Do you ever use smiley faces? I feel like a beta using them

Do you ever use smiley faces? I feel like a beta using them

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Bro, I don't even smile in real life.

Yeah but it's only because Normies like them.
Wagecucking sucks.

only when she does

The devil one

I use them at work to pretend to be a happy go lucky normalfag

all the time, there is nothing beta about using them, its just expressing an emotion

I don't use emojis, but I do use like emoticons like :) or :( and shit. Not often though.

no, genuine beta move. being cutesy is a cop out.

This. I refuse to use emojis.

using any emojis or emoticons of any capacity unironically makes you a gay normalfag. i feel sorry for the fags that aren't aware of this fact.

only ironically, i cant stand people who talk with emojis seriously its so fucking creepy and faggot-y

Sometimes in the whatsapp group of my class or the one of my friend circle, to not seem like a robot.
And when I chat with my mom, I like her to think I'm a happy person

What is it with robots and hating emojis? Is it because you're autistic and can't put a meaning towards emojis?

i personally don't like them because i see them as a sign of communicative regression. why express how you feel in words when there is an emoji for it

anything but the laughing emoji makes you a fag

>wow Im really happy for you *smiling emoji*
>wow Im really happy for you *eye-rolling emoji*
gee yeah why would anyone ever want to clarify emotional meaning in text

they are literally modern day hieroglyphics

Pretty much this. I unironically love emoticons. Even the more cringe ones like ^_^

I use a smiley face so that I can hide my fucking crippling anxiety and stress :)

we had perfectly good emoticons for doing that before these little faggy pictures showed up

only when I reply to stupid posts on Jow Forums to mock them


Yes, unironically :D

Yeah emojis are pretty beta but text emoticons are okay, like :(

I use the :D smiley when spurdo posting, and I often use :^) when shitposting

i use these ones because i feel like i come off too blunt without them and i can just use them whenever i can't think of anything to say

can someone explain the difference between ^^ and ^_^

nothing except maybe some slight nuance i guess, i just switch between them because i am autistic about coming about as reptetive