Gooey, squishy, and smelly

Gooey, squishy, and smelly.
Nature's greatest invention. Amirite?

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I haven't had pussy in two years

I don't think I've met another person on here as young as you

you are completely right, trannys cant even compete

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It's a slimy asshole with lips, covered in shit because it's right next to a regular asshole.
Sex is gross and you fucking know it.

3.5 here bro unoriginal somehow

At the time it didn't seem like a big deal, it was pretty much like fapping is now. My gf and I did it almost every day. Now I miss it so bad.

>7 years

Don't let this happen to you

lucky you, i cant even imagine how it feels like

yeah you don't miss it till its gone
i'm a hopeless degen tho i still fapped all day to loli when i wasn't smashing my gf

Did you ever fucked raw? I've only had sex twice like 5/6 years ago and they weren't the best experiences for me. I think one of the reasons was the condom (I think the one I wore on my first time didn't fit me) and the other because I came way too fast. Awful experiences, yet I still wish to fuck again someday.

>tfw the older you get the less chances you have of experiencing prime pussy

Yes, I probably had sex with my ex around a thousand times and used a condom three times and one of those she took it off halfway through

>and one of those she took it off halfway through

Hot. You're a lucky user even you've been dry for 2 years, at least you have good memories to fap to

They seem to be popular

Looking back she was so good in bed. She used to say shit like "I don't like sex, but I like making you happy" but then once she was in bed she'd get so fucking horny

Hell naw that title goes to drugs. Nothing beats drugged up sex

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23 for me

you're lucky, you don't want to experience it and finally know what you're missing out on just to go back to being sexless
you are much better off blissfully unaware

We're talking about that butthole, right? Looks delicious, I just want to stick my tongue so far inside it.

wow a whole TWO years user how have you even held out for so long LOL!

While buttholes are indeed beautiful, it's the puci we're discussing.

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Two years is a long ass time to go without pussy

I guess only I thinkin that looks nasty. Guess I really am asexual

Could be gay. That's how it started with me.

nah, just took 2d-pill

nah, penis is more superior. woman was made from man. Vaginas are inverted penises, nothing more.

Get behind me Satan oreganoli