Are incels actually becoming prison gay now? are trannies and traps highly sought after by robots now?

are incels actually becoming prison gay now? are trannies and traps highly sought after by robots now?

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No. It's just a weird minority.

idk user, the amount of requests i've been getting to show my boybutt has sharply increased in recent weeks

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>highly sought after
anyone after trannys dont have any experience with them irl, its just a fantasy like incest or loli

I used to do that until things happened

> 4 months trying to force a meme
Oh the feelings of failure

Trannies and traps have been highly sought after for quite some time. They're not gay though. The amount of prisongays looking for other robots is still on the lower side.

kill trannys and tranny lovers

idk some of them are alright and not too crazy
what thread did you request my boybutt in user?

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And today's the day you'll do it

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Im actually a crazy person

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Women live on easy mode and incels are lonely so they become trannies in a desperate attempt to solve their pain

Damn you fucker stole my goddamn quints

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i think we try and realize you're something we can use and dump but even a trannie will reject some of us :(

i see, user
kill me then lad
but user i dont wanna selfpost

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BREAKING NEWS: hoes indeed mad

stole my fucking quints

they are crazy, but thats not the problem, they arent 2d they are skinny dudes with wigs, once you see one irl the fantasy is completely broken

But I was so close too :(

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I wish
You could probably make bank as a camwhore.

promiscuous women angry

Cannot remember. You sound kinda gay

Hi kappu

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>prison gay
If only...if only...
I had no problem with them when I went to a con.

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I'm a man. I only posted here because I wanted the quints and I was running out of time. You think there are actual women here friendo? kek

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of course you dont, you're one of them, i meant normal incels

same desu but i have a gf so
im a pretty massive faggot yeah. cute though.
henlo gaynon :>

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no but I'd hatefuck your gf in front of you to make you two fall deeper into degeneracy so you hopefully never reproduce.

that's too lewd user... i d-don't want you to fuck my gf... she's mine...

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No, trannies are sick mentally ill degenerates who desperately try to convince the robots here that being a disgusting faggot is a good thing but hopefully most people won't fall for it. Fucking dudes isn't an answers for lonely incels, but these sick freaks enjoy praying on weak minds so naturally they would try to push their bullshit here.

user is young, handsome, and in trouble. Newly incarcerated, he doesn't know much about Jow Forums politics but quickly realizes if he's going to survive, he'll have to submit.

user will need someone to be his protector to avoid being victimized. In trade, he'll have to become a Jow Forums bitch and do things he's never done before. Kappu is willing to do the job, and user agrees to pay the price. To user's surprise, he doesn't hate the relationship and actually develops genuine feelings for Kappu. Too bad it's totally one-sided.

Now user not only has to protect his body, he'll also have to protect his heart.

Tales of a Jow Forums Bitch is an erotic romance with rough sex between hard-edged men and contains descriptions of violence.

ok incel
i will pay someone to write this fanfic

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When is the made-for-TV movie coming out on Showtime?

Kappu, is your girlfriend really a girl or trans? I want to bukkake Kappu with your girlfriend.

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i'd smother you well before you can fuck me.

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she's a cis, user

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That's fucking gay. No trans girlfriend Kappu, why even live?

Only replying because you posted Natsuki. What is your ass like, pretty boy?

She gets off on people imagining her to be super cute, but probably is just some disgusting slob. My imagined Kappu still makes me hard though.

ok she may or may not have a dick but she's still cis she's just a futa
it's quite big and squishy user, i've been thicc since childhood

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I wish i was a drawfag sometimes so i could share my and others amazing mental images

people have said i look pretty cute user, personally i think i look ok and pass alright but idk about cute

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Kappu is a she?

Tripfag and a tranny? Truly top tier faggotry. Go join the 41%.

I'm respecting the pronouns because I like Kappu despite her being a disgusting faggot.

thank you for being nice user, i like you too!

what do you think i look like? im interested

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>are incels actually becoming prison gay now?
This isnt a new thing

Like the guy cosplaying as 2b sucking dick in that popular pornhub video

oh nice, i've seen that before. i wanna cosplay 2b someday, whenever i get the money for it.

