Get job

>get job
>imminently quit
anyone else did this?

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like 10 times , now I'm looking for highpaid job or comfy jobs only , still a neet.
rather die homeless than working somewhere I hate and find it hell (lmao just build tolerance bro)
fuck whoever says about tolerance stuff , 0 tolerance for me.

>like 10 times
holy shit
how do you do it?

apply to alot of jobs , or just go boomer style to some places and ask if they hire, they call you or just hire you in the first day.
I kinda ran out of jobs to apply in my city now I look somewhere out or in different country with friends to go and live away from parents who will die and sell the house.
all you need is balls , you live only once.
23 btw.

>get job making sandwiches
>start working there
>all coworkers are way older than me
>on the first day they tell me they hired a new girl but after working one shift she never came back again
>gee I wonder why
>had to work night shifts with this chubby 30something african guy
>wasnt a bad person but he seemed kind of dim-witted and extremely annoying to work with
>even though the job was piss easy he took it extremely serious and micromanage me over retarded shit
>he would tell me to go "wash the dishes" if there was even a single plastic container in the sink
>would do this sometimes more than a dozen times in the space of an hour
>at times he seemed aware and even thoughtful, but then he would do or say something that again made me think he was an actual idiot
>other coworkers were older hispanic guys who had wives and kids
>they were much chiller to work with, didnt give any fucks but i usually didnt work with them
>morning shifts i had this old hispanic lady who i guess was the owner and she would get on my case over stupid shit
>spoke very poor english so I could rarely even tell what she was trying to say
>not a single attractive female anywhere in sight
>it cost me like $7-12 dollars just to get there
>got paid $9 and my shifts were only 4hours
>had to take 2 busses and often would wait more 90minutes at bus stop
I think i lasted 2 weeks. As soon as I got my first paycheck ($90) I stopped going. Felt kinda bad since they kept calling me and asking why I stopped showing up and "everything was going so good" but man fuck that job. The entire atmosphere was depressing as hell.

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me but I did my best so that's all I got in me

wouldn't that give you a really bad record and really piss of the employers?

>I think i lasted 2 weeks. As soon as I got my first paycheck ($90)
where the fuck do you live?

depends of the company , some do care about ur past and some don't as long as you do your job.
I got hired 10 times and I don't even have facebok or any account on the internet to ''check'' me.
just make sure you are clean at records , don't get in trouble with something illegal and your fine thats all.
if some people are born with millionare parents , why they don't have any rules then?
why only the ones at bottom have?
quiting a job is ur own right , not an obligation to stay there ffs.

some kid did this at the new job i got
do you have long curly hair by any chance
and live in kentuckistan

user I cant tell if you're a literal child or youre just incredibly sheltered. What record are you referring to? Do you think employers just magically know your job history? No one is keeping track and I promise you they dont give nearly enough fucks about you to do a background check. You can just not tell them about the jobs you quit, or you can lie and say you worked there much longer. No ones actually gonna waste time fact-checking.
The shittiest jobs (fast food) see dozens and dozens of people come and go. Its the nature of the job, everyone there is dysfunctional somehow or a fuckup to have ended up working there. All sorts of crazy shit happens to poor ppl and they disappear all the time. Most places will just hire you no questions if you seem sober and you know how to read. Especially if you say you'll work any hours. managers will be happy as fuck and love you if you bother actually showing up to your shifts
Sorry, I meant $190, so I guess like 20 something hours at $9, minus taxes

For sure. A few times - probably 5. Some shit fucking sucks and, if you don't need to, you shouldn't. Seriously, there are people out there who would sacrifice everything for the slim chance of making it to the big leagues and you're taking up a spot that you don't need and getting in their way. You can do that and still wind up fine. You can quick immediately and wind up in a better spot for having quit. Be yourself is all that you can be.

