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Where are my creative robo boys at?

I decided to start a podcast and a radio show 2 weeks ago and it's been going well, at least I think it's been going well

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My friend asked for a cute drawing of madoka so here's a sketch of her getting punched in the face

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yes this wil do

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Bumping with current WIP. Bocchi getting a wedgie

Having a hard time figuring out her droopy clothing from this perspective without making her pose look wonky, still a lot of work to do

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Bump 4 thread survival

bump haiufuh dsf je;as;anfn ftadsa

Bump right now sage

Cool drawing bro, is this a fetish?

Oof ouch yeah try to improve the floppy clothing and probably the panties floss her ass even more

just got an art program and im testing out tones and such

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Nah not really, just a joke drawing

Do you mean the "oof ouch" as in it looks bad? I did some more and tried to adjust the position of the clothes some, I think I'm going to shorten the legs too. Good point on the panties, will do

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Ah no I mean as in "that must hurt", good job on the progress bro

I wrote this short story about death
Hope someone likes it, I think I've been getting better recently

>The Hermit, who had once thought himself very clever for evading the long shadow of His Tragedy's scythe, now felt himself shrink under the scrutiny of his timeless foe.

>"Thou hast come to die at last?" inquired Death, the pale, ghostly flames within the dark eye sockets of his goatish skull flickering hatefully and peering down at the insignificant man.

>"No -- rather, I have come at last, to live," said the Hermit and with great pain looked up and met Death's gaze, seeing past the pale fire, past the ancient illusion of fear.

>The Hermit no longer beheld a monstrous harbinger of the end, but a tender, a gardener and a sower also, for no reaper poisons or reviles his crops.

>The Hermit then understood that his fears had been in error and that he could finally live -- and die.

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I understand what you're going for but it is not executed very well. Some advice: don't write how you think people wrote in the 19th century. Don't contradict yourself in the first 4 lines.

Yeah you're definitely right about the writing style, reading too much Lovecraft and purple prose-y occult parables.

Here's another more grounded go at a little short story.

>A certain detail caught my attention on my regular visits to the communal laundry of my apartment building: a perfectly preserved dead fly rigidly sitting on the large dusty window looking outside.
>At first I didn't think twice about the little fellow, but since he continued to greet me from that same spot whenever I did my laundry, I began to think of him more and more as a kind of pet or good-natured laundry spirit.
>After 3 years of living in that apartment I finally moved into a bigger one, but before I left I made sure to give my curious friend a proper burial outside, since he never did get to the other side of that window in life.

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I would like to get into drawing.
How do you do?
Do you skiss on a paper and later fix it up digitally or start digitally?

Which I now see as retarded, should have made my post clearer

D o y o u t a k e c o m m I s s i o n s ? ? Originally asking for the filter

Cool bump yeah

Very, very nice


I am not that user, but I draw on paper only, so they would say traditionally for what I do, instead of digitally.

>How did I start drawing?
I noticed as a kid that I liked being creative more so than others and randomly would draw in class when I shouldn't have been (they call that doodling, but I would actually try with drawings not just scribble). I used to do that constantly and this was before the internet was as fast and unreal as it is today. Eventually art teachers in school I had noticed that I was really into it and from their words good at it that I learned more from them, read books on it and eventually was in an advanced placement art class meant for a twelve grade senior in grade eight. As time went on I learned even more techniques about drawing by reading on the internet and actually drawing. That's about it.

>How do you draw?
It doesn't really matter what type of pencil you use, but find one that works for you and that is comfortable for your hand if you're going traditional. I don't know anything about digital, so I cannot help you there. I enjoy using 0.5mm mechanical pencils a lot for fine details in drawings.

The pencil I use is:
Pentel PG5 Slim Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm

But honestly you can draw with anything. For paper I use normal white printing paper, but I have used higher quality paper before and other than being higher quality I don't really notice a difference with my drawings. I then place that in a standard sized clipboard for 8.5 x 11 letter (paper size) and draw sitting wherever I want just how I prefer it. Others I have seen use drafting tables.