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Think link but with a softer face if that makes sense

aren't you like 4 inches? that's really cute kappu. you should explore the cuckpill and enjoy bigger cocks with your gf maybe you'll be lucky enough to get seconds everyone benefits.

smother me how? sounds pretty lewd. sure you'd give in pretty quick after seeing me though.

Thin build above waist, brown hair, small chin.

my face is pretty soft, yeah
i'm about 4-5 inches, yeah. idk, i'd be willing to let my gf cuck me but she really likes mine, my pp is kinda thick so i think thats why she likes it
that's pretty damn accurate honestly

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>sure you'd give in pretty quick after seeing me though.
not really a fan of masculine bodies, sorry user.

>everyone benefits
also, why are so many of you robots poly as shit? your attitude toward sex as a conquest reminds me of the dudebros i used to hang out with.

idk but it seems some do become that way. but i mean as long as they find a nice partner its good i guess. tho trannies usually are kinda mentally ill from my experience

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>tfw your hrt runs out in 2 weeks

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>tfw took my first pills today

arent phills like that scary? i mean they can have bad effects on your body... i hope you dont make regretful decisions

smol length is cute & good to get more info about your pp

I'm a slim boi & I meant my dick. not like this would ever actually happen anyway just messing.

im proud of you user

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thx. It's been a long time coming
i am a spiro hon, but I guess it could be worse
You should post in my thread!

i kinda promised a guy to not take it so i havent. im kinda trappy i guess. or atleast my close friends think im trappy they have said so im good =w=
i hope your hrt wont make you regret things. i have heard you can lose your sex drive dramatically

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i did

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maybe your just to lewd for the hrt lole

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its cool desu, i'm just playing hard to get.


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its nice to meet you. i hope you find yourself a great nice bf if you dont already have one

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i have a gf, user :>

she is very orginal[/spoiler[

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so your like a chad who is also cute. thats a interesting combo there.

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indeed, user. im a cute alpha tranner

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i am just a ordinary bottom to switch gae person. it got me reminded of this pic lmao. she is based

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ehhh idk user her facial structure is pretty masc, im glad i look like a cute smol girl instead of a big strong one

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nah i knew u wouldnt be that masc. im sure your the type who wanna be cute. like me and tons of others. but i just think that image is pretty funny.

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yeah my body is pretty weak and my face is pretty soft. im just squishy /cuteboy/

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I've been prison straight before

>Cute alpha tranner
How does one find such a person? Asking for a friend of course, not like women and lewd cute anons turned me prison gay or anything

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idk im a switch so i like fucking and also getting fucked, both are fun. it's not that hard to find a trendy switch

its good to be satisfied with ones body. btw my sister kinda mocks me for being feminine. she and my mom jokes that i am gay and play with dildos. well heh i am actually gay i think my sister is suspicious on it but i know my mom is complitaly confident that i am straight lole

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aawwwww, thats cute. idk what my parents ever suspected me to be before i came out. they probably thought i was a fag lmao

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yeah probably. i have been suspected as a fag by some. but my sis does it mostly to tease me. i think. i hope your parents arent that strict on it

Well switches are great too, can be fun to turn the tables sometimes. Just generally most cute boys I have seen are just hard sub.

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my parents are pretty chill about stuff which is nice. if they were shitty about it i probably would've an hero'd.
yeah a lot of traps and tranners are super subby so it might be a bit hard to find a switch at first

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i know my dad would hate to see how i am now. he used to force cut my hair. which made me scared for cutting my hair and his dumb plan backfired and now i have long hair. but he lives in another country now. my mom is pretty nice i guess. but she hope im not gay. i just will keep it a secret for now i guess. it could be worse. i could be a gay and have muslim parents...

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jesus, that sounds rough. glad your hair is long and qt now though. hope everything works out for you in the future!

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its not as bad as it sounds. im pretty good now actually. im just going to this board because im bored