Wouldn't you like a qt Jewish girlfriend?

Wouldn't you like a qt Jewish girlfriend?

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Absolutely B"H

I rabu Piku.

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as a Jew, fuck no. I don't want to inflict the kike curse on my children, and Jewish women are guaranteed to be either awful feminazi whores or boring ultra orthodox autists

There's nothing better than an Eishes Chayil

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I DO look pretty jewish, but I'm actually just a quarter native and 2% black. Regardless I posted holocaust memes on fb a few years ago so I think it's illegal for me to date them now.

You do realize the purpose of women is to raise children and tend to upkeep? They aren't supposed to be "interesting". "Interesting" women will ruin your life so fast it will make your head spin. This is what MGTOWs never seem to get. They are like "all women are evil" but they never bothered to try a "boring" one that would have ended up being sweet and doing her fing job and never giving him grief...

>tfw no pretend antisemitic bf to coerce into liking you

I dont see why, jews came up with those jokes first.

Arabs are hotter.

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by "boring orthodox autist" I mean so obsessed with the Torah she will make you and your children follow all its restrictions and ruin your life. plus since she's still got all the kike mental disorders, she's still got the feminazi slut in her just waiting to come out

>that big ass nose in the middle of her face
no thanks

FUCK u for making me feel dis

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More than g-d knows i need one

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suckle her mazo teets

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Hey you are the expert. I'll take your word for it. But take my word for it when I say boring orthodox autist white christians can sometimes make the best wives.

Jews hate black.

Jews are Jewish by their mother.

Unbelievably based.

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lol. we're probably the ethnic group that hates blacks the least in the us. including other blacks.

A 10/10 ashkenazi girl is into me but she had sex twice and I want to lose my virginity to a virgin.

The jewish girls I have met have all been nice.

I know, my mother is Jewish, and definitely in the first category of Jewish women

disappointed this wasn't an asmr thread

tfw you will never have Anne Frank for a gf

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