It can be really relaxing for your mind, but if you say grind the hell out of it like anything you can burn out and have to take a break at times.

I also use Uni 0.5 mm 2B pencil lead as well.

Look up references on drawing in general depending on what you're interested in learning to draw (for example: human anatomy, nature, cartoons / anime, architectural design, tattoos, etc).

>Shading (use of darkness and lightness)
>Line usage (hatching, cross hatching, etc)
>How to draw with your eraser (a kneaded eraser is good for this)
>Graphite grading scale (2B lead is in my opinion good for all around usage with proper technique meaning knowing how much pressure to apply with your hand while drawing). If you're truly serious though about pursuing drawing in the traditional way you can buy every lead grade available if you so desire.
>You can also buy a ruler, drafting compass, different types of drafting tools to aid you in certain heavy line based drawings if it needs to be absolutely perfect, but this isn't really needed.

For digital though some other user is going to have to answer that one.

O no worries, I didn't take it badly. And thanks

I just got back to the thread but to add on to what said, I spent a lot of time drawing exclusively on paper before trying digitally. I think it's better that way, because it forces you to better learn certain aspects (line
weights, shading, dimensions and such) without being able to rely on the benefits of a tablet. I feel like going straight to a tablet could encourage bad habits because you can easily undo, reposition/transform, use stabilizers, etc. Drawing on paper first would force you to understand the basics that you can then translate to digital afterwards

And @ your second question, if I'm going to do a digital drawing I don't usually start with a paper sketch. I just do it all digitally. I do still draw on paper sometimes though

Not yet, but I'm finally feeling like I'm near a point where I can start

Understandable, anywhere I can lurk at your stuff until then?

I don't even have a blog or anything set up desu. I really need to do that, idk why I put it off so much.

Here's one from earlier this week either way

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take 2

oh fug i didn't expect you to catch me here, i didn't get around to it yet i'm sorry ;_;

I'll be watching you user, forever from the shadows

do it on baraag

Are you there?
I'd like to see more from you.

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Haven't seen this site before but I like it. I'll probably give this a try, thanks for the rec
I tried to write this song to a girl who I think I am in love with and have no chance, but I feel like the melody turned out shit (I am learning the guitar for half a year). No lyrics yet. Share your honest opinion please.

let me know what u guys think

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Do some bass and drum overdubs and you will be good to go.

I can't kill myself for real

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Thanks. Do you think it would be better with electric guitar?

I wanna make music for video games.
No More Heroes 3 is coming out so i made this love letter to it. I hope u like it.

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whats good /creative general/

Its really good.Can i sample it?

really depends on the sound and genre you want.
I like the acoustic and makes it feel more homely and heartfelt (just my opinion).

Fantastic. No more heroes is also my favourite suda51 game so I'm stoked NMH3 is coming out.

sure man go ahead, its in 3/4 and in g# key. picosong has a download button

New silly song.

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ye ye and what tempo is it?

its some tempo around 150 with decimal points like 153.244. i picked an abstract tempo value to make the song feel more live and unique. most DAWs can find out the tempo for you

btw do you have soundcloud?
I just finished and posted this song a few minutes ago, i also make the artwork.
Idk its been a while since i actually made smth "productive"

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leave that sweetie alone
this is really good like the effort of the video too

attempting philospy
recent songs
recent jam

this should be in a south park mini montagee

I loved the chord progression.Reminds me of early 2000s punk.
This is so comfy to listen to and the overall pixel aesthetic is really nice
Your songs from "If You Only Knew" is really really nice.I loved the "Running out of time" part

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...can i post dis here?

thanks man, ive heard alot of your stuff before nice new addition, good at sabotaging myself is a nice line I might steal it :3

I remember seeing your art before, love the aesthetic. That fiery neck spout there flows real well

I got some inspiration for a story concept from the Catalog. What do you bots think?

