How do most fembots make money since they don't work?

How do most fembots make money since they don't work?

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From generous robots

My dad supports me. It sounds bad, and it is, but it's comfy.

Chaturbate, which is a very original comment, bot, fuck off.

so how do i become your daddy

i live with my parents and pretend to be people's gf so they get me stuff. its difficult work keeping track of multiple identities but its nice having rolling birthday "gifts". its funny watching them sperg out while i talk to someone else, and get more and more desperate for attention.

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Hot... got room in your schedule for another bf?

Support me more than my dad does.

sniff sniff yes dear

Sell my breast milk, and eggs on occasion.

t. failed experiment of hybridizing a hen and a woman

go to bed dolly

Doesn't he yell at you to jet a job?

What happens when he is gone?

IK of 2 ladies that deal hard drugs to keep themselves afloat but I don't think they post here. 1 of em is out on bond for dealing dope and she still at it making deliveries..
I also know 1 lady that used to be an escort, they can always turn tricks IF they're hot.

He wanted me to get a job for a while until I did get a job and ended up getting fired. He just wants me to get married now, presumably so he can offload responsibility. He wants me to start talking to his friends son.
I don't know I'll apply for neetbux or something. I guess my brother and I will inherit his stuff which means I could stay afloat for a long time. He has a lot of money.

Where are you from?

I'm asking this only because you said you will apply for neetbux, is USA the only place on earth there that is feasible?

I don't know I'm in the UK and I think it's doable. If anything I thought it would be more difficult in the US.

What illness would you fake?

Same sis
This is what my plan b looks like

Depression. It's close enough to the truth, hard to disprove and apparently they don't really try to fight you on it. Again though my dad is really quite well off so I'm not sure I'd even need to.


I just got off of wageslaving, and I don't know what I would do when I eventually have to go back to it,,,

I sell feet pics


How much do you sell them for?

Why don't you try for neetbux? Sorry anyway user. Work sucks. Kinda why I got fired.

I've been relying on my parents the past few years but my dad recently kicked the bucket and now I'm scrounging for a minimum wage entry level job but can't find one that'll take someone in their mid 20s who has next to no experience and idk how I'm gonna help support my mom like this
Life shit

Same I'm 28 and still live with my dad.
I work but still its his house

Also camming on soc and reddit is very lucrative

are you cute? (good weight/not a fat ass)
why not get married to friends son? whats wrong with him?

i do work. im a chemical engineer at a refinery. money is pretty good but i wish i made less because now my pool of guys is small

im still studying so i have an excuse i guess
i dont make money and i dont receive any because i cant get student allowance (australia)
life is sort of really shit

same situation as me, just that im 27 and male

How much would it cost to buy a fembot's sweaty socks? A-asking for a friend

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Why does that mean your pool of guys is small? You want someone that makes more than you, or guys dont want someone that makes more than them?

more of the latter. i get paid a lot but no one likes working. i rather be a housewife anyday. Both my parents died when i was young and i lived with my grandma until she died last year. kind of have to work right now because im on my own and idk anyone

what do you like to do outside of work, user?

That's really unfortunate, but hey, at least you're able to keep yourself afloat right?

lurk internet and sleep
i used to volunteer at church with my grandma but yeah kinda stopped all that after she died.
im pretty awkward and boring i guess.

yeah i guess, still pretty depressing. I am meeting people at work so i guess im a little more social than i was in school

> get paid a lot but no one likes working.
lol, I would kill myself working to get paid a lot you need online friends? Maybe we could make it less depressing

that's pretty cool, i bet you helped people who needed it. internet and sleep are both even better. are you in the US?

i dont know i guess i just did it for my grandma, and yeah i am on the east coast

i live in the UK sorry

no kidding? i'm up near boston. were you and your grandma close?

I'm a drilling engineer that makes 140k in London, hmu [email protected]

yeah, i miss her a lot. what do you do?

I'm going law school, and I wanna be doing you

that's just lame, robots are disgusting

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I have a part time job for rent and earn the rest by e-whoring. I do girlfriend experience for lonely or unfulfilled men. It works out great because I can relate to them and have things to talk to them about and I do crave an intimate emotional relationship, but I seem to sort of lack the ability to love, so I roleplay a relationship both for my and his sake. I'm extremely careful about nudes and don't even send any unless the guy purchases my "engagement" package aka completely monogamous services from my side. Most of what I do is texting/snapchat and talk about nerd shit or troll random sites together. I deeply appreciate the men who do this with me and I do have a genuine connection with them (I require a few days of trial before I decide if I take someone on, so I don't deal with anyone who pisses me off).

i'd love to hear more about her! i mostly do music, go on adventures, and wear leather jackets. not quite as cool as being a SCIENTIST~
i'm very happy for u

This isn't me femanon. Do you really want to waste your time with this cuck when you could be dating someone that can make you a housewife?

How much does the engagement package cost?

Depends on how much I like the guy and how much he earns. If he's broke and I like him, I'll still take him on. I've done from 50/week to 200/week.

