Fembot here...

fembot here, I want to try the whole no fap thing but I SUPER cope with weed and alcohol and it does the complete opposite of what I want it to do, is there anything I can take to kill my sex drive?

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Does no fap even mean anything for women?

Get your doctor to prescribe an anti depressant (SSRI). They typically have the side effect of decreasing libido.

what's it mean to you???

My ex almost never masturbated unless she was watching me jerk off. I assumed all girls were like that.

girls should never do no fap, please spoil yourselves and masturbate as much as possible

im on lexapro, I can't get off but my libido is still there

ur a female u shouldnt have a sex drive at all?

I always thought nofap was about how masturbation affects your dick/balls

watching guys jerk off is a HUGE turn on

noo, its about control. well that's what I was thinking

stop doing weed and alcohol, you'd never make it if cant quit such obvious vices, but you're a woman you dont need no fap, you dont need anything just get a cuck to pay for your life

She used to make me cum on my chest and then she'd lick it off

Why do you want to do NoFap? It seems pretty pointless for a female to do it

I feel like its not healthy for me anymore.

How often do you jill off? Do you watch porn while you do it?

its not worth it, I need some control in my life.

like everyday, up to three times if I haven't been taking my meds frequently but when I do take my meds I can go all day until I finish, and yes I watch porn. who doesn't?

pls be my gf and we can sit very close to each other and mutually masturbate but never touch each other

Why not get a boyfriend?

Do you ever play Cock Hero? I feel like girls would enjoy it. My ex used to like me using her as a fleshlight while I played

are you using a vibrator or just your hand. we need details

I'll entertain ya'll, I have a vibrator and a dildo

what would a boyfriend do for me if I want to do no fap

have you ever put the dildo up the butt

What's the deal with clitoral stimulation vs penetration. Is it true that clit = getting off and penetration is more a natural and filling feeling

no, I don't even know what that is, sorry. .

both are even better, all about the nerves and what some people like more. but if you think that tho you're a selfish lover and should just stick to jerking off

If you're taking lexapro and still masturbating all day with a delayed orgasm, is the masturbation still pleasurable for you? If not, you're probably engaging in compulsive behavior. Whenever you feel the urge to masturbate, engage in another distracting activity like exercise. I've known people to work-out so excessively that they no longer have a sex drive since they're bodies are exhausted and starved for calories. Your reproductive functions are one of the lower priority uses of calories.

If you had sex you won't feel the need to fap

I will look into that, I need to start hitting the gym..

no fap, no sex.

Why though, just have sex

no one wants to have sex with me, and when they do they already have gfs

Stop trying to jump on bandwagons so you can the be only the girl in the group.

Girls cant 'fap'. Girls also dont need to masturbate like guys do.

>no one wants to have sex with me
Why? Post pics with face covered

Just control yourself you fucking animal

bandwagon? girls are just as sexual as men, educate yourself sad boy

what do you think of when you jerk off? please provide details

I watch porn... like everyone else on this website

Yes but what is your favorite fantasy? do you have discord btw

female circumcision. it does the exact same thing male circumcision does (reduce sexual pleasure) but with less drawbacks (won't dry out your vagina)

alternatively, soak a tampon in vinegar and shove it up your vagina. it will simply reduce sexual urges with no kind of lasting damage to your body.

that's private unless im involved with you, and yes I do but im not a robots typical type.

I'm not a typical robot

How the fuck are you afraid to talk about your fantasies when you're anonymous. You like getting choked in a bear suit or something? Stop being a prude.

well what type are you, then?

can you give me your discord and lets talk??

you fuckers are judgy as hell

I wish I can do the same thing but fuck, having a dick and the knowledge to masturbate is the greatest sin I've committed. I wish I have amnesia. I need some control in my life as well.

>tfw no religious gf

uhh what's yours????


Here join

Part of the point of being on a website like this is having an unfiltered look at what other people think. Indulge us.

Is it degrading?