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you know what i hate
people with shit tier manager jobs at like warehouses or walmarts who have made their job their life fulfillment
you can see them nannying over every little detail of some shipment or something, they usually walk really fast and dont have any outside hobbies
they care a lot about boxes, they could just pack and unpack boxes with a sick obsessive concentration all day, each completion of the hundred+ per day repetitive movements giving some tiny little endorphin kick that his brain has settled for because its conscious side has been convinced there is no meaning to life other than work

>user I cant tell if you're a literal child or youre just incredibly sheltered.
y-you to

all the goddamn time ive probably had 50 employers no joke

get this feeling of being trapped. once i walked out right after orientation and signing the new hire paperwork. it was a busboy job at joes crab shack. what sealed the deal for me is when told me part of bussing duties were cleaning the parking lot as well as restrooms. never heard of such a thing. maybe in north korea or some shit. gtfo with that nonsense

>wake up
>want a job
>do one hour of chores
>drenched in sweat
>don't want job anymore
>go to bed
>rinse and repeat

Do you call them and tell them you quit or do you just not show up anymore?

On previous job we had this funny story about a junior programmer

It was his first day and he was getting told which were his responsabilities and what he was supposed to do. After a while he says he needs to go outside to receive a package.

He never came back, the company tried to locate him because they were worried about him being in an hospital or something, but her mom had to told them he wasn't going to continue at the company.

never held a job for more than a month. ive quit trying and embraced neetdom

>get called to interview at mcdonalds
>it's not really an interview
>the guy starts showing me how to do things right away
>realize 30 min later im actually being trained to perform a job without first asking me whether i want to accept it or not
>feel stressed the fuck out
>tell him i need to pee
>run away

done this 5 times minimum at a bunch of different entry level min wage places, incl. walmart

same. NPC scum. the type who spend all day sunday washing and waxing their 2005 nissan maxima

>he doesnt get that easy orientation money
why though they don't expect anything from you

kek. mom sure raised a mans man.

>Do you think employers just magically know your job history? No one is keeping track and I promise you they dont give nearly enough fucks about you to do a background check. You can just not tell them about the jobs you quit, or you can lie and say you worked there much longer. No ones actually gonna waste time fact-checking.
This is complete bullshit and I hope to God nobody who reads your post takes anything you said seriously.

any plans for a better neetdom?

kek same
my manager wanted me to stay an extra week i agreed because i felt bad and could use the extra i hope i can tough through it or they find someone quicker

not that user you replied to.. but for shit tier jobs that is definitely a true statement

how to get junior programming job user? Im CS major at a community college but they dont actually teach us anything these courses are a total waste of time and money.
pls reply
proper etiquette is giving them a heads-up that you are quitting. Usually one or two weeks in advance is fair. The "correct" way to do it is to talk to your boss and decide on when your last day will be. For jobs that actually treated me well I told them I would keep working as long as they needed me until they found a replacement. In reality tons of people just stop showing up without ever saying anything. Its a shitty thing to do because they will have made the schedule expecting you, so they end up understaffed and maybe someone will have to come in on their day off. It can fuck over everyone elses hours.

That said, you can do whatever you want. Its not like they can force you to work. Ive walked out on a job before after only 2-3 shifts and then I came back a few weeks later to grab my paycheck. You pay me minimum wage and no benefits, so you can expect minimum loyalty.

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>2005 nissan maxima
those are actually pretty solid

i am talking about shit tier jobs user. the type of jobs that dont bother asking to see your resume.

careers are a different story, of course. but i doubt any job of substance will care about your history in restaurants anyways, wouldnt you omit that from your job history anyways?

what about warehouses or factories?

>my brother finally gets his first job at 28
>super excited to work the first day
>quits less than a week later due to stress
>hasn't tried to get another job since
i was proud when he got it so it made me really sad

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what kind of job was it?
leave him alone

it was just at mcdonalds, i think the orders coming in really fast over and over stressed him out too much
>leave him alone
i dunno what you mean

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My brother has quit 3 jobs in the past month and asked me to recommend him to my last employer.


he should have went nightshift you get like 4 people per night

tried to get neetbux but government said no. going to appeal, but i cant bring myself to do it

>but i cant bring myself to do it
why not?
and what's wrong with you? fuck them
get your bux user

what kinds did you try user?