Sleep Paralysis

For as long as I can remember, I've had sleep paralysis. Not in the sense that I often experience; rather, I've been stuck in one ever since I first had it when I was eight. For the past 15 years my body has been stiff as a board; my wasting muscles contracted, bony fists clenched into firm balls and bloodshot, dry eyes staring helplessly at the paneled hospital ceiling above me.

Every few hours or so, a nurse comes in and applies water drops to my eyes. My mother comes in every day to do this herself, from 7 to 9 am, then again from 6 to 10 pm. When she gets the day off, she'll spend all of it here. I wish I could tell her, whenever she's slowly flipping through the pages of whatever comic or magazine she awkwardly dangles in front of my eyes, that she shouldn't be wasting all her free time on her helpless failure of a child, but the air in my throat never manages to form anything coherent. I never really had the chance to make proper friends, what with the sleep paralysis and all, so nobody else really visits me.


Tonight has been the longest night of my life. And it's barely been an hour. While I usually have some kind of cotton or plastic pad over my eyes, regularly soaked to help keep them moist. However, last turn's nurse did not seem to secure them very well, and one of them has slipped off.

You'd assume this wouldn't make much of a difference to someone on the edge between dream and wakefulness, but I greatly treasure those few moments of almost complete silence and darkness. It lets me pretend that I'm still sleeping, just like any other normal person. Instead, tonight I'm stuck here, lucid and helpless as ever, staring mindlessly at the ceiling as my left eye starts to sting. It's unbearable, but I cannot do anything about it.

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Might ass well bump it.

Trying out some new sounds under another name while working through writers block. I really hate Soundcloud as a platform, I can't articulate why exactly, it's just hideous and you get annoying bot likes all the time.

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Should I start a still life paintin at 11PM or just go to bed

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Do you have anywhere to be in the morning? Start that painting if not

Nope I have no place to be for three days.

This sucks and I really hate it. Like I'm actually pissed off from reading it.

>I noticed as a kid that I liked being creative more so than others
Holy shit. Your ego is way too far up your own ass.

Do you actually consider this "music"? Honest question.

Then you better work on that painting

here's some crossposts from gif

I am back with the wedgie, I made a lot of changes and cleaned up the lines. Do you see any major anatomical issues or anything that looks off in her pose? This pose was tough for me, I want to get it right

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nice dude, that's exactly what I was referring to with the panties, better than what i expected. As with the pose, I am not an artist or know a lot about body movements but maybe stretch a little more her left leg? She's hanging off her panties right?

I was actually picturing it as her standing, like with the leg on the left being on the ground and the leg on the right slightly raised in the air. I see what you're saying though, and maybe it will be a bit more clear once I color it in. I'll try to tweak it a bit anyhow to maybe make it more obvious

There's this robot radio stream that plays music requests and the owner speaks with the anons on chat, but he rarely broadcasts and I can't catch any of the streams, so I want to start my own internet radio station. Would anyone be interested in listening? Besides just playing music and music requests there could be listener call-ins, I don't have any other ideas for other programs yet but I'm getting a mic tomorrow

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Been working on this in LMMS, kinda wanna show it to my dad soon.
Also been working on some Dungeon Synth:
And another chill song for ambience, exploring a mysterious world beyond the walls of the town:

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>Computer broke
>Habent been able to draw for a year
Muh art gainz

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I've got a soundcloud I put stupid music on

I remixed a twist and shout phonics toy from the 90s

And for the more autistic crowd, I wrote a folk song to the tune of One Tin Soldier

Also I like making dumb photoshop doodles. Pic related

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I like it desu. I followed :)

you could always suck some dicks

I posted this as it's own thread before I found this one so I'm just gonna post it here lol

Got inspiration from Shoegaze and Joy Division

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Slow bump

How did your stff already look so good when you started? My work looks like sketchy garbage

I always like your stuff. Sort of reminds me of neutral milk hotel. Where do you get your inspiration and learning?

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I do sketches and other art junk. Ngmi.

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too furry for my tastes, but looks very nice otherwise

Fire beats my mans. They sound radio ready, cool shit. The guitar switch up on april clipz is sick as fuck.

I make sad shit.