Im very surprised how well this thread has gone, usually Jow Forums just has a cognitive breakdown whenever someone announces theyre a female. there are actual questions here

Also, if you want to stop masturbating, go outside more. the staying inside all day and doing nothing is what encourages it. You cant sit in front of a computer all day on your own and expect not to watch porn, thats why robots masturbate their dicks/vaginas to disability

>Im very surprised how well this thread has gone, usually Jow Forums just has a cognitive breakdown whenever someone announces theyre a female.
Slowly, I would like things to change for the better

Noting changes cunt. Get off our board
This thread is shit. My jew self hate thread got more responses in 10 minutes
>bandwagon? girls are just as sexual as men,
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah thats why youre all our there settling for betas and ugly men like men do with ugly and fat chicks. Trust me women will never understood what male sex drive is. Imagine wanting to breath but not being allowed to because you are too short, too bald, dont have a bear, are 'weird' or your clothes are strange.

add me plz originally

Oh look who decided to show up

i would say yes but when it CONSENSUAL and done safely then its not

>being so xenophobic you get mad when the outgroups step on your anonymous imageboard

I have bad news user
Theyre here -all the time-

>tfw no bear to attract women with

nofap is some nonesense, scientific studies show it reduces testosterone

>>being so xenophobic you get mad when the outgroups step on your anonymous imageboard

Exactly, what of it? You are not welcome here and provide nothing to the board. So fuck off.

Your mother is not here

>Theyre here -all the time-

In far lesser numbers and they kept their mouths shut until recently. Nothing changed between now and 2008 that allowed women to be welcome here.

Nothing changed... because there are no restrictions on posters and its a Mongolian basketweaving forum

If nothing changed then why are they here? You dont go on /tv/ to talk about music.

>You dont go on /tv/ to talk about music.

will you resend it, it expired

you like getting peed on dont you

ew no, like getting punched in the face

what the hell is wrong with women. slapping is one thing, but i dont get punching. do you know how easy it is for us to use a little too much force and break your weak ass face?

how can i resend it? thats my username

well i would only do it with someone i trust not to hit me too hard, i like small bruising not a fat black eye. not all girls do so some of you shouldnt just hit people without them asking

try this one instead brnslpy#2397

have you ever been in punched in the face by a guy or is it just a fantasy

ive asked a guy to do it but he ended up blocking me because he said he didnt hit girls but ive had my friends do it to me but i want a guy to do it

can i just punch you in the thighs i dont want to punch a girls face thats too mean

sounds like fun. i like having my fingers in your throat for fun, too. :') i like knowing you're mine.

got room for one more discord~?

too mean? lol thats cute

yup, post it

if you made me punch you in the face i think you would need to hug me while i sob

this, that's a little much, damn
I'm as kinky as the average bot but I think you underestimate how nonviable this fetish is in practice

window hashtag 1735

she would need to find some guy that just likes beating on women for this to work. normal guys are not going to be into that at all, at best they'd probably slap her, but she wants to be punched and she wants it to leave marks....

fembot here, excessive masturbation can weaken the nerves in your clit and you dont feel as good as you used to
plus not taking a break from masturbation is good for everyone, i find with myself the more i masturbate the more hardcore porn i crave. whenever i take a break it resets

ive only been able to get off from my clit. although im a virgin and ive mever used a dildo because sticking anything other than my fingers up myself is painful

most women can't get off through sex. there has to be clitoral stimulation. that's why they like being eaten out so much.

why not just give in to your urges and keep going down the hardcore porn rabbit hole

Anti depressants get rid of a huge potion of your sex drive.

When i went through opiate addiction, I lost my sex drive and even began to believe I was asexual.

What makes you want to do nofap? Why are you trying to bury your sexuality anyway? Are you nympho? How many times a day do you orgasm?

I personally don't care when girls have active sex lives, I'm not a roastieposter. I just don't see why you'd try to stop all sexual activity, especially if it's just masturbation.

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I masturbate around 8 times a day and I'm a girl, I wonder if that's a bad thing.

be my gf and i can hold your hand while you masturbate

i use to too but the lexapro has my body fucked

protip, take ritalin and you solve three problems at once:
1. weight
2. motivation
3. excessive masturbation

this shit is the motherfucking life hack of the century

Why would you hold my hand?
What's Lexapro? Well, at least you're not horny 24/7

>Why would you hold my hand?

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are you dumb?

kratom helps a lot. whenever I am sober or drinking coffee or something ill have a high sex drive but if I take kratom I dont feel as horny I dont really jerk off on it I dont watch porn on it its like the opposite of stims

i use to take adderall and still wank in the shower every day after school

lexapros an anti depressants