If you use any of these you're automatically low IQ

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I call all my gymbros "bro"
Don't be a sad cunt brah

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fretting over nonsense like this is one of the reasons you're unhappy

I'll stop you right here mate.
Please kindly fuck off.

dude just chill man what are you bro some kind of low IQ tranny homie? why so mad nigga? sheeit dog just get over it bruv, everything will b OK lad

Dude what's your problemo with the word 'lad'.

Whatever cuck.


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ok, sure thing, buddy.

Working "dude" out of my vocabulary. The fucking lingo in my new geography is "kid" which I find incredibly dumb

fuck off mate i'll send you down the m5 you daft cunt

I've branded myself "homie the homo" in my mind because my life is so irrelevant to every human being I encounter.

It makes me smile when I think about it.

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I have an IQ of at least 165, it's just that the single-day-test that they use couldn't reasonably measure any higher and I wasn't willing to do further testing.
I use the words that you've catalogued frequently due to my need to communicate clearly & effectively while retaining some level of "street talk" so that I'm able to reach those who have an IQ below 130. I know that it might make you insecure to know that there are people on this board who are smarter than you, but just know that there are people who are smarter than me. How you're expressing yourself is common for the mid-brain-pseudos with an IQ between 125 and 140, but I know that people in this range are able to be helped. Please understand that what you're saying is nowhere near universal and that you shouldn't be implying that it is.
Thanks for reading my response. I expect that you align your actions accordingly.

some habits are hard to break i say dude because its what i said from childhood and i have an iq of 118
absolutely love when girls call me mister though
especially when theyre less than half my age

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Unironically true.
I have an IQ of 88 and I use these words all the time.

> I use lots of words to express a very simple message, so I must be be smart

this is what stupid people say whenever they see more words than they can hold in short term memory

but my berries and cream

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I would actually believe that. Most of those words are fillers. You use them to buy time or respond to something you don't know the response to.
"Look at this cool thing"
>"Nigga wat"
It's how brainlets express their emotions.
A true high IQ would explain to them,
"I agree, that thing is cool, and I'm feeling absolutely turned on right nwo"

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What about "Bruh"? It's sort of a verbal tic for me at this point.

My IQ is only 132, but it feels like having an IQ of even 210 doesn't really help you to see more than others in life.

It's like it's all only good for mathematics and complicated problem solving, and nothing substantial can be taken from that alone. If your brain is clocked to be "with it", your IQ is useless.

Come on bruv, I've got an IQ of 136 nigga.

Of course, if it's the same brain with the same masculine/feminine balance, a higher IQ is better for realizing truths.

But you can get total garbage from 200 IQ if their skull is feminized enough.

>imagine getting upset over words

You even hear the same words from all sorts of IQ ranges.

"Stinkin" is one.
"Dude" is another.

The OP is right.
Different brains use different words, and you'll find a higher frequency of words like "bro" at lower IQ ranges even if high IQ peoples use them too because the amount of prenatal estrogen all hits one population average.

if you dont wanna be my bro then you can just be my bitch instead hahaha hows that sound


>has genius tier IQ
>can't tell the difference between bait, and not bait

I shiggy diggy unless this is also bait and you're playing 5D chess. I suggest you commit sepukku

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>ah yes, only the truest intellectuals use the word nwo in their everyday speech

>not calling everyone lad on the Internet
Wew lass

this post actually made me kek. i agree with a lot of the responses to it, like and i don't know if you've ever heard of this senpai, but there's two different types of iq. there's iq, and eq. second one being emotional intelligence. when one brags about being smart in a post like this, *highly emphasizing their ability to utilize lesser known words in the english language*, it shows that they have absolutely no idea that they are making themselves look like an idiot. hence low eq. They are both equally important, unless you plan on not talking to anyone and coming off as an absolute douchebag to everyone you ever meet. maybe this is why you're on Jow Forums instead of fucking your oneitis.

to recite this post to the people that you user, are saying are "mid-brained-pseudos",:
there are two kinds of smarts. smarty smart, and feels-smart. you user, have no feels-smart. so good luck with the ladies!!

here we go again

this made me kek. ty user, it made my day

how do you call your mates then you fucking dumb nigger? boyfriend? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

is that you user? i want to fuck your pretty little mouth (if you let me ofcourse)

remember when everyone on Jow Forums hated "senpai" and then they started ironically using "senpai" and then they started unironically using "senpai" for like two years after everyone else stopped? good times

lmao my man you gotta loosen up dude. just chill bro. we're all homies on this board aren't we? it's us against the other niggas in this world. it's a dog world out there. a rat race, you get me bruv? us lads gotta stick together if you catch my meaning

wow the word filter is still in effect, that makes "f/a/m" even better

Calm down jabroni

I say "dude" and "lad", but only those.

>he can't recognize new pasta in the making

Bro thats fucking stupid. Just cause i say dude doesnt mean im low IQ dawg.

>he thinks iq determines the language jargon people use instead of the social class they are in
just hear terence tao speak, dude speaks like a true retard even when talking about math