Post your job title, salary, and age

Post your job title, salary, and age


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>fast food worker
>15 dollars an hour

>software engineer

I should be making a lot more by now.

how the fuck do u earn only 15.75 when u save lives? it honestly intrigues me to this very day that paramedics make so fucking little

>mcdonalds chef
>17$ NZD

>Web Developer
Going to ask for $30/hr once I get my bachelor's

>CNC machine operator

Welcome yo EMS. EMTs make 9/hr in Cali. If you wanna become sucessful in EMS, become firefighter/medic. Also 90% of 911 are bullshit calls and only 10% are actual emergency.

>"retail sales associate" at home improvement store (wagecuck)

>dough mixer
I do live in the SF Bay Area though, so $17/hr here is like $6/hr somewhere more sane

i refuse to believe you're 25.
you should really stop drinking so much

>sale associate (wage slave at a clothing store)

>Non climbing field customer delivery representative
I have to dodge pitbulls and customers all day its pretty fun.

>Wendy's crewmember
>$7.35/hr (that's post 10 cent raise)

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>military reserves
>Monty GI (4k/yr basically)
>Reserve pay (about 5k/yr)
Gross was about 83-84, net was about 70, tax returns brought it up to about 73, because I pay my tax within about a thousand or two from what I really owe. I was a little heavy last year on paying them, but that's understandable with the new Revenue Code. Haven't had time to study it like I did as a kid, cause, you know, full time career and part time career, plus trying to finish my degree and do some certs on the side, and date, and go to some classes I enjoy, and play vidya, and go to conventions.
Can't really sacrifice my entire life for taxes lmao.

>15.50 (CAD)

>software engineer

>Automation developer

>Energy Trader
>$110k per year plus bonus

Chubby stacks you got there mate, care to give some tips to the small fish? about the job of course, haven't decided whether to go for CS or your job.

>Desktop Support Analyst
Inb4 failure. Yes I know this is a pathetic job at my age. Stay in school, kids. At least finish high school.

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What is a desktop support analyst?

>Making 80k yearly

>Pathetic job

Read this image for reference, you're almost making six fucking figures. Be glad bro, you've made it in life.

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>truck driver
>about $18/hr
i like it

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>Day Trader

INTJs shine in the market.

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this is so fucking pathetic. i make 15/hr stocking shelves at amazon

shut the fuck up you faggot. 80k is "i made it in life tier." god damn you little shit

>Burlington Associate

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I'm the on site tech support to the employees in a tech company who has to fix their computer problems when the helpdesk monkeys in the call center cant figure it out.

I just feel like at my age I'd be making more if I wasnt such a screw up in life. Check out the other guys that are software devs in this thread that are a few years younger than me. They were smart and got educated and have respectable jobs.

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>process engineer
>105k base

If you're in Auckland, be my friend.

>"Customer Service Associate"
>$11 an hour

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>Pajeet programmer living in curryland
>around 400USD a month
Its enough here to live in peace . I'm trying to get a lone desk job though, getting tired of interacting with nornalfaggots in my team at work.

>cs degree
>no real work experience in the field
>neet for like a year now
>desperate to get even a help desk job or best buy or something
>probably going to end up delivering pizzas soon


senior probation officer

god damn it fucking fuck what do I do I want something good im already too old to go to school horrible grades in school im too depressed to do college what the FUCK do I do theres no way to make good money and I couldn't finish a hard major

only thing I would possibly be interested in would be like fixing computers or something like that. I wanna try and start a business but im so fucking scared to invest

is that like 70/hr for seriously 8 hours a day? how the fuck is that possible wtf. thats 560 a DAY. 2800 a week. 56 weeks in a year 156k a year WTF

god what a fucking waste of money and resources to pretty much just make sure people dont smoke weed and ruining low level offenders lives.

>Freelance Art Director
I get to work from home, sounds great but gets really lonely. It's really flatlining my social skills and stunting my growth. I should really start applying for other jobs but it's so emotionally draining.

GM melee zealot
4000-7k dps

hey, don't get angry user please calm down.
if you do it for the money you will never have enough start by doing something you don't hate and if you are lucky you will find something you love! the money will come naturally. don't be scared to invest go for it if it truly is something you like doing. better to crawl out of a hole and fall back in another then stay in the same hole and never give yourself the chance to escape also you are never too old to go back to school can hurt right? go for the gold user !!! BELIEVE!!!

