It's scary how fast she hit the wall

It's scary how fast she hit the wall

Imagine marrying a girl, who looks like the first picture, and year later wake up to someone from the second.

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The second one is hotter desu

makeup and lighting 100%

Did she get married? Letting herself go.

dont forget angles

you out there caring about asmr youtubers

Unironically she looks better in the second photo. Imagine being a faggot, like yourself.

>imagine marrying a girl
why would I do that?
>imagine people getting older
yeah well it works both ways

What wall? Are you fucking autistic? She just stopped taking care of herself, that's not hitting the wall. She just started eating bad. Also. Lighting and angles.

I noticed that, too, OP. It's mostly her diet, though. She's still a fine looking woman, but american food is pharmaceutical trash.

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What's the issue? she still seems like a knockout

why do you care so much about such trivial matters as appearance?
are you projecting user?

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Wait, could you guys not tell she was gonna hit the wall? She has a non-angular face which means it's just gonna droop as she ages.

>lighting and angles.
literally teh same angle and the same amount of lighting lol

god i wish i had a watermelon mommy with a huge fupa to use as a pillow

These are the facts. She just put on weight.

>Imagine marrying a girl
horrifying and gay. would sooner chop off my own dick.

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All that DUDE CHIK FIL A LMAO what u expect

She just looks like she got fatter

isn't she an asmr chick?
I think i saw some of her videos and she sucks.

Imagine caring so heavily about superficial factors while also hating women for doing the same thing you do.

You getting MCC for PC?