Gf wants to eat out

>gf wants to eat out
>she suggest panda express

Uhhh where all those bums hang out? No thanks. I'm just gonna cook for her.

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I think you meant to say you're too poor to eat out.

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jesus, this is beyond low quality

I live in Frisco buddy. There is no way im poor.

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>tfw no gf with patrician fast food taste
Panda express is great and people bandwagon hate it for no reason, same with Subway.

You work in Burger King. Surely the cost of living must catch up?

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As a manager... are you seriously this stupid in real life?

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When I had a summer job here in Norway, the higher ups weren't paid that much more than others. I doubt you're that well-off even as a manager. But excuse me, I don't know much about being poor.

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Norway is a 3rd world country. You fags used to be vikings but now you're all cross dressing trannies. Managers make a lot plus we get mandatory overtime. It must be nice being middle class in your shitty country huh?

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Keep seething. The standard of living here is great. I don't see any of those bums you keep complaining about.
>implying I'm middle class
I can paypal you 100 dollars. You can take your gf somewhere nice for once.

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No bums there but you have a lot of muslims which makes your country a 3rd world lmao

Hey paypal me a $100 anyways if your so rich. You wont dare lmao

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>calls SF Frisco
either you don't live here, or you're a scumbag techbro transplant. go chug some Clorox you fucking waste of expensive space

>this coming from muttland supreme
All the muslims and flips live in the shitty (but still great by American standards) part of the town. I won't give you anything now, but if you have coinbase and can wait a few days, I might. I've given out a few thousand euros in the past. Are you sure you haven't received any back then?

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>gf wants to eat
>sucks on my cock

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These niggaz dont know what im talking about if i say "the city". I'd kill you whiteboy if we ever meet, bum ass nigga.

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they'd know SF. anyone who says "Frisco" is a fucking tourist or a piece of shit transplant like you

See you ain't rich. You just throw around mommy's euros she worked hard for by spreading her legs.

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I'm not denying that the money is not exactly mine. I'm a neet after all.

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I'm actually from Mountain View. Come catch these hands if you're around. I'll knocc yo azz out biyatch

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exactly which franchise do you work at, I also live in san fran and wanna come say hi maybe take a selfie with you and get your autograph

>from Mountain View
yeah anyone from sillycunt valley is a little bitch. I was raised in the East Bay and spend all day lifting heavy tubs of dough and bags of flour, guarantee I could beat your candy ass senseless

Find me and ill be glad to sign an autograph.

If i lose a fight, we just jump you. Asian Boyz Gang nigga.

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I don't give a fuck, one drunk east bay white guy could kill a thousand sillycunt asians. the fact that you won't 1v1 me just proves what a little bitch you are

Hey Aiste. This is how i look like. Real talk.

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Where in East Bay? Square ass nigga. You already know nigga ill pacc your ass out nigga. 1v1 with my Glock 17 nigga.

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Are you threatening me? I'm just a cute femboi.

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Is this the avatarfag containment thread? God, what a horrible sight.

is this supposed to be cholo or nigga culture?

t. nonmutt

No. You wondered how i look like. I think im father material for you. introduce me to your mom?

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>mandatory overtime
sounds like total hell

Do you have a small penor?

I don't think I ever asked that. What I did ask is how old you were.

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For some reason the fucking spics think this shit is impressive.
>"look there's a lot of human trash in one place"
>"does this intimidate you?"
>"we /stronk/ now, ese"
snorefest, the lot of them.