>and a grocer
>$10 at each

CNC operator/programmer
3,7 euro/h

Process development engineer

Software engineer


>consultation agent (cuck squad)

Sad, sad, poor little wagies.

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OP dont know if you're around but i was strongly considering becoming an EMT/paramedic myself. Worth it or should I just not?

>$1,113 a month


>1,113 a month

>electrical designer
>$25 burgers/hr
I just got fired not too long ago so I'm lying.

>farm supervisor
Equals to around 500-600 after tax a week

Industrial laser and optics engineer.
37/hour lots of overtime and travel

>Line cook
>18.57 CAD
Fuck me I hate my life

wtf is this? if you have anuthing but a shit job you don't belong here

>dish washer
>15 think they raised me to 16

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>>military reserves
>>Monty GI (4k/yr basically)
>>Reserve pay (about 5k/yr)
You get paid for that? Where do you live? Here we don't get shit

based, you recommend the field? i've looked into it and think I'd be good at it

i reccomend it, yes. if you learn G code, you can go far.

>usmc infantry
>if i were paid by hour it would be around 12/hr

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>senior desktop support

>draw furry porn
>varies, but average 4k/month

How about making a gun and killing your boss?

>gas station clerk
>$22 per hour

WEW, what do you do?

>medically retired military
>$3057 per month

>Family Practitioner
>$90/hr but I am quitting my job
>42 (in virgin years, which are the same thing as normal years, but they seem longer) ;_;

>full time student
>negative 0,13
Man, this job is hard for little reqard

>48$ per hour

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>accounting analyst and payroll administrator

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>retail baker
>$14 /hr

>I wanna try and start a business but im so fucking scared to invest
Take the risk user.

>8.24 pound/hr

I hate my fucking life

>premedia production tech
>15/per hour
>the ceiling is about 80k for some reason
I-Im a late bloomer heh heh right? Im gunna get that better job and gf soon, r-right?

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>Head of Social Media
>$120k p/a +$30k bonus
>Freelance social media buying & strategy business
>$30k p/a
>26 Years Old

>valet attendant
>$8.76/hour +tips

>12 dollarie doos


Web app developer (javascript and java). 5 yrs work experience
$19/hr ($16 after taxes)

He probably lives in Silicon valley where his salary is barely above poverty level.


All these normalfags with money. What happened to my NEET board?

Do contract work and whore yourself out on all the job boards. Make your resume public and get spammed all day by Indian guys with "positions". Try one of those training programs too.

>DJ/Audio engineer
I get free alcohol, though, so it's great.

worked 12 hours mon to fri and I would get that much because I fell for the apprentice meme.
I'm hoping to do that.
Going to army to learn it for free since I am dirt poor and alone, and have no friends or family.
Is it a good shout?

How does having money make me less of a friendless virgin?

>High school English teacher
>48,000 a year

It is pretty much the perfect job. The kids think I am cool, and I am just goofing off all summer playing video games while the money keeps rolling in.

Because most jobs these days need connections unless you got like a 4.0 from some Ivy league school or something. Then you are successful and still normalfag in my book.

Go be a nurse instead. You'll make great money, be highly respected, and not have to have subhuman coworkers.

That's really vague. Are you a call center monkey or computer repair tech who tries to sound like he works in tech?

>29/hr part time

wanna do something else though

Full-time produce clerk

I leave work at 12 PM every day and always have the same days off. Pretty good for retail. The old people drive me up the wall, though.

>branch manager
>~$165k yearly

>Accountant for private company
>Like $43k in annual wage, usually s $1k yearly bonus, 3% match for retirement, $5k a year in educational benefits that I can use for a masters
>28 years old

>data center analyst

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Stop giving out info, we are being actively datamined at all times here. All of your activities here are being tallied. We live in a surveillance state, make no mistake.

Cool, tell the gov to give me a gf.

>entry level cyber security analyst
>MD national guard infantry
>350/mo base pay
>20k enlistment bonus
>college 100% paid for by gubrrment

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>Telephone teller

Part time and good for making rent while finishing my worthless degree.
Ill probbably end up working here forever