>Go to factory
>Ask for a job
>Show my highschool certificate
>They offer me a position in the quality department
>Spend all day pointing out other people mistakes

3 months and going strong, I hope I can last at least 3 months to get that experience card to use for future job interviews, I might even return to college to get an IT degree or something.

No gf in sight tho

i get anxious when i talk to people, espcially when they arent socially inept bots.
ssi, i cant do ssdi because i havent work enough

Si lol

Even at shit jobs they ask for resume. Although they make you fill up application online. Doing the application is pretty much the resume. If you up your age, i don't know lets say 23 or something and all you got is one job saying less an a year rip. They be thanking this dumbass is a neet or something. Case and point you still need some to cover gaps. P.S. never had a shit job also im guess what i said holds up. Hiring people cost money.

nice. sometimes life surprises us and gives us something good. don't expect more of it though.

they super don't give a fuck, they just need grugs to lift heavy objects

>first job at 28
>its mcdonalds
damn he's more of a fuckup than you

he's had a ton of mental problems his entire life leave him alone

>get shit job at grocery store
>job is predictably shit and the pay is bad but I keep at it
>a week in the manager says I have to shave my scruffy beard because some boomer bitch made a comment about it

I don't really care about my facial hair but I felt at that moment I would lose something important if I agreed to cut my facial hair for some shitty manager to appease some shitty boomer clientele

I've cycled through a few jobs since and am currently a neet and have rationalized leaching off my parents to the point that I am no longer ashamed of it

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>all the goddamn time ive probably had 50 employers no joke
>it was a busboy job at joes crab shack. what sealed the deal for me is when [sic] told me part of bussing duties [sic] were cleaning the parking lot as well as restrooms. never heard of such a thing.

I laughed so hard good one. They attempted The OLD switcharoo LOL Haha. Cleaning toilets and parking lots

>got a job at Express (clothing store)
>It's got two floors, top mens, bottom womens
>women's is an absolute SHIT SHOW
>Minimum wage
>schedule two days my first week
>absolute utter fucking hell
>running around like helicopter fan
>my first day done, 6 hour shift with a 15 minute break
>second day, finish shift
>tell the manager in the men's floor (total bro) that I'm quitting
>"*sigh* *look of sadness* hey man that's really unfortunate to hear but you'd have to tell that to the manager downstairs
>he's a legit homo with a terrible sassy attitude
>tell him i'm quitting
>*SARCASTIC* ""thanks for the 2 days help user and 2 week notice"
>you're welcome, bye

Knock doors and practice programming interviews, sometimes showing that you are actively learning is enough.
Not sure where you are from, but apparently demand is crazy everywhere so you shouldn't have a lot of trouble really

Why did you wasted so much time? You got up to go to a MCDS "interview"? The manager thought you are desperate as shit. Took you 30 mins of him showing you how to do shit? Did he ever asked you a single question or two? Why didn't you say anything? You done this multiple times? I guess you do this intentionally? I dont care, but i want to know your reason.

Not the same user. But you should probably leave your clown college. If you actually transfer to Uni and plan to declare CS, but in the name of god why? The Uni is going to put you in classes that requires knowledge of basic/ intermediate skills to filter you out.

>first time get hired at target
>first day watch a video on how great target is and how they love diversity
>get thrown in the back in electronics on second day
>haven't received any training
>meet guy that's supposed to be training me
>looks stoned
>barely talks
>doesn't show me anything
>throughout the day he randomly disappears
>people keep coming up to our register which I can't log into and haven't been trained on anyway
>have to run around and find the trainer each time
>people keep getting mad about having to wait
>keep acting like I'm committing a crime when I tell them they can use the registers at the front of the store
>keep getting yelled at all day because I don't know anything
>near the end of my shift trainer shows up
>has box of condoms and a board game
>logs into the register and says he'll show me how to use it now
>has me ring him up
>afterwards tells me about how he's going to go straight home and fuck his gf
>starts telling me how great it is and asks if I have one
>tell him no and he starts laughing at me
>eventually he just decides to leave early leaving me completely alone with no way to actually do anything
>come back the next day and it's pretty much the same shit but the trainer doesn't leave early
>come in third day and it's more of the same
>can literally not do anything because I have no logins and haven't been shown anything anyway
>midway through the day some guy is looking for some dvds I can't find
>starts actually screaming at me
>I have no idea how to react and feel like I might have a panic attack
>midway through his yelling I just simply walk away
>keep walking straight out of the store all the way to my car
>sat and calmed down for a bit then drove home and never went back

