Would having a bf make your life better? I like looking at pretty guys but can't imagine actually having a relationship with one. It seems like an unnecessary burden.

>inb4 "Are transgenders allowed to post in this thread?"

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shid an fard

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Mananon here, would one of you like to live with me and my parents

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I was gonna hate on this thread, but you posted the so now I'm on op's side.
Eat shit and die, tranny.

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>i was gonna hate on this thread
>has a saved radfem cartoon

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I saved it just to piss off trannies.

>Would having a bf make your life better?
My life is already perfect, nibba. Basement-dwelling NEET life for life.

Fembots please drop your amazon wishlist links ITT

Just date an ugly guy?

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I don't know, but I would rather be alone and feel safe than let my guard down and risk getting hurt. Unless someone shows me it's worth trying.

TERFs are just female incels.

i am an elder exfembot
you have less time to yourself for sure.
you cant just stop watching a show and do some activity you do alone if you're in the mood while you're with them. can't help you with the model bf part though.

I am always on the fence about considering tans women strictly as women. I'm multiracial and I don't have a problem identifying as both black and white but not wholly either. They have traditionally been considered a third gender with their own culture and customs depending on the larger society. it kind of feels wrong to erase the trans part of them by saying they're just a woman. probably not the place to try and have an actual conversation about it.

White nor black people exist. Classifying people by skin color is a retarded Amerileftist construct.

Does anyone else get jealous of the women they always post? I find myself getting a little angry whenever I see a picture like this.

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completely missing the point, thanks for the (You) though.

>the american left invested race
that's a steaming hot pile of shit take.

i'm guessing it's because leftists recognize that racism exists and has real life consequences

>Would having a bf make your life better?
Probably. I'd have to actually reengage with life and stuff which would be helpful. I kinda need something to light a fire under my ass.

Lol don't get mad when people post pictures like that.
I'd say a majority of guys don't find a pic like that attractive. I feel like when boobs look so gigantic it just gets ridiculous. I think most people who would post a pic like that are just meming about what they find attractive or are deviants

i think things like those tiddays are only fun in the bedroom, irl they would be a nightmare on your back trying to hoist them fuckers up and walk everyday.

Racism exist, but today I don't think it has many real world consequences that are above the level of being ugly, or even with just a bad fashion sense/taking good care of yourself.

Well unless you live in the bottom places on Earth, like Amerifatia.

Who else but leftists are obsessed with skin color? Also leftists are so retarded they conflate geography with skin color when they use terms Asian, white.

i feel like this thread was made by a dude or a tranny

.t fembot

>go to predominately male website
>go to predominately male board even for said website
>females only

women are literally the worst. they could go to any other board on any other website, but it's just not the same if their posts aren't at the expense of men.

cut your roast beef off with a rusty knife and die of infection you worthless whore.

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The funny thing is half of them aren't even real females.

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No, I'm just a fembot who has romanticized men for too long when they're mostly intolerable to be around regularly and wondering whether other fembots felt the same. I mean obviously a good deal of you must feel lonely or you wouldn't be here, but I'm just wondering why because it's probably a different feeling for a lot of us which has a different solution rather than just
>improve yourself or slut it out until you get a bf

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im a guy and find that disgusting. big tits gross me out. i like small perky ones.

>tfw breasts are only as big as pic related

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I can say the same about females. You put effort into the relationship every day, support her constantly, try to entertain and cheer her up, try to stimulate her intellectually, but ultimately she doesn't care about anything except the most shallow forms of attention and ego-stroking.
Then you notice that you simply aren't appreciated or even understood, that you waste your time, energy and affection on a heap of flesh who only pretended to be wholesome and interesting to get your attention.

Its your fault your lonely

Its you fault youre fat

Its your fault you have small tits

Its your fault your ass is flat

You arent stacey so you dont deserve chad

Stop rejecting betas

If you show your body off we get to stare

Girls cant be robots

Tits then GTFO

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Imagine being a chestlet.

Youre not a real woman.