then you have to go back

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their websites awful to use and its filled with awful people
atleast on Jow Forums you can just go to another thread
they'll follow you around on reddit and even ban you for stuff how rediculous

isn't Jow Forums just a huge echo chamber

Yes, but the defining trait of Jow Forums is that it anything bad about their "enemies" gets repeated over and over again. Reddit really is an airless shithole but reddit being bad dosen't make Jow Forums good.

You can basically post whatever you want on Jow Forums and no mod will intervene and your comment won't be downvoted into oblivion, so no, it's not an echochamber, even though there's a clear right wing alignment to the average Jow Forumstard

There are daily communist, progressive and left wing threads on Jow Forums

absolute cringe and objectively false. i bet you discovered this place through /thedonald/ in 2016 or later.

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>Everyone who disagrees with me is a degenerate
Thanks for proving you're not actually from here and don't know anything but memes.

'sup reddit
I've been here since 08 btw

Ah so you're part of the original cancer wave that killed this site. Faggot.

Jow Forums is basically all reddit/social media users who came to Jow Forums in the last 5 years.

Redditors behave the exact same whether they post on reddit or Jow Forums. If you see reddit behavior on Jow Forums it's because redditors post here.

Voting system hides any opinion opposing mass opinion, enabling an echo chamber.

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the fuck is that

there's 150 million people that use this site?

Actually they're the opposite of moral. Hurt many people in the process of saving a few.

>Echo chamber
The only argument bcuz they couldn't catch up with Reddit superior system and they are left behind by an old tech like bulletin board

To answer your question in detail, OP:

Let me preface by saying my experience with reddit is extremely limited. I never used the site at all until recently. I have an office job that gets boring, I mostly kill time with news sites and tech blogs so as not to get in trouble with netops for looking at inappropriate content. But I see lots of coworkers surfing reddit during lunch so I know that must be okay, so I decided to try it to see if I could at least find a niche community somewhere that reliably posts interesting tidbits. I spent most of a week browsing reddit in my spare time at work, looking for such a community, and that's about all I needed to decide it's not worth my time.

For a while I've tried to distill the unpleasantness of my experience down to its essential essence, and what I came up with was that everything there is fake and unoriginal. This sounds really simple and banal, but there's a lot more to it than it seems. For starters, I first tried to describe each component separately with specific examples, but found it quite impossible to separate the fake and unoriginal aspects of reddit from each other, so I'm left with the assertion that reddit is defined by both its fakeness and its unoriginality together. This creates the quintessential reddit experience.

To see what I mean, click on virtually any top rated post in the main feed. Scroll down to the top comment. Chances are it will be somebody making a pun or lame quip with tons of replies to it. The top rated replies will be people "riffing" on this joke, trying to keep it going via extended metaphor or additional puns or whatever. You keep scrolling past this circle jerk and you notice there are in fact several comments all but identical to the top rated one below it, each one enjoying a smaller share of upvotes. You see this formula for comments over and over on reddit, I found it on every single subreddit I visited.


This behavior, on top of being obnoxious, perfectly exemplifies both how phony reddit is, and how unoriginal. The jokes are all clones of each other, and the people post them for upvotes, not for humor. And wait, it gets even worse. Because it turns out that post you're looking at? It's a repost. Either a shameless exact duplicate or just edited slightly. You go into the comments, the exact same jokes, every time, sometimes even by the exact same people. It's not just fake and unoriginal, it's recursively fake and unoriginal, the entire premise that people are commenting on original content is itself fake.

But wait, the it gets worse. You might think "oh, but at least the stuff marked as original content, the text posts and personal text screencaps, those must be original and true right?" You'd be wrong. I thought the big effort posts were real too, until I saw them reposted, until I saw the exact same template scenario iterated over and over whether in text or "authentic" screenshots. Redditors had figured out what kind of content got the most upvotes and started manufacturing it for whatever subreddit they posted on.

I'd never believed all the paranoia about redditors coming to Jow Forums to post greentexts just to screencap their own posts to get upvotes on their site, but now I absolutely believe it, and I see it everywhere I look on this board and other boards I visit. The greentexts, just like reddit's "memes" and text stories and screencap "evidence" all follow a template, are designed to be as unoriginal and befitting whatever community they are in, an amalgam of cliches and stolen ideas. Reddit's fakeness and unoriginality is so virulent it spreads outside of itself to other sites, it literally fakes content to rip off and then repost and steal comments for.

It's just so much worse than I ever could have believed. There's other things I noticed, but this is enough words said about reddit and why it is terrible.

isnt that the premise of any social media site and memes in general
just reposts of reposts and theyre all laughing at the same thing over and over again until some other new meme comes along

>frog fag r*ddit phoneposter

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I don't really use social media, but if reddit is the archetypical example of it I wouldn't be surprised. It's a huge feedback loop that sustains itself with a social credit system (karma) to continually promote formulaic attention-seeking behavior. I find it disturbing, honestly, I find it hard to even think of redditors as people after seeing what I have seen. I also never thought much of the NPC meme but now it seems to be onto something.

That being said, the same thing happens on Jow Forums. When board culture says a certain thing is bad, only trolls will post that thing thing for years to come, and even if you do post it in good faith others can dismiss by simply invoking the approval of the group - "you don't belong here, go back to (insert place where your opinion is popular here)." Humans are mindless herd animals and the internet proves that true.

Not every post is a repost

it pretty much is, on every other social media site people steal from everyone else so all you see is reposts of dumb shit
and then everyone replies the same way- not because of a hivemind way of thinking, but just because they know it will get them upvotes because they all apparently have the same sense of humour
either that or they saw someone else reply with the comment first and they copy for want of upvotes
theyre all thirsty for likes but at least it isnt over pics like instagram

That's not at all the same kind of mechanism I'm talking about. That's just anonymous group dynamics. A small but persistent vocal minority can create the impression of consensus where none exists, which fools newer group members into conforming to the bogus consensus to fit in and zealously adopt its viewpoints whether they understand them or not. This means eventually the group will be dominated by people who formed their opinions out of conformity with none of them knowing the original reason, just an endless chain of people trying to fit in mindlessly repeating the same things. This is a problem inherent to Jow Forums, and one way I've seen it countered is older community members outing and shaming the obvious conformist newfags. The problem is, this solution requires there to be oldfags around, and for them to still give a shit.

What I'm talking about with reddit though is something else entirely. It's a system that rewards laziness and deceit with a false sense of accomplishment. It's not about conformity, the conformity you see on reddit is a byproduct of this system, a result of the site just churning out a bland, homogeneous slurry of milquetoast opinions.

Pretty much anything remotely popular is guaranteed to be a repost or ripoff of something. Reddit does not produce original content, is pretty much the one universal truth I discovered.

Last night my comment was downvoted and I got called an incel.