Why are you alone today user?

Why are you alone today user?

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Because I want to be alone most of the time

I like being alone duh

A crippling addiction to booze and drugs that burned down all the good relation ships I had

Why should today be any different from every other day?

I can feel you on the booze part

b/c standards are impossibly high now, I'm done fucking and dating hambeasts, nigresses and uggo omegas.
I had a qt 3.14 phone number and I threw that teeny slip of paper into the wood burner and never looked back that's why.
Saw her get dragged to her room flailing at psyche ward and it dawned on me.. she's hot but she's batshit insane..
You want to know what she said? "I broke the matrix". How does one even respond?
So basically, unless a legitimate 10/10 goddess fall out of the sky and into my lap..

divine punishment for killing god.

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The post is very original

I hate being alive and I hate people even more

I'm fat, narcissistic, also being 18 sucks because you can't date anyone under 18, no girl over 18 is attracted to you, and to find a girl who is 18 is fucking difficult

Why would you not want an insane qt user?

I'm lazy and don't care enough to put in the work for a relationship.

Gotta find me some good roommates again, though

Technically I'm not alone my Mom and Dad sister are all here in the house with me.

because people are loud and hurt my ears

because I have never been able to bring structure to my life and every friend I have ever had sees that and leaves me,

I am never alone. The Invisible audience accompanies me everywhere I go.

I'm never alone because I moved in with my friend. This is a good and bad thing.

I'm just meant to be alone

Because I don't know where and how to start fixing my NEET habits

Social settings are tedious and annoying at best of times and I can be a big boy and say mean words online without reprimand and no judgement

I'm stuck in the middle of Indian ocean sweating my cock off for 500 bucks a month.

because I'm talking to a girl on discord I met a few days ago but it seems pretty sketchy and I dont know if it will work out

I haven't go to univ nor I had driving class today.
Biophysics is shit, pal