Yo user, if you can pin me, you can fuck me

>Yo user, if you can pin me, you can fuck me.

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>How much do you bench?

checkmate liftlet

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Chance are I could get him to the ground.
And that's with me not using roids.

If I couldn't pin you then I wouldn't want to fuck you. Sorry

>Super macho lesbian I used to work with
>Always talking about how much she works out and how big her muscles are getting
>Despite never working out and spending all my free time doing nothing physical I still beat her at arm wrestling or any other contest of strength every single time

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based and Genepilled

Why would I want to fuck that abomination?
Even with a tight well controlled pussy and banging her doggy style the sight of the broad shoulders and muscular arms would just kill any possible erection.

easy. i'd just kick them in the balls first

Let's be honest, you were working that arm out 3 times or more a day since you found your ballsack.

that's still a woman just ram yourself into her and knock her over then use your physically larger male body to hold her down
you arent a pussy are you op

I'd rather her pin me down and rape me. In fact it would get me off just trying to pin her and failing. I'd prefer not to fuck her. Thanks, user I'm gonna go jerk it nkw

The muscular physique could be interesting in bed, but her face is so unappealing.
It'll be a no from me, friendo.

My sister used to beat me at arm wrestling all the fucking time when we were teenagers.

easiest fuck in my life.

I don't see the long-term appeal in these women other than the novelty.of getting a dyke to admit that she wants to submit and obey. It does sound hot though not going to lie.

I'm 200 lbs and I've done BJJ so it would be done effortlessly

no thank you i am fine

you and me, wrestle right now

the loser becomes the slave of the winner

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>shoots a double leg

>felt for the muscles meme
>not training your body to hell conditions outside with bad weather.
no wonder she is single.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ive literally had a girl on top of me with every locked and I literally just pulled her off me. Even with her bang on technique, it didnt matter because I could literally just pull her off me and stand up.

hell no, i wouldnt smash her dyke headass

win win honestly