The second time was less interesting I guess, I went to interview for a theater and they didn't have the position they had called me for anymore but hired me on the spot for ticket window, I worked it an hour then left and never went back

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once. lasted two weeks on checkouts at a small supermarket. fucking horrible.

you fuckers are why my job is a living hell. We're always understaffed and when we think we finally find someone they go mia. The worst part is they never even call the boss to let him know. you're still fucking us wage cucks over but at least give us a heads up...

fuck you royally faggot
maybe don't work everyone like dogs.

Everyone at my work place has to be worked like dog because we can never get enough workers. Maybe if people didn't keep quitting without any prior notice me and my co-workers wouldn't have to clean multiple schools in one night. at least the school year is over so i don't have to deal with this shit again until september

my entire father's side of my senpai is the "live to work" type

they wouldn't know passion if it walked up and slapped them in the fucking face

>worked 9 different jobs in under 10 years
>hated every single one of them
Idk what to do
I think I'm just gonna get on welfare. I'm just too antisocial irl and I feel like work is for people who care about their self image too much so they can have something to talk about at parties when they're not at work
I'm just gonna get on welfare. Besides, every corporation is wiping out smol businesses and all corporations are greedy af and we're truly heading for the end times. The Illuminati have taken over and are ushering in a new age of baphomet worship and the reign of the Antichrist. The Beast System is here and I refuse to contribute to it.

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>have rationalized leaching off my parents to the point that I am no longer ashamed of it

fucking same desu

>all that crazy shit to avoid admitting you're just a lazy leech

I'm not lazy, I spend all day programming and studying
I just don't want to make money for rich corporate fat cats and support this system that I don't like

>just started working in a small supermarket in the middle of our capital.
>there are a shitton of customers every day
>i'm extremely stressed and anxious as a cashier. there are always at least 6 fucking people in line. and i have to deal with all of their shit.
>packing boxes and stuff are extremely tiring aswell
>the customers are fucking assholes most of the times
>there are some qt smiling girl customers sometimes who always make my day

It's been almost a month anons, and i already wanna quit so bad... I don't have time to do anything outside work, since i'm extremly exhausted every time i finish it. I go home, and basically fall asleep. It pays quite well tho..

What should i do anons...?

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best thread in a while
wish it was all like this

as for me, I have never walked out, but I have been very close at times

>be 21 neet
>get casual job at warehouse for summer
>all other summer casuals are teenagers
>first day we get a tour of the warehouses
>whole place is fucking huge and there is tons of people
>we all go to a small conference room to fill out some OH&S shit
>its like a test though, have to write a bunch of answers from a booklet
>panicking too much so i cant concentrate
>all the teenagers finish but i havent written anything
>the supervisor will be back soon
>get up and leave the building without looking at or saying anything to anyone
>run to my car and drive home
i work as an after hours cleaner at a primary school now. not much different from being neet.

IT and mainly programming languages imply that you do things on your own they give you the bits and bobs at school but you gotta make your own shit on your own time. I mainly quit that field since i couldnt give a shit to make some random projects to slap on my portfolio so i could get unpaid internship to eventually get a paid position. but thats how the IT is imagine getting a job that requires some language you cant speak all that well and need to write long essay emails in that language to some guy, pretty much not going to happen since you got no understanding of the language its usage etc etc

Whatever makes you happy
You receive pau and you happy then so be it
If you were to quit would you be Happy if no pay? Your decition

I work part time and would love to walk out and leech off my parents without shame, but somehow they have less money than I between the two of them. Having a shit job is also preferable to being on the dole where you're treated like a subhuman. I hate being packed into a city with millions of other people who work utterly worthless shitty jobs.