Hell ye, tradfags unite

question, as someone who illustrates what would you say about illustration vs art as a vehicle for conceptual debate (gallery art, generally anything 1800s thereafter had some kind of conceptual merit)? Do you think illustration and gallery art should be considered two separate fields or is calling both of them by the same name (art) adequate? Do you think gallery art should be a field at all?

I do the latter, and I don't expect or need people to like it but very few outside my work life seem to be able to comprehend art as a vehicle for anything besides illustration and it can get pretty tiresome.

Thanks. late reply cause I went to sleep.

I always like your art too, very colourful and would make great album art.

I only started playing an instrument ~4-5 months ago. and only started making music around 2 months ago.
I could never do anything creative before, I just watched anime, played videogames and listened to music all day everyday. I got talked into getting a bass guitar since it's supposed to be a very good entry level instrument. From there I was obsessed with it and pretty much did nothing else but practise for months and eventually got to the point where i wanted to make my own music. Learning the theory was hard at first and took a few weeks and many hours and failures trying to figure out what the fuck I was doing. The music theory stuff clicked after a few weeks and I've been making music constantly since. It actually feels like an obsession where I feel like I just wanna make music all the time. for the first month i pretty much just tried making music every day. I try to listen to more music, anime and videogames and stuff now but I keep getting pulled in to making more stuff even though I know very few people will even know my music exists. So for inspiration It just sort of happens, I have gotten a lot of ideas since this is pretty new to me so i like trying to make all different songs in all diff genres and write down all my ideas. Some of my favourite artists/bands are Of montreal, Neutral milk hotel, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Weezer.

As for learning on /mu/ there is a production general and a guitar general with good resources for learning about music stuff so I just self taught myself and learned from various music theory sites as well as a lot of googling about stuff I don't know.


This is really good, sound professional.

This is nice, reminds me of all those 2000's pop punk (in a good way) and good lyrics too.

twist and shout is great. I love quirky toy instruments and things like that. That is a creative mix of different elements

How does one just make a song? Like I have a bunch of riffs I made, but dont know how to put them into a coherent song that I actually like. Everything I try to make I just give up on because I feel like it just sucks.

if you are starting out your first things are gonna always sound shit and also you are probably a worse critic for your own things than someone else, it likely Isn't as bad as you think.
how I start is I will usually lay down the chords and the melody and from their add everything else like bass, drums, riff etc.You will want to use something like ableton for arranging your stuff.

here's a music video

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my drawings

nice tunes, i think you need to work on your mastering, also try posting beats on youtube i think youll get more recognition

holy shit this is good

i think this would go well in a lo fi beat, really nice


you got instagram?

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i have an interest in creative things, however i feel pretty dispassionate and unmotivated about almost everything but if i did have a passion it would be art and music, i just feel like im not doing enough, like when am i finally considered an artist. right now i make a detailed or shitposty sketch bout once every week and i sometimes write raps or record myself on guitar, i want to get into singing but my homelifes kind of rough and i want privacy, im saving up to buy some canvas and oil paints, i dont know i feel like its something to do with self actualization. just asking for advice.

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i dont know man, i think artistic expression is something that comes from inside and doesnt necessarily have something to do with other people.I also had the need to get approval from people for my art but i found out that the best way to do art is to do it for yourself, without caring about judgement or anything else

Some people liked my vidyas from the last thread i posted in,

I made a youtube channel dedicated to /comfy/ things

More videos to come in the future, I just need to think about what to record next

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do you guys wanna see some of my drawings?

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heres a song im working on now, any feedback or thoughts are appreciated

cool style, faces r sick

love this, makes me feel like i accidentally drank a fuck ton of psychoactive poison and started having terrible hallucinations, then theres a tunnel and when i get to the other side theres a bunch of little kazoo and flute elves greeting me and everything is fine

hella clean, sick robot boss battle

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we screamin we alone we far away. we not real. yuh

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im so fucking lazy ... makes me sick.

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Not usually my kind of music but I like it, probably the sampling makes me think of the avalanches.

please invest in better audio equipment