Room Thread

Hello my associates, post your rooms.

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>royalist scumball who thinks the dominion will come back

it won't

how many fucking times will that pic come back to r9k this is like the 4th time ive seen it and im a newfag

I really don't understand what this thing is with hanging flags on your wall.

can't be fucked to clean my room

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The dominion of Canada currently exists so I'm not really sure what you are saying. I mean I do think that Canada is fucked long term but all civilizations are fucked long term so I don't really see what difference that makes.

if this thread is still up by the time im home ill post an updated version i swear

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I like flags, I'm not really sure what is not to understand.

bumping so other anons can post their holes

do you sleep in that cot on the floor and if you do why

I don't want to see any user's hole, that sounds gross.

i like how you got all the stuff that used to hang on the log its own spot

too many flags/10

Yes, it just feels better

i think most people just dislike bare walls, they look too plain

>hard drive on the floor
>keyboard on the floor
>everything on the floor

>loli dakimakura
i sure hope you live alone user

My HDDs are on a shelf, that green thing on the floor is a gpu

>living on the floor

oh okay
>gpu on the floor

This room unironically looks comfy to me
>Lots of sun light
>Matching furniture
>Messy but could probably be cleaned in like 10 minutes
How does that chair work for you when you do pc gayming

I only play arma so I don't know how good it would be for something requiring quick movement, but for arma it has worked pretty well though it's a bit too short so my wrists feel mildly uncomfortable after playing for long times

thank you, i think my room has made some pretty good developments.
i live with my parents :^) in fact, my mother was with me when i bought the daki. she calls her cute

No such thing as too many flags.

Cute hat, assuming you're not a tranny.

I got the motivation to clean and it's a bit better now

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not a tranny, thank you.
holy shit this looks fantastic, user. im jealous of your hardwood flooring

>christianity + nationalism

kek, fucking brainlets with zero regard for theology
i bet you go to church like 10 times a year too

Within 6 hours you got a bed frame,nice. Your room is pretty big with a lot of space Im jealous, was it originally an office or something?

No, it's an old house in the countryside which my parents own. The bed I happened to have in storage and I thought it would look better if I had a bed.

I see, it looks good now user. I like your wide windows.

What do you mean by nationalism? I'm not a nazi that whats to gas everyone that isn't my race or anything like that. If you mean the mere existence of nation-states the Church has never been opposed to that. If you mean liking your nation-state the Church has also never been opposed to that. You cannot put loyalty to the state or nation above your loyalty to the Church the God just as you can't even put loyalty to your family above loyalty to the Church and God but, that doesn't mean it can't be a secondary loyalty.

Christian theology suggests and supposes (much like islam with its caliphate) that there is only one nation and only one country - Christendom. There is only one ruler - the emperor. The emperor is a divinely selected figure, appointed by God. There can only be one.
The actual western monarchies that catholicism enabled was just damage control and trying to piece together a broken civilization after the fall of Rome, it isn't compatible with the religion. Kind of like how they are allowing contraceptives now, not that its permitted, but its necessary for the survival of the tradition.

If you are a true christian, but you use a flag, and a nation, and call yourself by that flag and nation, and separate yourself from the rest of Christendom, you are committing heresy. I don't judge, I'm not a very faithful man these days, but if you consider yourself faithful, you should know.

>allowing contraceptives

I'm not sure what type of heresy you support but the Church that Jesus Christ and his apostles established which the gates of hell shall never prevail against does not allow the use of contraceptives.

The Church does teach, as it always has, that there should be a united Christendom but that doesn't mean that there needs to be a single united state with a single emperor. Being loyal to an individual nation does not break you off from your loyalty to the rest of Christendom as long as your loyalty to God is greater than your loyalty to your nation. The Church also teaches subsidiarity which the nation-state is an expression of.

Also, where exactly is your source for literally any of this? You are just asserting things which the actual Church has taught.

Nice and comfy. Would hang out in these rooms

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Thanks, your room looks cool too.

I like the brown walls user!
I want to do your washing and clean your room.
I like your frog toy
Looks nice clean!
Looks comfy user!

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Why are there meat cleavers on the wall?

Holy shit my sister had that Ocean poster like in the 90's

too many leaves/10

I am on the fence about buying an apartment. I'd have to take 2 loans, one straight from the bank, and one with the apartment itself as collateral. I've calculated that it would take me 20 years of paying 2 monthly loans worth of money per month to pay it off.
So am I better off paying 2 monthly loans per month for 20 years, or just renting for the next 40 years? I'm going to e 30 now, and basically this is only "worth it" economically after I turn 70 (not including property cost fluctuations, repairs I may have to do, rent going up potentially, etc).

Is it worth for a confirmed bachelor that won't have anybody to inherit from him to buy property?

I want to live in the woods, this is the next best thing user!

those flags make me uncomfortable, but other than that nice and neat room
cute room, something I would've liked a few years ago
So much comfier now you've cleaned up!
Very comfy, love the little alcove. Would hang out here.
Looks comfy, until the leaves. Whenever I see those in rooms, I just think of all the dust they collect.

Thanks user, I like all the greenery
I remember having them back in school in the 90s - I got mine from the BBC when blue planet 2 was airing, they might still be doing them
Yknow I've lived here for a year and I've never used the alcove once

I don't see any cleavers?

Dunno why everyone else dislikes them but I think the leaves are comfy

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nice dildo, ketamine

is that the traps drug of choice?

I appreciate thank you Anons
Thank you stranger

well then, what are these?

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That isn't even her, just somebody posting her room.

Nice dildo what color is your butthole

>canadian royalist
>orthodox catholic

>republican scumball
the dominion never left. we're still technically one.

Loyalist gang

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