And this is all done electronically? No IRL meetup?

All online. I was offered 300 for an irl meet (coffee) once, but declined because I knew that wouldn't be worth it just for coffee, so either he was about to get his money's worth by force or it was going to make me feel bad for him.

lol these arent me

i live in OK in the middle of nowhere lol

how long have you been working? would you recommend going upstream from downstream? I live near the Permian and apparently people upstream make 200k+ but i heard its less stable than downstream and less comfy

lol why is everyone impersonating me. this isnt me either. we should get IDs...

i used to live in OK for awhile, the wind and temperature swings are unbelievable. have you always lived there?

This sounds kind of interesting. I'd be too embarrassed to ever show up to something like this in real life but I think I wouldn't mind if it was all done online. How can I find people who do this?

why are you trying to impersonate me?

i don't know this is starting to get ridiculous... i am the original chemical engineer femanon and if you want to keep talking message me at [email protected]

not for college. went to UT austin

none of these are me lol...

It's usually dumb luck from lurking the right communities and threads. I don't post ads or join camming sites because that feels too transactional to the guys. I also help them get comfy with women and coach them on how to find friends irl. My last one finally ended our arrangement because he got a gf and thanked me, it was really cute

idk why people like larping so much kek

i do have some online friends but they all think im a guy. guys turn really beta/horny when you reveal youre female. Jow Forums is the only place i say the truth about myself because since we're all user nothing matters and no one remembers.

heres a pic of a distillation column i took last week if anyone wants proof

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What a terrible way to end that back and forth

I see. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out.

>hits on image search

funny thread

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I wanna shove my dick into your distillation column

That looks fucking cool. Do you ever climb on them and LARP that you're in some kind distant future dystopian world?
A-also could we be online friends

no, you only want to be friends with me because im a girl. like i said i keep my friends thinking im a guy because otherwise you turn into a stuttering mess like that (a-also).

Where can I buy some

im not allowed to go up there

Social security. I used to receive some money from student agreement.

I'm envious of that Delphine bitch and rest. I bet even my own mom makes money that way and her looks are not much to talk about anymore.

I mean its true but it isnt a sex thing or whatever you think, I talk better with girls and tend to have better friendships with them. The stuttering was meant as a sort of joke, or awkward transition. But hey, suit yourself, you've got your preferences. I still think not LARPing in an area like that is a waste of perfectly good opportunity for escapism

Do you want to be friends and attempt to emotionally support one another until we inevitably stop talking due to not wanting to burden the other person with our lives

>I talk better with girls and tend to have better friendships with them

just cringe

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this is actually relatable, guy friends are a lot different and much more emotionally shallow in my experience

It's also a sign of a Male with daddy issues, we have difficulty relating to other men and forming bonds with them

Male daddy issues, lmfao.

>how do you make money?
I dont, I live with my parents and I don't buy anything expensive. They feed me and provide internet/hygiene necessities.

be my gf and i'll feed you and provide internet and hygiene necessities, the only catch is you will have to wear cute lingerie 24/7 around the house

I'll do that and pay you 1k bi-weekly

not me. i can go up but due to safety i need to wear a harness. i can prob sneak at night but operators creep me out a bit

we can be online friends for the next 30 min before this thread prunes or i go to sleep

it looks a lot nice at sunrise or sunset. i dont stay that late or come that early though. they light it up and the pink sky really compliments the plant

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Why do operators creep you out?

theyre old and always hitting on and staring at female new hires and interns.

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Oh that sounds creepy, I was hoping for some kind of cult behavior or maybe a conspiracy theory

Same. He doesn't exactly complain about me not having a job, but whenever we have an unrelated fight, he always mentions me not doing anything all day.
I'm trying to get into university now though.

Sounds easy. I'll give you food and shelter but also I'll give you more than your dad does, as in I'll give you my d. Well I hope your dad doesn't give you that.

No neetbux worth anything in East Euro.

I milk my discord orbiters and brainwashing them into becoming my paypigs

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>I milk my discord orbiters and brainwashing them into becoming my paypigs
Where do I sign up?

I want to do this. I want loyal orbiter paypigs who beg for my attention and pay my bills so I can be online 24/7 talking to my boys and girls, but apparently that only works if you already gained attention by camwhoring, which I don't want to do

I don't think you need to camwhore to make it work.

Well i got a head start with a small inheritance, worked a wagey job staying at my parents and saved so i pretty much own my house already. I work as and when i need to. Right now thats almost constantly as i accumulated some debt and struggled through a bad mental health patch for a while there. I do my usual job (coach driver) and evenings and weekends i do takeaway delivieries. I like to work desu.

How do you dodge all the tranny accusations then?

maybe voice alone is enough, but you have to have a pretty voice

The tranny accusations won't come from your orbiters anyway so who cares

I don't know there's everytime someone who cares about me

But how do you get orbiters without proving you're female

Benefits and a housemate who pays half the rent etc.

Just universal credit though. I think my time on it is running out. Im just very unemployable